Are the Mets ready for prime time?

Mets manager Jerry Manuel was in New York the other day at a charity function and was asked about Manny Ramirez. He wants him, but knows it’s not happening.

Said Manuel: “We have to deal with what we have. And, we have a pretty good team.  We feel like we have enough tools to make it to the playoffs.”

Do you agree? As they are comprised now, do you believe the Mets are a playoff team?

44 thoughts on “Are the Mets ready for prime time?

  1. Q: As they are comprised now, do you believe the Mets are a playoff team?

    A: Absolutely not. Questionable starting pitching, strong bullpen, weak bench haevme concerned.

    Look at the projected starters:

    1B: Delgado – which one? Should be fine but will he be a “force”?
    2B: Castillo – slug.
    SS: Reyes – great.
    3B: Wright – great.
    LF: Murphy – Gregg Jefferies II? Should be OK; Tatis – asking a lot to repeat 2008, don’t ya’ think?
    CF: Beltran – great.
    RF: Church – should be OK.
    C: Schneider – disappointing 2008, how much better can he be in 2009? Castro – never healthy and alsways seems to get a pass … realistically, another slug.

    Major holes at 2B and C … question marks at 1B, LF and RF.

    How on earth is this a championship caliber team???

  2. Can they make it? Sure. Will they? I don’t know.

    I think we are about where we were last year.

    How’s that for fence sitting?

    In this market we should have a sure thing. We don’t. Omar started off real well. This offseason can be summed up as what we did during the first week of free agency.

    Pretty sad actually.

  3. Delcos: Who was the last manager to say anything in January other than his team is good enough to….. With a statement like “We have to deal with what we have.” it says to me that he doesn’t think he has a good enough team.
    (1) Rock: The only areas I’d disagree with you are. Murphy. Its unfair to compare him to Jefferies. Jefferies was the next Pete Rose, the 2 time minor leaguer of the year. Murphy was a surprise. And Schneider. I think offensively he far exceded any expectations. He’s the equal to your comment on Castillo.

  4. No way as presently constituted. I think Omar fixed the bullpen, but starting pitching is suspect. Also, do not know what you will get at 1B, 2B, LF, and RF (too many ifs….). If the Mets sign OP and can get another bat (preferably right handed), then I’d say we can live with the other inconsistancies.

  5. Harry (#4) … just to be clear, I am not saying that Murphy = Jefferies … my point was more about not knowing exactly what he will be and hoping that he is not the equal of Jefferies but I can understand how you could interpret it that way …. franly, I think he will be a good offensive player … I just hope he supplies enough pop for a corner OF’er.

    On Schneider, he would be OK if we didn’t have the other question marks, but unfortunately, IMO, we do. On the catching side, it’s Castro who I really cannot take anymore … he is always hurt … the Mets should consider Pudge just so that there is a right-handed catching alternative when (not IF) Castro goes back onto the DL.

  6. If you look at it, Garland and Wolf gone puts the control back in Boras’ court. He now knows the Mets are the only suitor. He knows the only options left are Sheets and Pedro. He knows the Mets don’t like Sheets that much. Pedro is Pedro. See that barrel over there? Omar will be over it shortly.

  7. Chiti (4) YOU are right. I have never seen the hype that Jefferies got with any other Met rookie except Strawberry. Murphy was under the radar, but was having a fine AA season before the Mets called him up. Corner outfielders are a dime a dozen. Abreu is now willing to take a one year deal. Dunn? cant get a job. If the platoon doesnt work out there will be plenty to choose from at the trading deadline. If the A’s struggle, Halladay will be out there. This is the time for patience as I have been saying all winter. Its a buyers market. Huge buyers market.

  8. (10) Ray… I like Garcia, *IF* he’s the Garcia I saw the tail end of his time in Seattle. That’s asking a lot I’m sure. Hopefully he can come back from the surgery. We’d be in good shape then.

  9. (7) rock: Gotcha, makes sense what you say about Jefferies. Scneider, no offense and the lines about his great d were baloney. He is much worse than Castillo.

  10. It seems as if Perez will in fact return to the Mets, so with that in mind, I think the team is a playoff-caliber club at present.

    They have question marks, but I don’t quite understand how anyone can think they are worse off than last year when they all but had a postseason spot sewn up (again!) only to fritter it away because of a horrific bullpen.

    Another thing I don’t understand is the questions about Delgado. Why are so many people wondering “if” he’ll produce? He was horrible in the first half and had a down year in ’07, but even then, still hit 24 homers with 87 RBI and missed 23 games.

    I wouldn’t expect 38/115 nos like last year and in ’06, but I expect him to be around .260 30 100 which is fine. It’s just weird that people are worried about a borderline HOFer who had a few down months. Why doesn’t he get the benefit of the doubt?

    As for the rotation, another thing I don’t understand. Assuming they sign Perez which I believe they will, they have less question marks now than they did last year.

    -Santana’s surgery shouldn’t impact him
    -Maine’s procedure was to shave a bone spur
    -Pelfrey is an unknown? What was he before he succeeded?
    -Perez-we know what he is
    -Garcia/Redding-depth with upside in Garcia’s case
    -Niese-solid option in waiting

  11. Not as of now. Until they get their starting rotation together they can’t be considered IMO. A rotation of Santana/Maine/Pelfrey has the potential to be a top three, but a 4/5 of Redding and Niese doesn’t thrill me. The pen is pretty much set and as of now is their strong point. The only way the lineup will be equal or better to last year’s is if Delgado has the same type of season as he had last year, and if Murphy is the real deal. I’m not holding my breath for either, but hopefully we’ll get lucky.

  12. Mr. Met: I don’t think the Mets had any question marks in the starting rotation at the beginning of last year. We had the euphoria of adding Santana. We expected continued improvement from Maine and Perez. And Pedro was coming off a strong last few months of 07 as well. The only question they had was the #5. As far as this year is concerned, surgery is surgery for a pitcher so you don’t know how Maine will respond. Pelfrey has to prove that he can be a reliable top of the order rotation guy. Redding really has been nothing but a journeyman pitcher and the last half of 08 he was plain awful. And who knows about Niese.

  13. The Pedro issue is what seperates me from many others, I think. I wasn’t convinced he was going to come back last year and pitch well. And no one knew what to expect from Pelfrey either.

    I also am not really all that concerned about Maine, so that is where I differ with a lot of people. I’d love for Maine to turn into a big-time ace, but I think he’s more along the lines of a back-end #2/strong #3 guy, simply because he can’t supply the innings-eater label.

    I’ll worry about Maine if his velocity isn’t back to where it was pre-bone spur. Until then, and assuming they sign Perez or Sheets, I think the rotation can be counted on and is one of the strengths of this team.

  14. I’ll be concerened with Maine until throws his first pitches in St games and clearly shows he was the pitcher he was in the beginning of 08. He was shut down the last month and wasn’t pitching too well before that. Whether it was because of the bone spur or that he doesn’t seem to have an “out” pitch, I don’t know. And it’s probably wishful thinking on my part, but Pedro got injured in his first start…maybe that just screwed him up for the entire year.

  15. (17) Steve- Don’t get me wrong, the Mets have question marks up and down the roster. Nothing is concrete here.

    I just think that the Delgado worries and rotation worries are being blown out of proportion. Not saying there shouldn’t be some questions, just that they aren’t particularly big ones.

    Just my opinion, obviously.

  16. mrmet0805 (13)

    Delgado – huge question mark. No one knows which one will show up.

    Rotation – 2 surgeries and a young pitcher who had a breakout year + the signing of a #5 pitcher with the remaining pitcher in the rotation TBA. How is this a solid rotation. I have read your comments. IMO a lot of rose tinted glasses analysis. I want to see it. We will know by end of Spring Training, not now.

    OF – One had cuncussions and the other had a great few months. Again a lot of if’s.

    There are many questions on this team. I would say there are questions for over half the team. It could all break right and you may be correct. Chances are it won’t all fall our way.

  17. (18) Dave- How is Carlos Delgado, a future HOFer who’s “down” year still consisted of 24 homers and 87 RBI despite missing 23 games a “huge question mark”?

    His numbers last year were in line with ’06…meaning well above average.

    You keep talking about surgeries. Santana had his meniscus repaired. I had it done a few years ago. Obviously I’m not a professional athlete, but it really isn’t that big of a deal. Plus, did you see what he did on the knee when it was injured?

    Again, Maine’s surgery was to shave down a bone spur. It wasn’t even a surgery, they poked a few holes in him. And it’s amazing how young pitchers from other teams that have breakthroughs are a plus but the young guy on the Mets who did it is a negative.

    Every team has ? marks and the Mets are no exception, but to me, the rotation and Carlos Delgado are not among them.

  18. mrmet0805 (20)

    Delgado had issues in 07 so bad that people wanted to cut him outright. He started out the 08 season slow and then finally caught fire and had a very good year.

    If you want to read this recent history as a plus, go ahead. I am saying that you cannot assume 09 will be in line with his career avg. We shall have to see.

    Same with the pitchers, we shall see. Spring training should let us know if our pitchers are where we hope they are or not. As a counterpoint to Santana, there was a Red Sox pitcher who pitched on no achiles tendon in the WS. He really hasn’t pitched since. I want to see these guys in action before I put them down for the no worries column.

    At the end of the day it is a glass half full or empty kind of thing. We are looking at the same thing with different biases.

  19. And Dave, I share some of your concerns. I don’t want you to think that I’m blindly believing in everything.

    I think that LF could be an issue. I don’t expect it to be horrible, but it would be hard to duplicate last year’s production from Tatis/Murphy.

    The Church situation is another concern I have. He’s never played a full season outside of ’06, and even then he wasn’t the regular until May. Is he the hitter he was last year until the concussion or after? He’s probably somewhere in between…but that’s a mystery.

    2B and C are weak offensively, unless Castillo bounces back, so that’s two more questions.

    Offensively in general, the team is far to streaky for my liking. It’s been that way in ’07 and ’08 and unless Wright, Reyes, Beltran and Delgado play more consistently, they are going to have stretches where they average about 2 runs game.

    Like I said, I think the pitching, both starting and relief, has the potential to be the big strength of this team.

    Now, my defense of Delgado is simply giving him the benefit of the doubt. Sure, age could take a toll on him this year. But from what you seem to say and others is “which Delgado is real, last year’s 1st half or 2nd half”

    My question is: after more than a decade of power, average and run production, why would you think that last year’s 1st half is the norm instead of the exception?

    Like I said, I think he’ll drop to about 30 homers and 100 RBI and a .260 average as opposed to last year…but it’s still more than enough.

  20. (21) Dave- Fair enough…I totally respect your opinions, by the way, I just differ.

    Please don’t take it like I’m disparaging yours.

  21. mrmet0805 (23)

    Please. You are debating opinions and facts I do not see you as insulting me.

    We are good.

  22. roksolidmets January 28, 2009 5:13 pm
    Q: As they are comprised now, do you believe the Mets are a playoff team?

    A: Absolutely not. Questionable starting pitching, strong bullpen, weak bench haevme concerned.

    Look at the projected starters:

    1B: Delgado – which one? Should be fine but will he be a “force”?
    2B: Castillo – slug.
    SS: Reyes – great.
    3B: Wright – great.
    LF: Murphy – Gregg Jefferies II? Should be OK; Tatis – asking a lot to repeat 2008, don’t ya’ think?
    CF: Beltran – great.
    RF: Church – should be OK.
    C: Schneider – disappointing 2008, how much better can he be in 2009? Castro – never healthy and alsways seems to get a pass … realistically, another slug.

    Major holes at 2B and C … question marks at 1B, LF and RF.

    How on earth is this a championship caliber team???

    rok solid i agree…we have holes..the mets have the network, new home, etc…. at some point being in contention isnt good enough? as i believe john harper said recently..isnt the goal to win the title? why must the mets brass spend just enough or do just enough to compete when winning it all is attainable

    manny on a 2 yr 52 mil deal or arounf there would be perfect the mets
    1st yr= honeymoon phase
    2nd yr= contract yr

    i know the manny angle has been hammered into the ground but he fits on so many levels. fills out an offense which does have holes (even though they were 2nd in runs it is hard to see tatis and others repeating)


  23. (25) Jim-Agree re: Manny.

    I’m holding onto a tiny sliver of hope that once the Mets sign Perez (whom I hear from someone “inside” say it will probably be done by the end of this weekend), they’ll entertain Manny

  24. (19) I have even money on which delgado shows up.

    My concern, we have a hurt team. we continue to get older players and not farm up the younger ones. Both Maine and Pelfrey grew. Maine got hurt and beecame rocky but nothing to say he wont get better. Pelfrey was rocky and got better. we need more young stuff to grow in the team.
    I rather give up another year aging the young guys through so that the subsequent years the mets will be a force to be reckoned with, instead of trying to build a one off team that may retire or get permanently injured due to age.

    This was more like 6 cents. 😉

  25. Jim: I have no hope at all that the Mets will sign Manny. They could have had him for a song and a dance last year at the trade deadline and didn’t make a move. Signing Manny would be just too smart of a move for this team to make.

  26. he really does fit perfectly in a lot of ways.

    sliding beltran to the 2 would be tremendous

  27. it appears the mets brass just wants fannies in the seats sometimes…holding back on the going the extra mile it appears sometimes as well…discouraging

  28. I read somewhere yesterday that word coming from the front office is that the Wilpons don’t want to go over the $160mm luxury tax threshold.

    That is so frustrating to hear. At least lie and say they don’t have the finances for x and y reasons.

    Don’t tell us you’re doing it because you don’t want to pay a friggin luxury tax.

  29. That’s right, lying is always the best thing to do. NOT…. I don’t like the way the Wilpons run the team, but if they have a policy that says no luxury tax and so announce… Give them Credit. How can anyone endorse lying… Oh wait…..

  30. MrMet, hari et al, we all need to get along and be civil. Stop interpreting passion with malice and also stop being full of malice in the written word.

    MrMet. you are asking a man who believes in the Fourth Estate and the value of the printed word to block people from voicing an opinion. Not gonna happen unless that person goes beyond ludicrous.

    So lets all just chill and talk Baseball and the Mets.

    Steps off soapbox.

  31. mrmet: Answer this question seriously and I will leave you alone (at least I’ll try to): Why is all right for you to say some very nasty things about various sports writers, why is it all right for you to name call anyone who has a different opinion than you, like you did when you named call every poster who thought the Phillies were better than the Mets, why was it ok for you to bad mouth Heilman the second he was traded, why is it all right for you too bad mouth the ads of charities, but it is never all right to call you out for any and every one of these things,
    Why is it mandatory for others to put up with al your insults but it is not all right for you to be insulted back. When you or I are inulted it is fictitious persons being knocked, but you can blast away at real people without end, because you are anonymous? Why bro?

  32. (34) SteveC: If I wrote that I wanted a major corporation to lie about their policies (see 31) I would hope people like you and Sadecki and dave etc would blast the living daylights out of me for it……
    and I hope my response would be deeper than whining to Delcos for banning…….

  33. I heard Jon Heyman had to take a week off after being called a “dolt” and being accused of spinning propaganda for Scott Boras.

    For those that were worried my words might have pushed him over the edge, you’ll be happy to know that he is recovering in the warm embrace of his mother.

    Cue the “calling him a mommas boy” rant now.

  34. Obviously, you cannot answer. You cannot admit to being imperfect. You cnanopt defend your unfounded assaults on anybody or any group. You want to ba

  35. A sure sign of self doubt is having to be the one to get the last word. Chiti said he wanted to leave it alone. Why couldnt you?