14 thoughts on “Mets sign Fossum

  1. I think they are signing him to compete for the Left hand specialist role out of the pen.

  2. (2): Oh well, I was being sarcastic too!!! didn’t work… What else is new!
    (3) Damn good line.

  3. LOL…In Ken Rosenthal’s latest column it says that the Mariners are “likely and willing” to trade Aaron Heilman. That didn’t take long…lol

  4. Signing Fossum to a minor league deal is nothing significant IMO …. if he shows something in ST, you may have a LOOGY …. if not, he fills out the roster in Buffalo …. low risk/high reward move …. resigning Sanchez to a $1.7M deal — that’s the issue to be discussed.

    Waste of money no matter how you slice it. After two years of rehab — and serious questions about his work ethic during it — he earns a 78% raise.

    He was terrible last year and gets rewarded for it …. man, it’s tough to understand the thought processes of our management/leadership team …. makes no sense.

    I really thought they would non-tender Sanchez and really clear out the garbage from last year …. apparently not. I would have kept Ayala — and I am not high on him either — before this lazy slug Sanchez.

  5. (7) Rok- I completely disagree. First of all, no one ever takes a pay cut when they file for arbitration. It doesn’t matter if the guy was horrendous the year before, so the Mets giving him a raise is completely normal.

    As for non-tendering him. I wouldn’t yet at all. Entering March, he’ll now be a full two years removed from surgery. Last year we saw glimpses of the Duaner of ’06 but he tailed off badly at the end. Could be a sign that he will never regain his above-average stuff or his conditioning after missing 18 months was affecting him.

    As it stands, bringing him in as a member of the bullpen is perfectly reasonable, particularly because of the addition of Putz. Sanchez is not going to be asked to be the primary setup man…yet if he can pitch to even 75% of what he did in ’06, he makes the pen that much stronger.

    It will be interesting to see his fastball. He was never a flamethrower, but he got it up there into the 93-94 range in ’06. Last year he was topping out at 91 and down in the 87-89 ranger towards the end of the year.

    If he’s not throwing in the 90s consistently by May and is not effective, the Mets should probably cut bait…but I wouldn’t give up on him yet by any means.

  6. And that series in St. Louis right before the 4th of July is what started his problems. He got hit in the knee by that line drive and from what I recall, he wasn’t able to do his conditioning workouts because of it.

    His ERA after that outing was 3.79. It ended at 4.32. I do agree he’s had his moments of laziness, but I wouldn’t have just cut him outright. At least see what he can do come ST.

  7. Who the hell is Fossum?

    I saw that too regarding Duaner. He is not worth 1.7. I would like him on the team just to see if his stuff came back after 2 years, but really. That’s a bit rich for a flyer.

    I won’t comment on his work habits, but I noticed the team ( and our former manager ) was not pleased with how he worked.

    We also did not like Castillo. Is this a reflection on Willie? Do the players just not respect him like that?

  8. (10) Dave- The whole arbi process doesn’t make sense. A guy has a worse year than the previous and he always gets an increase in salary, unless the team cuts him and then tries to re-sign him at a lower salary.

    But when you do that, you run the risk of losing him to another team because he’s an FA. It wouldn’t be worth the risk to lose a potential asset in the pen over a few hundred thousand dollars.

  9. No I agree. I want to see what he brings too.

    It’s just why does he get a huge jump in salary when he was marginal at best. I just don’t get it.

  10. If Willie Randolph were still managing, he’d have Possum as the number 5 starter (“proven veteran”).

    Possum is the kind of lousy pitcher you wonder if someone should tell “throw the knuckleball 95% of the time every fifth day in the minors for a year” to see if you can make it on that. It ain’t working with what you got.