Utley says he’ll be ready by Opening Day

UTLEY: Says he'll be ready for Opening Day.

UTLEY: Says he'll be ready for Opening Day.

If the Mets were counting on Chase Utley’s hip injury to keep them close to the Phillies out of the gate, they’ve got another thing coming as the All-Star second baseman says he’ll be ready by Opening Day, contradicting initial reports his rehab from surgery would keep him out through May.

Utley has been working out with the Phillies training staff five days a week, and said he’ll be swinging a bat soon.

“In two to three weeks – that would be nice,” Utley said. “If everything goes as planned, that’s what we want to do. And right now, we’re on schedule. … It’s about listening to my body. Right now, we are listening and it’s responding well. If that continues to happen, then I don’t see why I won’t be ready for Opening Day.”

15 thoughts on “Utley says he’ll be ready by Opening Day

  1. So? The Phil have a new GM. He doesn’t have the skills. He has shown this by mentioning the possibility of signing Moises Alou. They replaced a righty Left Fielder with a letfy who is much older, they gave a multi year contract to a guy older then El Duque. As many problems as the Met still have worrying about Chae Utley playing isn’t one of them. The Phil have not improved and are probably not as good as they were last season (as of today).
    The NL East is shaping up to be a crap shoot with a lot of teams with lots of problems. The shame of it is that despite all the revenue the Wilpons have this year and guys on the market cheap, they somehow managed to not take advantage of a short term financial advantage to be the dominant favorite in the Division.

  2. The Phillies are the team to beat simply because they won the division and ultimately the World Series.

    The Mets pretty well smacked them around head-to-head last year and truth be told, the Mets are probably a more solid team, top-to-bottom.

    Brad Lidge is a top closer, so I would expect another great season out of him…but not 41-for-41 and the rest of the bullpen had career years. The Mets had the best ‘pen in the bigs in ’06…and by the end of ’07 it was in decline. We saw what happened in ’08.

    The Phillies will be a competitive team and right there at the end, but the Mets need to worry about themselves and just put their nose to the grindstone. If they do that, they can pull it off.

  3. Forgot to add…the Mets rotation, assuming they do re-sign Perez or add Sheets, is quite a bit better than the Phillies.

    I’ll give the Phillies offense the edge, but even they had spells last year where they completely disappear. They rely on the longball more than the Mets do, which is not the best way to go.

    Speaking of that point, I really hope Manuel gets back to the way Randolph managed in ’05-’06…hit and runs, sacrificing, small-ball. The team got away from that beginning in ’07, seemingly waiting for the 3-run homer all the team.

    Force the issue.

  4. Chiti (1) SO? This is big news. What if Reyes was to miss 2 months of the season? would that affect the Mets chances? Of course it would. Utley is one of the best players in baseball. This is very good news for Philly.

  5. Posted this in another thread, but it may have gotten lost.

    For those — including me — who are interested in Ben Sheets.


    According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, concerns over Ben Sheets’ right elbow could ultimately prevent the Rangers from offering the All-Star pitcher a contract.

    The Rangers are currently seeking more information on Sheets’ torn flexor tendon. Jason Jennings had a similar problem in 2007 and early 2008. In both instances he eventually needed surgery. According to the Star-Telegram, “the likelihood that an agreement will be reached by Monday, if at all this week, is waning.”

    ==> apparently the injury concern is growing.

  6. Sadecki (4): To me a player says he’s gonna be ready is a “So”.. Its like Pedro saying he’s gonna be ready last year. Whoops one game he’s on the DL. It like all the old guys begging for a big contract talking about what great shape they are in. Its a big deal if he really is all OK on opening day but for him to say it now is a “So” to me. He hasn’t even picked up a bat yet. I have found ball players and GMs to be better liars than politicians.

  7. Chiti, If he were old and trying to hold on I would agree with you. As it is he is very secure, and it seems that the surgeons and rehabbers are getting better at their crafts. You cant just boo hoo it anymore. We shall see. If its true, its big news. A big plus for our hated rival.

  8. (8) Sadecki: Either way they are weaker today then they were in September. Putting another lefty bat to replace Burrell was a mistake and their bullpen cannot be as good. Not one blown save just doesn’t come around every year. And Moyer will someday act his age.

  9. Like I said, the Mets just need to worry about themselves. Anyone that claims the Phillies are the class of the East or a far-better team than the Mets needs to have their head examined.

    The teams are all but even. Even with Utley.

  10. (10) So anybody who disagrees with paper head is now insane. I tried to lay off you but you have gone way too far. For your info, every opinion is equal to and probably superior to yours.

  11. I apologize to all who I have offended on this board.

    I suspect that is one person considering most don’t take message boards quite so literally and serious as some others do.

  12. Guys, Please lets be civil. we are met fans. not yankee or philly fans. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Whether we agree or disagree is why we are free. But lets not be mean or belligerent.

  13. (13) Steve- This goes way back…he likes to play the “insult” game. I’m not even directly responding to him…I apologized to everyone else.

    It’s humorous more than anything to me.

  14. Mr met, regardless of any issues. I like JD and how he’s played the blogs, i dont want to see this blog crumble because of nonsense, no matter who is at fault.

    We all get passionate, myself included. just remember its mostly passion. and move on. no fogrgiveness asked nor required.