Sheets: Risk/Reward.

The more I think about it, the more I believe there is an upside to signing Ben Sheets. Yes, he has an injury history, but his history also includes 31 starts and 198 innings last season with Milwaukee.

The market is running away from Sheets, but the Mets should be able to sign him to a year plus an option with a contract loaded with incentives. If Sheets proves healthy, he’d be a great pick up.

Of course, signing Sheets shouldn’t be the Mets only move with spring training a month away. There’s still Randy Wolf and Andy Pettitte to consider, not to mention Oliver Perez. Remember, we’re talking about the fourth or fifth starter, so I wouldn’t dismiss Pettitte so easily.

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  1. The rap on sheets is that he is never there when you need him the most. He is the best pitcher out there, though. Id say he is a better bet than Smoltz or Martinez at thier ages.

  2. What everyone forgets about Sheets is you have to give up a draft pick to sign him.
    Sheets would have a lot more bidders if not for the draft pick compensation.

    More perplexing is that no one has signed Dunn. Dunn will not cost draft picks.

  3. Scott- With very few exceptions, the Owners have shut off the money spigot. We may be seeing some of these teams contracted in the next few years as the economy is a long way from recovery. Have you ever seen a time so close to spring training with this many quality FAs unsigned?

  4. I assume that the Mets would have their own doctors examine him. Assuming they thought he was healthy, my offer would be 3/30 with a $5 mil bonus for starting 30 games or more per year. You would have to assume that if he was healthy , he would have been a $15 mil per year man anyway.

  5. (7) Steve- He’ll get a lot less than that. He’s just too big of a risk, which makes the type of deal he’s going to get actually something the Mets should do.

    He may even take a decent one-year deal to prove he’s healthy and then go back on the market after ’09, but more likely, a one-year with an option for a second might get it done.

    I don’t think NY would need to go to three years. I don’t think any team is comfortable enough to do that.

  6. (6) You really think some teams will be contracted!!! Nobody was contracted in the 30’s….. But the Wilpons are pretending they are suffering. They sold their last luxury box, they didn’t lose their 20 mil per from the citi company or whatever it will be soon, they must be doing well in sesaon sales since they dropped their 6 pack (or was it 7 pack) further screwing regular folks. I believe they just wanna make back the money they lost from Madoff…..
    They won’t dump Castillo’s salary. Funny how the Dodgers dumped more money on Jones then the Mets owe Castillo. Apparently they won’t even dump Marlon Anderson’s salary. They have taken a golden opportunity and are turning it into mud. They don’t do something big and this teams goes south again there will be a fan falling off in ’10. Then they (Wilpon’s)will have something to cry about…….

  7. I would say go and sign Ben Sheets even if it cost the Mets a draft pick. You could go with a one year deal option for the second & possible a third year if you have say 50 starts over the two years. The deal could be for say 3-5 mil and incentives for Starts, K’s, ERA, and big bonus for over 200 innings pitched.

  8. (8) Mr. Met: See, that is what the problem is. An offer like the one I am giving is something that he would probably sign and they’d have their man. But no, the Mets wouldnt think of anything like that, they’d offer him a 2 million dollar contract with incentives to get him to 5.

  9. You don’t sign Ben Sheets to a 3-year deal. That is lunacy. The Mets offering him two years or a one-year deal with incentives is not lowballing him, either.

    No team is giving him three years. That’s not a Mets issue, it’s because Sheets not only can’t stay healthy, but there are whispers about his mental toughness as well.

  10. And I like the idea of signing him, Steve. But you just cannot give him a guaranteed three-year deal.

    He has ace stuff and when he’s healthy, he’s just that, but outside of 2004, he’s hurt every single season.

  11. Was watching the Hot Stove show on MLB Network. According to Verducci, Mets are interested in Sheets but in a heavily incentive-laden deal…similar to the one Brad Penny got from Boston.

    Sheets is looking for a two-year deal @ $9mm per with an option for a third. If I were the Mets, I’d seriously consider guaranteeing two years.

  12. I would sign him even giving up a pick. It’s not like it is our first rounder.

    This is the type of market where the mets can go a bit higher than someone else and not break the bank.

    I say go get OP and also Sheets.

    I wouldn’t sign Dunn just because he hits from the wrong side of the plate. We are too left handed. Marlon needs to go. I could see keeping Castillo if only to create some value before trading him, but yes, I get the point that since he is not what the team needs they should just cut the cord.

    At this point I would see what it would take to get Manny. I don’t like him, but a one or two year deal makes sense. Our offense does collapse from time to time and he would prevent that. He is a head case and so a very short term deal may keep him on a leash. It is not like we have the D and pitching to carry this team through.

    If we get OP back we are guaranteed very few 7 inning games and quite a few 4 inning ones. Those are the games where we need to score a few runs. I am not looking for Tatis to repeat here.

  13. Chiti (9) wasnt it just a few years ago that MLB was seriouly talking about contracting two teams? I could see it happening. The Pirates and Royals would probably be gone if it wasnt for Yankees welfare payments. Of course getting ripped off by Madoff is going to make a difference, no matter how much they deny it. Besides the Bankees, and to a much lesser extent the Braves, I dont see anybody throwing big money like they did just a year ago.

  14. (16) Ray- It was part of the last collective bargaining agreement that the owners would not contract any teams. At least in this current agreement.

  15. Sadecki (16) You are right but I really don’t think the threat as more than a negotiation ploy. I don’t think the Pirates would contract. They don’t have a real club, they don’t pay much salary. If they didn’t get Yankee money they’d just pay less. The fine citizenry of Western PA are addicted to Fireworks and bobbleheads. The Pirates make their profit on those two things. They pack the place for a bobblehead of a .215 hitter. With their small salary they don’t need anything else. As long as the Steelers are good the Pirates don’t have to be.

  16. 17. mrmet, yes maybe the next agreement they will try to force a salary cap again. btw I couldnt find that rosenthal column about Heilman you posted earlier.
    18. Thats why I like you, Chiti. You always say Im right. God it must suck to be a pirates fan. Its a shame what happened to a once proud franchise.