Resisting Manny ….

RAMIREZ: The image that scares them off.

RAMIREZ: The image that scares them off.

Manny Ramirez is still floating out there, his thundering right-handed bat a temptation 29 teams have managed to resist. Only the Los Angeles Dodgers have an offer on the table, and Ramirez’s refusal of $45 million over two years seems stunningly arrogant considering the line

Nobody knows which.

Last week, Jeff Wilpon told Bloomberg News the Mets weren’t interested, but he wasn’t speaking for manager Jerry Manuel, who, during a TV interview, said he’d love to have Ramirez on his team.

“To have a shot at managing him would be exciting for me,” Manuel said. “I’d love to have the opportunity to watch Manny hit every day.’’

Manuel called Ramirez “one of the best right-handed hitters in our generation,’’ and broached the topic of his reputation with the confidence of a snake charmer.

Manuel is convinced he would avoid this serpent’s tooth.

“I don’t have a problem with people that produce in the form and fashion that Manny Ramirez produces,” Manuel said. “We don’t spend, shouldn’t spend that much time in the locker room, anyway.’’

You don’t?

Players start drifting into the clubhouse five hours before game time, far longer than the time of game. But, if not concerned about the clubhouse, how about the field?

If Ramirez’s stars aren’t all aligned he’s been known to dog it on the bases and give up at-bats. Even though they won two World Series with him, Ramirez had no allies in the Red Sox clubhouse late last summer, including David Ortiz.

Jose Reyes has enough problems maintaining his attention as it is. Do you really want him looking up to Ramirez? And, for the money Ramirez is asking, they can sign a pitcher and a bat such as Adam Dunn.

They’ve resisted temptation so far. Hope they keep that strength.

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  1. On a two-year deal, I would do it.

    Anything more is pushing it. For year 1, he’d probably be on good behavior…then year two he’d be playing for a new contract again.

    Then again, he was last year too and he did his little act up in Boston. What a polarizing figure.

  2. It’s this part i dont like:If Ramirez’s stars aren’t all aligned he’s been known to dog it on the bases and give up at-bats. —

    Too much how delgado behaved sometimes. Making that kind of money you play everyday. There’s no giving up. there’s doing .. if the pitcher beats you thats one thing but not to try?!
    No fricken way.

  3. I couldn’t disagree with you more JD. The most important thing about Manny is that he fills a huge need on this team, a team desperate for a second right handed power bat. If the team didn’t have an offensive hole at Catcher , 2b, and Left Field then Manny wouldn’t be necessary. I would think the drift with Ortiz happened because of what Manny was doing last year. The Dodgers certainly didn’t seem to have a problem with him. And I don’t think you can overlook the fact that the RS DID win two World Series with him so it did not bother them at all to have the “Manny being Manny” storyline on their team.

  4. Just read in that Manny/Boras is still not budging from his demand of a 4 or 5 year contract. Hes never coming here. Forget it. Its been quiet on the Ollie front the last few days. Maybe he is still looking for someone to give him a 5 year deal too.

  5. Ray: It’s a big game of chicken isn’t it? Heyman had a column where he “heard” that the Brewers and Rangers had interest in Ollie. Apparently the Brewers GM squashed it already. I think Ollie is going to be a Met for 3/36 and a club option for the 4th year at around $15 mil.

  6. (5) Steve- Heyman is Boras’ personal Tokyo Jane. Loves to spin off rumors for him. I agree with your assessment about the contract Perez will ultimately get.

    I actually have a fairly credible source who told me he’s heard they may agree by the end of the weekend.

    We’ll see.

  7. (6) Mr. Met: I hope you are right about Ollie. I think i’m in the minority who actually want him back. I hope it gets done this weekend.

  8. Steve (3): I agree with you on what Manny brings to the table, but my concerns are off the field. The only way I’d entertain Ramirez is with a one-year deal. Then again, we saw what he did in Boston in his walk year. Yes, they won two WS with him. Who’s to say they wouldn’t have won a third if Ramirez flew straight last year?-JD

  9. I wouldnt mind Ollie, if he listens to the pitching coach. when he did he pitched very well. even with his throwing his own stuff every now and again. its when he started relying on it all the time and lost control.
    With control he’s good. otherwise, Original steve pitches better :-p

  10. Sadecki(4): I saw your comment on the other post. I’m very proud of you Sadecki!!!
    I’m really sick of the bad games this front office is playing. People say, Oh you can’t compare to the Yankees. OK, how about the Cubs. They had a starter who was a FA and made a decision to keep him and voom the Dempster was signed. They decided they weren’t resigning Wood and must have made it clear cause he ran fast. They wanted a righty bat and boom they signed one for the outfield. You may or may not like their moves but at least they did what they set out to do, instead of this we may want Moe, but really Larry, and what about we should get Curly of Moe wants another nickel.
    Original (7) I wanted OP all along but part of my reason was Delcos sitting in the press box suffering all night! and part of it was not wanting an a guy whose contract would run out when he’s 40 or so. The deal should have been done months ago. Especially since they decided not to bid on the only # 1 guy out there.
    (6) Another insult to someone you don’t know. Keep up the rudeness. I’m sure you are very proud of yourself…..again.I think in the past you called him a dolt. I guess he’s gone downhill in your mind, if that is the right word. Lucky him….

  11. (8) JD: I’ll take ONE world series championship at this point thank you very much. lol. If it were my money, knowing its probably the last contract he’s going to get, i’d give him 2/$25 and club option for 3rd year to be excersized if the Manny is WS MVP!!!

  12. Thank you, Chiti. Too bad they took it down already. When a Bankee fan brags about all thier rings, just ask them when they last won one without a bunch of steroid cheaters. That gets them all flustered.

  13. I would take manny on a one or 2 yr deal.

    I know he creates issues, but with his bat we would walk over the nl. he nullifies the phillies 1b and if Delgado is pulling his weight we should be in the series this year. that is if we sign ollie too or if we get sheets and he is healthy.

    you get him to go all the way. not to be competitive.

  14. Dave, Did you see my post (4) Manny is not budging. He want 4-5 years with over 100 Million greenbacks attatched to it. He already told the Dodgers what they can do with their 2 year offer.

  15. (17) Ray-Then he’s sitting out the year. No team is giving him 4-5 years. He may get three…but he’s not getting 4+

  16. mrmet, (6) are you intimating that you know someone personally inside the Mets organization?

  17. Ray(17)

    I believe I have seen posts like that here. I also notice that in outside reporting only the Dodgers are entertaining the amt of dollars and more years.

    I don’t want to give him 4 years or 3 for that matter.

    Strictly a rental.

  18. Why would Reyes instantly look up to Manny?

    Don Mattingly, who has no reason to tell fibs, stated that Manny was a good guy to coach. Showed up everyday and played hard.

    Yeah, I know his act wore thin in Boston, but I still wonder how much of that was manufactured by the Boston and national (read, ESPN) media.

    The dude can flat out rake. This team could use a bat like his. A short 2-3 yr deal would be fine.

  19. Ed (24): Manny’s been in 10 Division Series, 7 League Series and 4 World Series. Even the Clevelend Indians were in the World Series twice with Manny. That’s not such a bad record to look up to. Whatever people say about him there must be something right to be on so many winning teams.

  20. You bring him in to win now. He may affect young players like Reyes, but if you win the whole thing who cares?

  21. (26) dave…. Its just a lame excuse. If they wanted him and got him you’d hear how he really is a great guy and has a good work ethic. Reyes is not 19 anymore. He’s old enough to know how to play and how to behave.

  22. I agree he is old enough, but I get the impression he is still impressionable.

    As for Manny, I agree. Considering what our pitching staff is like we need him. He is a difference maker. Warts and all. But only short term. I dont want him for 4 years. Too risky.

  23. (28) What is “our pitching staff like”

    Can someone explain to me what is so wrong with this rotation assuming they sign Perez or Sheets???

  24. mrmet0805 (29)


    We have 4 legit starters. 2 of the above had surgery this offseason. I do not assume anything.

    Bird in the hand, Missouri, all that.