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  1. Glad to have you back, JD. Things are finally moving. Good job by Omar to not bid against himself. Now the FAN is reporting The Dodgers have offered Manny a one year deal for 25M. Take it or leave it. He has 48 Hours to answer.

  2. This looks very similar to the Santana trade last year. He waited and it paid off. Could this be the same?

  3. This will get the rumors started for sure. If it happened it would be much more of a shock than Santana. Biggest shock since 1977.

  4. So, I now have the Mets payroll at $138.4M — which is just about the same place it was to start the 2008 season.

    Note: I have Feliciano in at the mid-point between his arbitration request and the Mets offer … I included Niese at the ML minimum since he may see ML time in 2009 … I included $1.6M owed to Schoenweis … Garcia at $1.5M (which could grow to $8.5M) and all the fringe outfielders (Pagan, Mackowiak, Sullivan) signed to ML contracts … this represents the “worst case” scenario right now in my opinion ….

    Santana $20.00
    Pelfrey $1.65
    Maine $2.60
    Perez $12.00
    Redding $2.25
    Garcia $1.50
    *Niese $0.40
    Rodriguez $8.50
    Putz $5.00
    Green $0.50
    Feliciano $1.70
    Stokes $0.50
    Sanchez $1.69
    Fossum $0.50
    Wagner $10.50
    Schoenweis $1.60

    Schneider $4.90
    Castro $2.50

    Delgado $12.00
    Castillo $6.00
    Reyes $5.75
    Wright $7.50
    Cora $2.00

    Beltran $18.50
    Church $2.80
    Murphy $0.40
    Tatis $1.70
    Reed $0.50
    Andersen $1.15
    Pagan $0.58
    Sullivan $0.60
    Mackowiak $0.60


    If Manny has already declined a 2-year, $45M offer and a 1-year $25M offer from LA, then I have no idea what it would take to get him.

    The most the Mets could offer in 2009 is $24M which puts them right at the luxury tax door and leaves no room for in-season moves if necessary.

    I just don’t see it happening.

  5. The shock of 1977? I think nothing will beat that, giving up the “franchise” and it also was the start of Bobby V’s tortured relationship with this franchise. A very bad year indeed, 1977…..
    (7) Thanks for that work you did…..
    Delcos…. You were missed, and if you remember I was wanting OP to be signed since the first day. I still think Boras hurt him by not taking the arbitration offer. But, 36 million and entering the market at 30 ain’t a bad deal. Can’t wait for all the OP hate when he has his first implosion.

  6. The Ollie Perez saga part 1 is finally over.
    Now comes part 2, 3 and 4. Each has about 34 chapters. Who needs reality tv.

  7. Chiti (8) Valentine was the other half of the massacre. a 35 Hr guy for a 2HR guy. That Joe McDonald was a real genius. Somehow he got another GM job with the Cards. We were on the recieving end of his incompetence when he traded Mex to us.
    Looks like the wolfpack dream is over (sob).

  8. 11: Yeah two excellent deals in one night! Wolfpack masks go elsewhwere. I met Kingman in Florida after he retired. He was doing a program with kids and he just seemed like this gentle giant of a man.