Smoke coming from the Perez camp

PEREZ: Get it done.

PEREZ: Get it done.

You would think with less than three weeks before spring training there would be a market for a 27-year-old lefthander who throws heat.

There’s not.

If Oliver Perez were to get five years as agent Scott Boras wants, he would have gotten them by now. A combination of Perez’s wildness, his agent, and perhaps the prevailing thought he’d always wind up with the Mets is keeping teams at bay.

C’mon, let’s cut through the smoke. Give him three years at $12 million each with an option for a fourth year, and get this thing done.

I spoke with Boras this summer when the Mets were in LA and remember him telling me Perez wasn’t erratic. I didn’t believe him then and I don’t believe him now. If Boras really had that much faith in his client, he’d take two years and jump at the chance to do this again when Perez is 29.

Why do you think he hasn’t?

24 thoughts on “Smoke coming from the Perez camp

  1. hey JD. I thought Erratic was Ollie’s middle name?
    It’s the side arm. one here and there throws the batter off. 3 in a row throws him off.
    He needs to pull it out to eff with a batters head then throw the way the coaches say because he doesnt have the arm for it.
    That’s my take on watching him throw, because i am a side winder myself. 😉

  2. His agent is doing the right thing. If you wait long enuf sometimes ppl panic.

    It happened with Lowe, it happened with that SF guy.

  3. I read that Wolf, Garland and the others are waiting to see what happens to Ollie before they sign. Thats good. I think 3/36 with an option is too much for this guy. Boras is no doubt holding out for a forth year guaranteed. Anybody remember Looper? he had a better ERA than Perez. I bet he could be had for a one year deal. Save the money for a deadline deal. There will be much better pitchers available than coin flip then.

  4. I know it’s hard to compare because the guy K’d so many, but these are the stats of Randy Johnson during his early years:

    1990: 26 yrs old 219.7 IP 120 BB 1.34 WHIP
    1991: 27 yrs old 201.3 IP 152 BB 1.51 WHIP
    1992: 28 yrs old 210.3 IP 144 BB 1.42 WHIP

    Now, i’m not saying that Ollie is going to turn into Randy Johnson, but there are many cases where lefties develop later on. Al Leiter is probably a good comparison as well.

  5. Steve, Yes and somebody else compared him to Sandy Koufax a few weeks ago. Leiter had arm troubles early, so we wont count him. One thing that stands out with Randys stats there are 3 straight years of 200+ IP. Do you know how many years of 200 IP Ollie has?

  6. (6) Ray: To be fair to Ollie as well, Johnson started 33/33/31 games compared to 30/29/34. If he would have gotten more starts he could have very well threw over 200 innings each year..well except for last year…34 is a healthy amount of starts. Anyway, I guess it still is possible for a lefty as young as Ollie is to turn it around.

  7. Steve, Its possible to win the lottery too, but how many tickets do you want to buy? I once compared Ollie to Pete Falcone, A hard throwing lefty in the Mets past who had great stuff, but could never quite get it. Another guy who comes to mind is Sid Fernandez. Sid had a decent career, but never realized his potential. I understand Lefties are different. I feels the Odds of Ollie getting it at last are to small to give a huge contract at this time.

  8. If he could be Sid of 1986-1989 I would too. Its the other years that Im afraid of. In 14+ years Sid racked up 114 wins 56 of which came in those four years.

  9. I think Lefties in general are over rated and coddled. Purely speaking as a righty, I dont see it. I hate the fact that for some geometric reason Lefties seem to have the advantage. *ugh* Not every lefty is god’s gift. I don’t get baseballs pairing of righty versus left etc. i think its all slanted.

  10. An open letter to Omar:

    After you sign Ollie, I beg of you…please I beg of you…if he is at all healthy…sign Ben Sheets. He’s the only pitcher available that is a true number 2 starter. So again…if the medical reports don’t give you cause for real concern…sign Ben Sheets!!!

  11. Delcos: Per your 2 year point, remember I said he should take the arbitration offer. I think lots of these guys should have done that. At least OP isn’t whining about it like Varitek is. As of today, I’d agree with the two years and see if anybody wants to give him one. If he gets lucky and has another year like the one good year he had in Pittsburgh he’ll be worth a ton next year. And if he’s mediocre he’ll still get his 10-12 mil somewhere.
    Sheets is in a different position. Since his health is apparently a true concern he needs to get all he can when he can.
    Wolf should go to Arizona so Sadecki can enjoy him a lot!

  12. It appears to me the Mets are bidding against themselves regarding perez. Omar should smarten up. I don’t believe there is any other team out there interested in Perez. Why give perez three years.

  13. Steve I agree. I rather take my chances with Ben Sheets for 2 years than sign perez for three or four.

  14. 21… Well Sadecki…. He went from a contender to a horrible team to a contender again. Will he start for them or will they get to see his bullpen scowl in Chicago? I’d rather see an ex guy in the other league. Then if he does good it doesn’t hurt as much.