Mets interested in Pedro

MARTINEZ: One more year?

MARTINEZ: One more year?

I remember talking with Pedro Martinez the last day of the season and him telling me he never felt ready between rehabbing injuries and taking time off to visit his ailing father.

“I don’t want to leave this way,” Martinez told me then. “I didn’t feel right this year. I know I can still pitch.”

Martinez had his moments last season, both good and bad, but a guy with his heart shouldn’t be easily dismissed. If his pride lets him be a fourth or fifth starter, then he’s worth it. Let’s face it, could he be any worse than Freddy Garcia or Tim Redding?

There’s a report out of the Dominican Republic that has Omar Minaya meeting with  Martinez about bringing the 37-year-old future Hall of Famer back for an encore to his four-year, $53 million contract.

Let’s face it, the Mets aren’t set with their rotation. With no assurances they’ll re-sign Oliver Perez, bringing back Martinez in a stop gap role makes sense. He’s not the young stud we’d all like, but there aren’t any guarantees Jon Niese is that guy, either.

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  1. I like the idea but what I don’t like is that he’s going to get preferential treatment. Numbers in spring training, particularly for vets, doesn’t mean much if at all. But I guess the sense that even if Pedro isn’t showing much, he’d still win out over Garcia and Redding.

    The only way I can see him not winning such a competition was if he retired himself. The Mets and Omar in particular won’t just cut someone of his stature. It’s not a bad move in terms of potential upside and even more depth.

  2. What I am worried is a repeat of the prior year. Throws a few pitches and he’s out for the season or most of it.

    For me to be confident I want assurances that Delgado and Martinez are at least 90% Healthy.

    Just my 3 cents.

  3. I said it in one of the previous threads, if Delgado is healthy, and I don’t know why he wouldn’t be, I’d expect acceptable nos (.260 30 100).

    They’ll be down from last year but more than acceptable.

    Pedro is a complete mystery, but one that can’t be relied on if he is indeed brought in.

  4. I say why not? It wont cost much, a one year incentive deal will do it. He has no other suitors. I still feel he can get MLB batters out. It wouldnt be like years past because the Mets are not depending on him. Low risk – High reward, its simple.

  5. (4) Exactly, but there is another issue that keeps tripping me up.

    Yes, the Mets have fixed what was their biggest problem: the bullpen. Outside of that, and assuming they sign Perez (which I still hear could be done by the end of the weekend), this team is virtually the same from the last two years.

    Yes, the bullpen was overhauled, which is a big plus, but I’m of the opinion that they really should have (or still should) run a jolt through the team with someone new.

  6. I wouldn’t mind signing Pedro to a minor league contract and giving him a chance to compete for the #5. Like I said in another thread, it might be wishful thinking that his injury at the beginning of the year screwed him up for the entire year. I had forgotten about his dad too which might have had a big part of him not pitching well. If they bring him back, i’d hang my hat on his strong showing at the end of 07 as what is still possible for him to do.

  7. mrmet (5) As you said, they fixed by far thier biggest problem. What else do they need to change? The offense is fine. Tied for second in the league for runs scored. If Church can stay healthy and resume his first half production, thats a boost right there. The only open spot is LF. Other than Manny coming I would leave Murphy there. I want to see what he can do over a full year. If it dont work out, There will be plenty of options at the deadline. One other thing they have lacked in the past is SP depth. If your little birdie is correct, then we will have plenty of depth. Maybe too much to give Pedro a guaranteed deal.

  8. (7) Ray-It’s just the feeling that this same group has failed miserably for two straight years when it’s counted most…three if you count the ’06 NLCS.

    I was never into busting up the core, that’s just an asinine idea, but I do think that they should have really done something else to shake up the team.

    Think about it, outside of the bullpen, the team is returning completely intact.

  9. Now I know why Chiti goes after you, there is no other stupid idiot here than you. I told you not to say Manny. I guess you got a birdie feeding you that one too. Better be right is all ive got to say.

  10. A player with Pedro’s resume should get special treatment.

    I’ve said it before — bring him back, please.

  11. (11) Ray-ahahahahaha…I actually don’t know and it’s really too far into the offseason, barring a trade, to do anything about that.

    It’s not that the team won’t be successful, it just bugs me a bit that the same team which has failed for basically three consecutive season during the penultimate period is coming back.

  12. FYI, Maine avoided arbitration.

    Sides agreed @ $2.6mm with $25k increases based on innings pitched.

  13. (12) Annie: I understand your feelings. But if I could read into Omar’s mind, he’s probably thinking he would never ask one of the greatest pitchers of our generation, a fellow latino, to accept a minor league contract. I can’t speak for the latino community, but I assume that they are a very proud community, and I don’t think Omar would ask Pedro to do that. And they are not guaranteeing him a major league deal, that’s for sure. I think Pedro’s best fit would be with the team where he started his career, the Dodgers. They can probably use him and he’d be in a pitchers park.

  14. The only way I see Pedro coming back is if the Mets don’t get Perez, Wolf or Sheets. Depth is great to have, but as it stands, the Mets already having Redding, Niese, Garcia and Parnell all competing for the no. 5 spot…though Parnell is probably going to be in the pen.

  15. mrmet, you are an annoying schmuck. Youve got an insider to the mets. Ive got an insider too. His name is Madeoff, buy stock from him and you cant go wrong.

  16. Because I told you not to say Manny. Then you did. That means you are intentionally trying to piss me off.

  17. Please people, stop taking yourselves so seriously. Obviously he was kidding with you Ray. Geez, can’t anyone take a joke around here?

  18. (20) apparently not.

    lots of whining here.

    (12) I respect all that Pedro has done, but I just don’t see him being able to be that much of an impact guy for what $ he is going to want. Now, if he was willing to take $2 m + incentives, I would say OK. I just don’t see him doing that.
    Then again, I would prefer the resources go towards signing a bat.

  19. (20) Steve- No kidding…and I thought by saying “Manuel” it actually injected some humor into it.


  20. mrmet- It must be nice to know Ed and Steve have your back. If you have something to say then say it. Your Manuel thing was a dud. If you got something real to say then say otherwise you are wasting everybodys time. You are the one who keeps saying the Mets havent done enough. I give you the opportunity to suggest what you want them to do, and you come up with a lame joke.

  21. Wow…something flew up your nose. I actually never said what you just implied. I said I wish the Mets had made a few more changes because outside of 2-3 players, the same basic cast is back again.

    If you have a problem with that, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that mentioning Manny Ramirez on here was a federal offense.

    And for the record, for a 2-year deal, I’d take him in a heartbeat.

  22. Now I guess I have problems with two people on here, one who seems to think that friendly baseball talk is akin to an abortion rights issue and one who just likes to start crap for no reason other than to amuse himself.

  23. A signing that went under the radar which I think can help is Bobby Kielty. I don’t know why he sat out last year, but in his career he has done very well against left handed pitchers. .296 BA .379 OBP and .503 SLG in 700 AB’s. He would be a nice bat off the bench if he could ressurect his career.

  24. (26) Steve-He dealt with injuries and was on the minor league side of things in ’08. Missed about 6 weeks after hand surgery.

  25. (27) Mr. Met: One thing for sure is that the Mets bench needs alot of help. Cora/Castro/Tatis/Anderson/Reed I don’t think is so great.

  26. I’m not thrilled with it, that is for sure. Just have to hope that the big-time guys stay healthy and get a majority of the ABs.

    At least Murphy/Tatis will be available for crunchtime ABs. Not saying that they’ll put up the nos. they did last year, but as of now, we can sit here and at least be comfortable with those two…to start the season.

  27. mrmet. Yes you have a prob with me. You say the mets need to change their roster. I am still waiting to hear your suggestions, Oh great one who has connections to the met front office.

  28. Ray, and mr met. as i said in the earlier blog subject. just sit back. we are all armchair managers.

    They got rid of talent and kept question marks in my book. I am not happy with some of the moves. however the moves made the last 2plus years are way better than Steve Phillips ever brought to the table.

    It isnt spring training and its no way near playball time. who knows what will happen. all we do know are the trades that have been made and the ones we would like to see.

    I know this makes me unpopular but i rather both pedro and delgado were out of the lineup. yeah yeah delgado woke up, but as i felt he played hurt and it hurt the team.

    To win we need a team. we arent the stankees so we cant buy arms and bats to play as individuals , we need men in the field and at the plate that will produce.

    My 3 cents. 😉

  29. (30) I want another hitter. I think it was pretty clear by me saying Manny Ramirez.

    You were the one who “told” me not to say his name.

  30. mrmet, Yes I told you to be real. I guess thats someting you cant understand. You sir, are a stupid turd. Wasting my reading time I could be using to read war and peace.

  31. Why am I stupid? It’s feasible to sign him…the Mets just won’t do it.

    With that in mind, they need to sign another pitcher and if they call it an offseason, they call it an offseason.

    And you keep missing my point. I didn’t say the Mets needed to “improve” their team outside of the bullpen and the rotation. I said they needed to make some changes in the personnel, I’m saying this for the third time now, the same group of players has failed when it’s counted most for three straight years.

    It’s not a matter of improving as much as it is making changes.

  32. And another thing, if you don’t want to read my posts…fine. Follow your own advice and don’t respond.

    Everyone else on here (save someone else who you get along with, imagine that) has no problem with my baseball talk.

    You took what was an obvious joke to everyone but yourself and made it out like I insulted your mother.

    I don’t hold anything against you, so if you’d like to talk baseball, I’m fine with it, but like your buddy Harry, you seem to want to hurl insults at people.

    Have fun with that, because I won’t do it.

  33. hmm, first it was only me and now its me and Sadecki…. Remember Alice’s Restaurant…. Pretty soon it will be a conspiracy and then a movement……

  34. I actually believe i Pedro for this year. Even with his diminished stuff, he proved over the past couple of years that he can still be successful. Something was mentally affecting Pedro and this year, we’ll see much better production.

  35. Before what scared me about Pedro was depending on him to play a major role in the rotation but I feel the Mets have enough depth with Neise, Parnell, Garcia, and Redding that there isn’t much dependence on Pedro and if he goes down, the season is not “doomed”.

  36. (39) I agree Benny, but I’m just not sure if he’ll accept the type of deal NY will offer him.

    The other side of me wants to just say “goodbye and thanks” They need to continue bringing in some new blood where it really won’t hurt the team.

  37. Benny Blanco, long time no see. For those wondering why the Mets are not spending like drunken sailors or bankees, a couple of senators are trying to make Citigroup cancel thier naming rights at the new ballpark.

  38. Chiti- Yeah the boy is just a little arrogant. He is trying to take your place as the sarcastic bad boy on this blog. Never happen.

  39. Some people really need to stop taking things so seriously and get over themselves.

    For those that are interested, this all started when I was asked what I would do to improve the team and “not to say Manny”

    So I said “Manuel Ramirez” which was an obvious joke. In fact, two others thought so. One person didn’t…big surprise considering who he does find “funny” on here.

    Arrogant? Thank you.

  40. (42) Yeah, depressing, but Chiti’s been thru the wars, he’s been RETURNED! so he can take being the second one. but I never asked the host to ban my loyal opposition. I always revelled in it. But then again unlike paperweihgt I knew I wasn’t perfect.
    (43) No answer… I guess you aren’t the mental giant you make yourself out to be. I guess truth be told you must be ashamed of approving of lying, and making fun of charities.

  41. How can you not like somebody who took the name of a player who was traded for himself. Rock on Chiti! U da man.

  42. (46)Mr.Met: You see? I am the true insider on this board. 3 yrs/ 36 mil with a club option for the 4th year…Just like I said it would be. :-)

  43. (47) I bow down to the all-mighty Steve!!!


    I’m just happy that this might finally be over with.

  44. Mets stuck by their 3/$36 deal. This has been an outstanding offseason by Omar in my opinion. While the cross-town rivals were outbidding teams by $60 million dollars, Omar methodically brought in key pieces for VERY reasonable prices. Ollie & KROD both wanted 5 years and $75, yet they both got 3 years $36, that’s impressive. Coupled with the bench and SP depth he’s acquired thus far, I’m very happy with what he’s done. Now, that’s not saying I don’t want either O-dogg, Manny, or heck, even Dunn or Abreu, the offseason isn’t over yet, but so far, so VERY good.

  45. (49) Sports-Doesn’t diminish that it’s largely a fair deal, but I heard that there is probably some sort of 4th-year option in there too.

    Although I agree on the whole that the biggest problem (bullpen) was fixed, too much of this team is the same as it has been the last 3 years…and that team, beginning in the ’06 NLCS, has failed when it’s counted most.

    I would love to see one more offensive piece added, preferably Hudson (I won’t say Manny just because that really is a pipe dream). To me, Hudson would be a great no. 2 hitter, provide pretty good defense, some pop and is said to be a terrific clubhouse guy…something this team could use.

    If they don’t get someone, I won’t call this offseason a failure, but considering the FA market is in an unprecedented state, the Mets really could and still should, take advantage of this.

  46. (50) Mr. Met: You also can’t say Manny because Suds would get mad at you. lol

  47. (51) Steve-Good point. I wish he didn’t. I was seriously just joking around…not trying to be a jerk.

    Also, I was wrong in my previous post. There is NO 4th year option. Sherman of the Post says it’s done: 3/36.


  48. mrmet(49): In your post you say that the biggest problem has been fixed (bullpen) but the team is mainly the same as 2006. That’s a contradictory statement. The reason they lost in 06, game 7 was Homerun Heilman (ok,ok and the chokers in the bottom of the 9th. An injuried Floyd who didn’t want to pinch hit, genius Willie move and the bat that never left the shoulder) who served an absolute meatball to someone who hit 2 home runs all season. The reason they lost the division the past two years was because the horrendous bullpen blew saves in what 30 games each year? If they converted just half of those the division would have been clinched in Late August. So, addition by subtracting by a TOTAL revamp, goodbye to bums: Blownweiss, Homerun Heilman, Joe Smith and Big Mouth Billy the kid. Hello to studs: Krod, Putz, an upgrade over smith with some experience in Green. This team is better than the 06,07,08 teams ALREADY and for that reason they should be able to beat the same Phillies team that the BULLPEN gift-wrapped the division for over the past 2 years.

  49. (53) Sports- I’m not just talking about talent. I’m talking about mentally. The ’06 team obliterated everyone in their path until they faced their first real adverse test in the NLCS…and what happened.

    The last two years have shown the same thing. When the chips are on the table, the Mets are showing a propensity to fold. Now, I will give them a break last year, because that bullpen was easily the worst I’ve ever seen on a contending team in recent MLB memory.

    I’m not saying they won’t be good. I, in fact, think that if the Mets stay healthy and the key players contribute the way they are expected, it will more than likely be enough to get them to the postseason again.

    I mean, like you said and we all saw, they should have been coming off their third straight playoff appearance.

    To me, fixing the bullpen was the obvious and needed move. Outside of that, however, I just cannot get over how the same cast of characters that has spit the bit the last three years during three key times is back again.

    Do you see what I’m trying to say?

  50. 54(met): Yes, I see what you’re saying, but what are our options?

    1) Bring in Manny is a lose-lose situation if it’s for anything longer than a one year contract. A one year contract would be not only ideal but something that needed to be jumped on. Anything longer and he will slack off and the Mets brass will get criticized for signing him. If they don’t sign him, they’ll be criticized for not doing so. If he’ll sign a 1year 20 million deal, sign him up today and order me a jersey, he’ll play his heart out the entire year, in hopes of another long-term contract, which of course he won’t get. He could possibly become the richest player in MLB history if he just keeps signing 1 year-20 million dollar contracts annually, however, he has a desire to be lazy Manny and slack off whenever he chooses.

    2) O-Dogg? Yes, sign him now and cut Castillo as a sunk cost and let’s be done with the offseason. What we’re forgetting is the Wilpons lost $300 million to Madoff and regardless of wht they say, it is affecting the organization, as it preventing them from giving up on Castillo and signing Hudson.

    3) The most realistic option, sign Dunn or Abreu, but then will Murphy’s progression be hindered? I believe it will and we don’t want that, let the kid play.

    So, I do see your point, but I hope you see mine. We are a better team than we were the past three years in every category and that should be good enough to win the division and make noise in the playoffs. Remember our core was very young with little leadership in 06. In 07+08 they learned the taste of defeat, this will be their “show me” year in terms of leadership. I am talking about Jose & David, and the Carlos’ are what they are. Lead with their on-field performance more than anything else. However, I’m really hoping to see Manuel press (as he already started to do) on Jose and David about leadership. If they’re willing to take on that role and this bullpen doesn’t fold behind the shadows of the past 3 years, we will do big things, David Wright will win the NL MVP and the Mets will be World Champions.

  51. (55) Well…I don’t have the answers, which is why I sit here and instead of an office at Citi Field.

    I do see yours and I do agree. The Mets are a better team now than they were at the end of last year and I do think that they are a playoff-caliber team.

    Now just go out and kick ass and take no prisoners and prove my lingering doubts wrong.

  52. Ah, it’s so nice to have differing opinions than each other yet interact rationally here opposed to how some people would have countered my points, it’s actually refreshing. And believe me, I don’t WANT them to be done, but I’m afraid they are and while people will be upset (hey, we’re mets fans!) Omar deserves nothing but praise for this off-season. Very methodical, didn’t budge for anyone and got our most pressing needs. But, yeah, I heard there’s some guy in baggy clothes and dreadlocks that is still a FA?

  53. (57) Sports-Yeah, he’s out there somewhere.

    Like you said and which I totally agree, based on what he’s done this offseason, Minaya deserves an “A”

    He really did gut the bullpen of it’s primary culprits (minus Smith, who I liked) and added what could easily be the best 1-2 punch in baseball for the back of the pen.

    And to repeat, I won’t say this offseason is a failure or only “mediocre” if they are done, but it would behoove them to try and get a good deal with another offensive piece.

    Offseason’s like this are going to be few and far between. They should take advantage while they can.

  54. Mr. Met: I know I have been, and alot of fans are underestimating the potential greatness of J.J/K-Rod combo. It’s potentially the best 8th/9th inning combo the Mets have ever had, certainly not since the first half of 06 when Duaner was lights out followed by Wagner.

  55. Man what every happened to Dirty Duaner. Obviously the car accident, and subsequent shoulder surgery that has cut SO many careers short. It’s just crazy to think, he was so filthy, and probably the best set up man in baseball in 2006 until his injury. Can you imagine Duaner (06) in the 7th, Putz, KRod to close games? WOW. That would be the solution to our “starting pitchers can only go 6” solution, lol.

  56. (60) Sports-Don’t sleep on Duaner.

    He’s now going to be two years removed from that final surgery, so he may yet be useful. He might never get back to that ’06 level, but if he comes to camp in shape and can dial up his fastball into the 91-93 range with consistency, that’s more than enough with the changeup he has.

    The problem with him last year was by the time August was over, he was topping out at around 87-88 mph.

  57. I generally agree with the sentiment that I am glad the offseason is over and we have OP.

    I agree that this seems like a better team that last with a marginally better rotation and what seems like a slam dump for the last two innings of the game.

    I am disappointed in the team though. It would be nice to be rid of Castillo and Anderson. I would like a better bench and a RH hitter with a bit of pop if possible or at least a tough out.

    I read somewhere where it was suggested Gotay can be had for a song. No I don’t think he is the answer, but he had his moments when here and did provide energy which this team lacks at times.

    Our OF has the potential to be horrible.

    I will give Omar a B. I think he did a solid if unspectacular job. His best work was on the back of the rotation. Everything else was pretty ho hum.

  58. sportspick: nice site you have… gambling…wow… no wonder you and paperweight are in love… One’s loves lies and one loves illegal activities.

  59. At last some movement. I will wait till we have an Ollie thread. Where are you Tiffany? Rip van Delcos. that was a classic.