What about Griffey?

Ken Griffey, like a lot of people, is looking for work. He’s not ready to retire, and hitting 18 homers last season with 71 RBI in 490 at-bats. Not great, but good enough in a part time role.

While the Mets aren’t in it for Manny Ramirez, and I don’t believe they’ll be able to make a trade with the Yankees to reaquire Xavier Nady. They apparently, and this is too bad, aren’t interested in Adam Dunn.

Why not give Griffey a year? The guy still has his moments, and for one year, he’d be a good fit in left field.

25 thoughts on “What about Griffey?

  1. Too old and brittle. The Mets have been down this road too often the last few years and it’s bitten them.

    And the only way I’d bring in another LH is if you’re virtually guaranteed to get monster production. You can’t expect that from Griffey anymore.

  2. Hey Delcos: Were you the guy calling for bringing in Franco, Alou, El Duque, etc as well….. You are old enough to know that just because guys want to keep playing, doesn’t mean they’re gonna do it very well for very long. The body just won’t bounce back so well anymore.
    Ivan says he’s in great shape too. Why not mention him? Can’t wait for the Garcia signing. How many guys on Metsblog will say “Low risk high reward”? 417 or so….

  3. John, is it April 1st? First, we’ve now got three mediocre back-up OF’ers with Reed, Pagan and Sullivan signed to guranteed ML contracts for 2009 …. Griffey is exactly what we do not need …. he is done.

  4. Since they aren’t going to sign Manny, i’d rather them sign Abreu. He’ll give you run production by driving them in, and getting on base. I’d be satisfied at least with a lineup of Reyes/Abreu/Beltran/Wright/Delgado/Church/Murphy/Schneider/Pitcher

  5. oops….last I checked we can’t play 4 OF…lol


  6. Outside of being LH and a very poor defender, something about Abreu just doesn’t sit well with me.

    Maybe it’s because he’s been on the Phillies and Yankees all these years but I think also part of it is that he carries himself with that nonchalant attitude. Numbers are numbers but the last thing the Mets need on this team is another low-key player.

    And you saw his power nos. in the AL, they’re going to dip even more in the NL.

  7. Judging from the early returns, that’s an emphatic NO on Griffey. Just thinking out loud. I’m still pounding the drums for Adam Dunn if the Mets are going to sign an outfielder.-JD

  8. (6)Mr. Met…Say what you will about Abreu, but the guy has knocked in over 100 runs 6 years in row, has a high OBP, and the Mets desperatly need another hitter. Do you have a better idea?

  9. Signing Abreu also helps the bench as well as it moves Murphy to super sub status and gives us Tatis for some power. I don’t know if anyone realizes this, but right now this is shaping up to be one of the worst benches i’ve ever seen a Met team have.

  10. (8) Steve- Yes…Manny on a two-year deal!

    Seriously though, I just don’t like the guy and plus, he just doesn’t seem to be one of those “win at all costs” type of players. Something the Mets have too few of to begin with.

    Just my opinion.

  11. I agree with the above.

    Griffy is old and from my understanding is not a good fielder and has a low batting avg.

    I would rather see Murphy every day than have Griffy out there. I don’t think he brings much to the table and would cost too much.

    Bring me a vet who can actually contribute and we’ll talk. Preferably a RH bat.

  12. John
    I am speechless

    so here is my answer

    2008 vs lhp 163 ab 4 hr .202 avg .299 oba

    I think my answer is very clear.

  13. Dunn is the way to go – totally. We can deal with the left-handedness. I like the idea of picking up Sheets and Dunn and calling it a day.

  14. Fredie Garcia has signed a minor league deal with the Mets.
    Still need to sign Sheets or Ollie.

  15. Good job getting Garcia on a minor league deal. They have greatly increased thier leverage with any other FA pitchers out there. How do ya like that Boras/Ollie?

  16. It’s a solid move. Just get as much depth as you can and the fact that it’s only a minor league deal is a plus.

    I’d prefer they sign two legit starters to round out the rotation instead of going this way, but I’m not even going to waste my breath on it, so might as well hope for the best.

    Though depth is always a good thing.

  17. I have said it before .. i’ll say it again. I am very tired of the Mets getting old/on the verge of retirement players. We get a quick spark and then we realize that was all the charge left in the battery. We need to have the young players coming up from the ranks. the older players need to bring the money down or become management or coaches.
    With that said we need Keith to teach 1st base and we need darling to show pitchers how to get over having a bad day. If anyone should know it should be Ronnie. Gotta love a guy who tells it like it is even about his own pitching.

  18. JD, Bob (southington, ct from the old blog here)…

    What do you think of the Garcia signing? Will the Mets now close up shop on Perez or Sheets? Or have Garcia/Neise/Redding battle for fifth? I prefer the latter, obviously.

  19. (17) Steve- We’d all rather they have rounded out the rotation with much more secure and better options, but Garcia is here on a minor league deal, so he’s not eating up a roster spot.

    And if he’s healthy, he’s a good pitcher. If he’s not, the Mets still have Redding, Niese, Parnell, etc. Not my idea of great back-end pitchers, but these guys are no. 5 starters for a reason.

  20. Sadecki (15) You got this one wrong bro. This signing has no impact on Boras. Question. You satisfied with this as the last pitching move? Unles you answer yes, Boras has no new concerns……

    All this move does is solidfy the non return of Pedro.

    Looks like your boy Wolfie is going elsewhere. I’ll send the masks back to the store…..

  21. SteveC

    I agree. The problem is we have no young guys ready to step into the rotation this year.

    they are a year or two away. No one will be ready by May.

  22. (22) Dave- What about Niese? He’s not ready in the sense that he could just step in and win 15 games, but those that can be expected to do that are generally top prospects.

    If Niese is pressed into duty, he’ll probably hold his own.

  23. And when I say top prospects, I mean guys who have been labeled can’t-miss. Pitchers especially are impossible to predict on if they’re ready or not.

  24. I believe that Niese most likely will be in Queens sometime this year due to injuries. I want to see him stay in Buffalo for one year.

    I do not think he is ready. He has had his struggles. He did not dominate AA.