Santana: WBC is Mets’ call.

SANTANA: WBC up in the air.

SANTANA: WBC up in the air.

Johan Santana plans to represent Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic, but said that won’t be his call.

“It will be a medical decision,’’ Santana said this morning in a conference call. “The team will need to approve it. … There are a lot of things here that the Mets want to protect, and if they don’t want me to play I will not play.’’

Santana had arthroscopic surgery in October to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee and has not begun his off-season throwing.

He will be examined next week in Port St. Lucie, and then could begin a long-toss throwing program.

“I want to play, but at this point I don’t really know what’s going to happen,’’ Santana said. “If everything is not right they will not let me go.’’

13 thoughts on “Santana: WBC is Mets’ call.

  1. I read this as Santana being transparent to some degree so that when he does not play, his countrymen willnot be upset with him and he can deflect any negative feedback to the Mets.

    “Don’t blame me … I wanted to play but they wouldn’t let me ….”

    And given the fact that he did have knee surgery, he should spend as much time resting it as possible …. afterall, Beltran had recovery issues when he had knee surgery in te past and — while I stil think Castillo is a lazy slug — his dual knee surgeries did require some rehab time.

  2. It’s such a touchy subject. Personally, I’m not into the WBC all that much. It may get that way eventually, but even the first installment didn’t do much for me.

    Unlike the Olympics, which I follow faithfully, this just doesn’t seem to have the same juice…at least here in the States.

    And because I don’t like it and am a fan of the Mets, I’d prefer to not see guys playing in it. Still, if they want to, you can’t stop them, unless you have a legit reason.

  3. “Unlike the Olympics, which I follow faithfully, this just doesn’t seem to have the same juice…at least here in the States”

    WOW…Because paper ego trip weight doesn’t get into the WBC it doesn’t have juice in the States!!! Congrats on being the most arrogant person around. If Keith Olberman were to be here you’d win the worst person in the world for the day!

  4. Harry…enough dude. The act is getting old and totally unnecessary. There are no reason for personal attacks. You have a lot of good insight that you bring to the board. Use it for good..not for evil!!!! lol

  5. (6) Steve- It’s all good, the game’s gotten old for me so I’m not even reading his posts.

  6. In case you missed it FMart was sent home because he can’t hit.

    He was playing in a winter league playoff and the team told him to go home.

  7. (8) Dave- LOL…saw that. He struggled in a whole 25 ABs for the team!! Those winter league’s are definitely not geared towards a player’s development, hence players like Luis Polonia still involved.

    Martinez actually had a great winter league season before he switched teams for the playoffs. Hit over .300 with about 20 extra base hits, including 5-6 homers, I think.

  8. (8) Dave: I saw that. But I wouldn’t put too much credence into it. The team that he played for was looking to get a veteran in there to play. Anyway, I just hope he can stay healthy this year in the minors so we can really see if he’s capable of being a star.

  9. mrmet0805 (8)/ Steve (9)

    Yeah. I know FMart had a very good winter league season. BA/power/etc.

    I want to see him have a whole year like that, then we can bring him up. This past year he struggled early then hit his stride.

    I want a whole year in the minors where he tears it up, not one or two months.

  10. (11) Dave- Totally agreed Dave. In my opinion, the kid has the goods. He has not had a breakout season at any level, but when you can hit .280 as an 18 and 19 y/o in AA when you’re facing guys up to five years older, you have talent.

    If he stays healthy, I think he’ll finally show what all the fuss is about.

  11. Ah, I keep hitting tab and enter!

    To finish my thought, the power is generally the last thing to come around for young players. Wright never showed much power in the minors either, but the projection was there.

    Hopefully Martinez follows suit…and his showing in the winter league was a good start.