Santana endorses Perez return

Oliver Perez is 27, lefthanded and can throw the hell out of the ball. He is also inconsistent and for all his natural skills was 10-7 with a 4.22 ERA last season. This after a seemingly breakout year in 2007.

Mets ace Johan Santana endorsed his return to GM Omar Minaya in a conference call yesterday.

“I think has learned a lot from last year,” Santana said. “I had a great time with him and hopefully Omar will be able to keep him. He matured. He learned every game is important.

“I told him from the beginning, it doesn’t matter what you do tomorrow, you have to learn from today. Sometimes he lets his emotions take over, so he could be more mature this year. Hopefully, Omar and his agent will find a way to keep him in New York. He’s not just a great guy, but a good pitcher, too. He’s going to be a good one.”

The Mets’ current thinking is $30 million over three years, but Perez’s agent, Scott Boras, wants more in both money and years, with reports of $52 million over four years.

That’s more money than Perez is worth based on production, but the thing about these contracts is they are also based on potential.

Do you believe Santana? Do you believe Perez has learned enough to take the next step? Is he worth the fourth year?

37 thoughts on “Santana endorses Perez return

  1. I don’t think the Mets have much of a choice. He is better than what is left with the exception of Sheets who is questionable with his injury history. I would try to make it 4/$48 if they can, if not 4/52 is fine. I don’t want Randy Wolf here.

  2. I have no problem with 13 million/yr on a 4 year contract.

    I don’t think he deserves it in this market based on performance. But if he has matured and if he will get better it will be cheap.

    That is a lot of if’s for a player, but he is a lefty and that always seems to count for a lot. If it makes him happy that is always good.

    The problem is if he is happy will he improve or will he experiment?

    We are hoping that Johan and others can keep him focused.

    That is a lot of if’s and maybe’s and hopes. That is what you get with Ollie. But we know that. We have seen it for 3 years now.

  3. Is he worth the fourth year?

    Who knows? Even if he sucks he will still have an arm and you can always trade him at a discount because someone is willing to gamble where you are not.

    That is why we got Ambi. He blew up on and off the field. That is why we got Ollie and Maine. We won on those trades.

  4. The Mets are going to have to bite the bullet a bit and do it. If he’s asking for 4/52 and then I’m sure they’d come down just as the Mets would go higher.

    4/48 or 3/39 with an option for a 4th?

  5. I’d like to do it for 4/$48 with an average of $12M, but would do 4/$52 — average annual value is $13M . At this point, I do not think we have a choice and need to get this done …. Garland and Wolf are just not gonna be key pieces of a championship team IMO. Now, Ben Sheets ….

    Ben Sheets is clearly an injury risk, but not as big a risk if you’re asking him to be your fifth starter to begin the season …. then it’s a no-brainer assuming the cost is reasonable …. if Perez gets $12M and Sheets gets say $5M in 2009 salary, that’s only $2M more than Lowe is getting from the Braves in 2009 …. add incentives to Sheets’ deal and you can compensate him fairly for performance while mitigating the risk with a lower annual guranteed salary …. $17M for both will not break the bank.

    Is Ben Sheets the Mets ace #1A or El Duque/Pedro??

    If you bring back Perez, you can roll the dice on Sheets … you have Redding in the long-man/spot starter role, Stokes as a power arm bullpen guy, and your whole staff from Johan thru KROD lines up except for a LOOGY which can be addressed later.

    If Sheets is performing as the ace #1A, then Redding/Niese/Parnell will never be adequate replacements for a Sheets if he is pitching like a #1A …. but if he does stay healthy, it will have an enormous upside …. if it doesn’t, then we go the Redding and/or Niese/Parnell route.

    The more I think about this Perez and Sheets idea, I like it …. but my vote doesn’t count.

  6. more ….

    …. if Perez gets $13M and Sheets gets say $6M in 2009 salary, that’s only $3M more than Lowe is getting from the Braves in 2009 ….. it will peg the Mets estimated payroll at exactly $140M (about $3.5M less than 2008) ….

    If Redding slots into the long-man role, Stokes into the bullpen, eliminate Sanchez, account for arbitration raises, payments to Wagner & Schoenweis, etc. you are exactly at $140M ….

    There is simply no reason that they cannot r should not go the Perez/Sheets route ….

  7. I would love to have Sheets as well as Ollie too. But you know it’s never going to happen. I would offer Sheets 3 yrs/30 mil with a 5 mil bonus per year if he makes minimum 30 starts per year.

  8. Steve (#8) …. I would not go down the 3/$30M path on Sheets …. that is too risky for me …. 1 year with low base + heavily incented, yes. 1 year w/low base + heavy incnetives with vesting option for a 2nd year is plausible ….

    I love his upside but fear his risk of injury ….

    I can’t help but belive that there has got to be some whispers a

  9. [continued]

    whispers about his health among the execs in baseball because for someone with his talent — even with the injury risks — to get no offers is a shock.

  10. ….how about Andy Pettitte on a 1 or 2 yr. deal around 12M per?? Or do ya figure he is too loyal to the Yanks to sign with the Mets

  11. ….forget about Sheets. He spends more time on the DL than Plaxico spends at the firing range….

  12. Obviously Santana is a much better and much more loyal team mate than the former closer and most overrated relief pitcher in modern times. Good for Santana.
    I have never written what a guy should get because a guy should get whatever he can in any endeavor. I want guys who will get a championship. I wanted OP over Lowe from day 1 of FA. I’m glad its possible but if the Wilpons are running the show as is apparently the case prohibiting Minaya from going after Ramirez (who I on’t want) and wanting guys more than the guys he wants (Lowe[OP) then it doesn’t matter because the team will self destruct over time with Jeffy running the show and Omar being hius puppet. Jeffy and Pop should give him his cap and get the heck out of the way and fix the patch and leave the deals to those they hired to do so.

  13. …..John, to what degree are you concerned that the Wilpons have put a kink in the payroll hose due to being fleeced by Madoff. That cash notwithstanding, shouldn’t they be awash in funds with the new stadium opening? I can’t imagine why they would look to cap payroll at last years figure, when revenues are bound to increase at the new park. A free agent market like this one, with so many players yet unsigned in a year in a new park should have them salivating like Pavlov’s dog….

  14. Im pretty sure Ollie will be back. Omars gonna get grilled if he lets Ollie and Lowe both get away. I havent been his biggest supporter and I feel the numbers being thrown around here are way more than he deserves. Hopefully those who say he is learning and maturing are correct. Still it burns me to give that kind of contract to a pitcher who lead the league in walks and hit batters.

  15. (17) Totally agree, Ray…but at this point, he really doesn’t have a choice unless he wants to go the ’06 route and patch together the rotation and hope the offense/bullpen carry the team.

    Not the best way to go.

  16. You think about it, for a few mil a year more they could have Manny, who for all his antics is a lot more of a sure thing than coin flip ollie. I read that sheets is willing to to a one year Smoltz type deal. You can give Ollie 14 mil a year or have Manny and Sheets for 12 or so million more. Mannys jersey sales will make that up easily. never mind the extra tickets he sells

  17. Again, IMO, the Mets aren’t cheap, but with the way the market is and everything going on with the Mets (new stadium, own network, etc), it’s really frustrating and rather foolish to not be seriously involved with Manny or some of the other players out there who could be had for either big money and short years or a straight-up deal.

  18. (18) nice revisionist history about’06. To correct your mis information, Minaya had a 5 man rotation to start the 06 season. You may not have liked it but he had 5 men set in place. However, quickly, the lesser Zambrano went down and the rookie starter Bannister went down forcing him to go to multiple starters. He did not start the year doing a patchwork. And since he started the year with a set rotatio he did not want to go that route.

  19. Delcos! What’s up man. This is ‘Bob (southington, ct)’ from your old sites. I’m sorry to admit, I’ve been hiding in Mets depression all winter, but I’m starting to get juiced for the new season. Man do we need Ollie aka Coin_Flip, give him 4 years, he’ll continue to mature with age (one can hope.) I’ve got to take time going through your recent posts, but what is your opinion on the Cora signing? He’ll definitely fill the Easley void IMO. I think we’re one starting pitcher short, one relief pitcher short (big boy Reyes?) and one bat short of a complete off season. Mets in 09.

  20. If anybody is interested, wallyboy has an article in newsday about how the Mets have the opportunity of a lifetime to sign Petitte. Back to Manny, Everybody says he is a terrible fielder. He could only do it in fenway because it was a short field. The games I saw him play for the Dodgers, he looked ok in left. No worse than the guys we had out there last year. I love Murphy, but I am tired of coming in 2nd place. Let Murph learn first base to take over for Delgado next year. How about a middle order of Beltran, Manny, Wright, Delgado? I know I am dreaming. This is the Mets after all.

  21. (23) Ray- Manny isn’t getting four years and he may very well be hard-pressed to get three years. If it does drop to the point where he can only get a two-year deal, I could see the Mets jumping in.

    At least I would hope they would, because if the Wilpons are really worried about this guy fracturing an already weird clubhouse dynamic, they’re nuts.

    Getting a starter and adding Manny Ramirez would easily make this team the class of the NL East and probably the entire NL.

    But like you, it’s more of a dream at this point, which is frustrating.

  22. mrmet, Yes it is very frustrating. Chiti is right, this team acts like a second rate team at times. Manny is out there, waiting to be had, and the mets say no way, he is a cancer, blah, blah, blah, You get this guy, the phils will crap thier pants. They should have gotten him long ago. When the redsox signed him they were the joke of baseball, 2 titles later, whos laughing now?

  23. And not only that! But Manny fills a desparate desparate need that this team has which is another power hitting righty. I find it riddiculous to believe that Omar can’t negotiate for both Manny and OP at the same time.

  24. What annoys me the most isn’t even that the Mets won’t get Manny. There are pros and cons to it.

    It’s the fact that they seem to not even be interested. That is just plain weird to me.

  25. Sadecki (25) I love you too bro!…..
    And you are so right the time for Manny was when he left Clevelend. Its also become quite obvious Minaya is not in charge of the team on the field. As much as didn’t like some of his signings, he cannot do as bad a job in baseball decisions as little Jeffy is going to do. And people may hate the Steinbrenner’s but at least when they butt in its to get the guy that’s perceived to be the best, not to prohibit it.

  26. (28) Harry….I agree with you 100%. Wasn’t Omar promised “full autonomy,” when it came to running the team? Didn’t he even ask twice about it? Well it certainly doesn’t look like the only autonomy OMar has is to ask permission from Fred and Jeff to speak to players.

  27. Of course, its true. Minayas hands are tied. Francesca tried to get an answer out of him about Manny and all he could say was “Im only in the market for pitchers right now” Wilpons should sell the team. Getting ripped off by Made off shows how smart they are. I am sick of the penny pinching already. I wish Doubleday was running the show. Hes the one who pushed for Piazza.

  28. About a year ago I posted that Santana would never be a Met so everybody should just get over it and talk about something else.
    Shows how little I know.

    So in honor of that post.
    Manny will never be A Met so everybody should just get over it and talk about something else.

    It can’t hurt to try again.

  29. Geez does it really irk me that the Mets haven’t gotten in on Manny yet. With the way the owners do things around here, if they got involved they’d probably offer him a one year 5 million dollar deal with incentives….AARGGH!!!!! Don’t they realize that this team even though they scored alot of runs last year still has offensive holes? I mean, they do see that, right? At this point there are 3 sure things…Reyes, Wright, and Beltran. There are ??? at all the other positions. Surely they know this, right? And I love Omar’s rationale with Castillo and turning the fans in his favor and comparing him to Delgado. Hey Omar…Delgado carried the team last year and hits home runs!!! The only carrying of a team Castillo can do is carry the bat bags. Hey all Met fans out there….get excited for Luis Castillo…he had 10 infield singles in a row…Yea!!!!! lol. Talk about pressure, how bout the pressure they are putting on Daniel Murphy NOT to be the next Mike Vail. I hope he can handle it.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest…I feel better now.

  30. (34): When “your” Cards blew that lead, I thought they were toast. But then I guess some teams can come from behind in the clutch. Not everybody is the September NY Mets!
    (35): You feel better. Delcos feels better after that big Fossom signing. Things are looking up all around.

  31. Chiti, I thought so too. The bandwagon is almost full. Better get on now while you still can.
    Steve 35- I feel your frustration. Do you remember several years ago, when the Sox said anybody can have manny, just pay his contract? No takers. The Mets didnt have room for him anyway, Timo Perez was out there.