Heilman traded to Cubs

Aaron Heilman’s stay in Seattle was shorter than some of his appearances on the mound this summer. Heilman was traded to the Cubs today for infielder Ronny Cedeno and pitcher Garrett Olson.

Immediate speculation is this deal would enable the Cubs to free up some of their young pitching to re-start trade talks with San Diego for Jake Peavy.

15 thoughts on “Heilman traded to Cubs

  1. So unless Aaron is moved again, he is going home. I wouldn’t book it that he is in their rotation however. Being with the much more forgiving Cubbie fans, and being with friends and family he will probably, as dave said elsewhere, be lights out vs the Mets.

  2. I would honestly trade Heilman back to the Mets in exchange for the Chicago Cub’s flagship station to take on the “1-800-Cars-4-Kids” commercial from WFAN. As baseball season nears and my FAN listening increases, everyday I am reminded of the misery that this jingle has brought to my life. I really think it may have reached a greater level of misery than Aaron Heilman has ever contributed.

  3. (2 and 3) I must say it is truly amazing how people can be so insensitive to every one else in the world that they can blast a group that might actually help someone in need. I expected no less from mascot, not from anyone else here.

  4. Harry Chiti: Relax. I am absolutely not blasting the charity or what it stands for. What I am blasting is the amount of times it is played on the station and THE GOD AWFUL CHOICE OF MARKETING that the charity decides to use. In fact, I would DONATE my car to that charity if I had a disposable vehicle, I was simply making a statement about how annoying the commercial (and the majority of commercials played on that station) is. Sorry if I offended you, it certainly wasn’t my intent to take a shot at the charity, rather take a shot at the company’s marketing. Whether it was Cars-4-Kids, Kleenex, or Ford (the yelling drill instructor) if you make a commercial THAT annoying, it deserves to be criticized, despite what company it represents, sorry.

  5. JD, can you ban Harry already? The guy’s shtick is so old and so lame it gets annoying even coming on here anymore.

  6. 6) mrmet: Sometimes, I repeat sometimes, he brings another perspective to a post here, but he’s followed JD to every site and will continue to do so, if for no other reason than to push buttons. I’ll defend him when he’s being reasonable, but i admit, I will a little taken aback and offended that he accused us of being insensitive to those in need, that was crossing the line, IMO.

  7. (7) He’s got a problem with me because I dared defend Omar Minaya earlier in the offseason. I gave reasons why I thought so…just my opinion of course…and he started in with insults.

    I don’t even respond to him directly anymore, nor will I.

  8. Actually, I have a problem with you mascot, because you feel you can use your anonymous stature to offend anyone and anything that you don’t agree with. You caome here unknown and its fine for unknowns to play and insult and do whatever to each other, but you make slanderous comments about real people, who, if they wished to be as evil as you, could file suit against Delcos for allowing those accusations to stand. Of course you want me banned. You have no intellectual ability to do anything but whine when you garbage is called so you call for Fascist and Communist steps to be taken. Well, start your own site and sportspick: If criticizing charities is a good thing in your mind, go to it… Hope you are never the one in need, eh?

  9. (7) Sports–See what I mean? That was actually one of his more humorous posts in recent memory.

    LOL…a lawsuit. I’m actually chuckling out loud at that one.

  10. I was in Seattle last week for business and drove past Safeco field and there was Aaron Heilman’s picture prominently on one of the windows.

    The Mariners really did push his arrival. I’m surprised he was traded. Obviously they had another hole that Cedeno could fill.

  11. Harry (9): I feel like Francessa, “you’re either stupid or you can’t read” and I’m hoping you’re not stupid, but I’m questioning myself at this point. Did you not read my post (5) past the first world, ‘relax?’ Because in the first sentence I inform those who couldn’t determine the first time that I wasn’t criticizing a charity. Man, you’ve got some serious issues. For the sake of JD and this thread/post/site, I’m dropping this issue, let’s hope you’ll do the same.

  12. (12) Sports-I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, but you are really wasting your time. I was call unpatriotic because I am not a fan of the World Baseball Classic and now you’re a no-good, without-feelings mongrel because you made fun of a commercial.

    We’re both going to hell.

  13. I find it funny that someone who complains about other people making “slanderous” comments would resort to namecalling themselves.

    Methinks someone needs to do some reading on the definition of slander and libel. Calling a reporter an agents lackey is far from slanderous or libelous.

    The best course of action when dealing with posters who may not share your ideas is to ignore them, as opposed to trying to engage them. Usually they will not change their perception about an issue no matter how logical your responses are.

    And now I await the expected response.