Maine, Mets at salary odds again

MAINE: Meet in the middle.

MAINE: Meet in the middle.

Last spring, after negotiations failed to produce a deal, the Mets renewed John Maine as is their right. They are $800,000 apart this year.

Maine wants $3 million after going 10-8 last year in 25 starts, his year cut short by a shoulder injury that required surgery. The Mets are at $2.2 million.

Here’s a thought: Why not meet in the middle?

I can see both sides on this one. Mets: Maine won five less games and is coming off an injury. Maine: Regarded as a rotation key with big expectations.

9 thoughts on “Maine, Mets at salary odds again

  1. That’s probably exactly what they’ll end up doing. I’d be quite surprised if this went to arbitration.

  2. I don’t think Omar was thinking baseball during the last few days – he was at the Obama Inauguration – in person.

    Now we know that Minaya has another friend in the White House – he knew Bush, too.

    I just wish we would get some honest news about the Mets/Wilpon finances…………

  3. So the Mets are saying Johnie is worth a couple of hundred thousand more than Sanchez?

    I hope not.

  4. Dave (#4) I was just thinking the same thing … the problem I have is that Maine probably is worth somewhere around $2.5M or so …. who knows …

    but a lazy, injury riddled middle reliver with a poor work-ethic who was out for two years and pitched terribly when he did pitch last year gets $1.7M ….

    If the Mets were playing loose with the cash, then you chalk it up to “taking a chance” …. but apparently, the Mertsare financially strapped — or would have you believe they are — but they can invest $1.7M is trash. Sanchez is trash ….

    Gives new meaning to “simply amazin’ …”

  5. The whole process for players under arbitration is just way to byzantine to get upset about.
    If Maine were a FA he would be worth way more than 3 million.
    But since he is not he is actually being under paid no mater what contract he signs.
    As far as Sanchez goes if he were to get cut in spring training the Mets would only have to pay between 30 and 45 days of his total contract.
    Why not take the gamble and see if he is healthy.

  6. Scott (#6) ….

    Re: your comment “As far as Sanchez goes if he were to get cut in spring training the Mets would only have to pay between 30 and 45 days of his total contract.”

    Are you sure about that?

    He has a guranteed $1.665M contract for 2009 …. I believe that should he get cut in ST — or anytime thru the 2009 season — the Mets are on the hook for the entire amount unless he is picked up by someone else … in that case, the new team would only be responsible for the MLB minimum and the Mets would need to make up the diffeence between that and the remaining amoint of his contract.

  7. I can’t see The Mets losing Maine over the salary. The middle ground seems appropriate. No one likes a pay cut. But 2 million? I’ll take it in a heartbeat.

  8. (8) Steve- They won’t lose him. Maine is under Mets control through 2010, I believe. They’ll probably settle @ $2.4-2.5mm and if he has a good season, it would behoove the Mets to sign him to an extension.