Mets close to signing Cora

WEEI Radio in Boston reported Red Sox utility infielder Alex Cora is close to signing a one-year, $2 million deal with the Mets.

In 75 games, Cora, 33, hit .270 with a .371 OBP, while playing second base and shortstop. The .245 career hitter has also played left field, third base and first.

16 thoughts on “Mets close to signing Cora

  1. It doesn’t exactly pump my nads, but I guess it can’t hurt. Anyone is better than Argenis Reyes.

  2. Hahahaha. They need depth and Cora can play all around the infield, which is good. It also helps that he’s not 38 years old like most of the Mets backup IFs have been.

  3. I think it’s a decent move … I was a little surprised at the $2M price tag — I thought he could be had for $1.5M but if that’s what it took, then glad to have the “back-up” infielder off the list.

    Personally, I am still concerned about this team.

    Starting pitching after Santana is very suspect … and we still do not have the fifth member of the staff yet.

    Bullpen … drastically improved, but still need a LOOGY and another reliable arm (Sanchez?) ….

    Catching is alarming to me … Castro is always hurt, there is no identified back-up for him, and Schneider is mediocre — both offensively and defensively — at best.

    Outfield … I am not concerned about Church (maybe I should be) but I am concenred about the Tatis/Murphy platoon in LF ….

    Bench … this has to be the weakest bench I have seen Minaya assemble since he’s been here …. Andersen, Castro, Cora, Reed and Tatis/Murphy …. little or no power and just not a strong group.

  4. For those interested, here is my current tally on the 2009 Mets payroll … adds Cora, assumes salaries after arbitration for those eligible, includes Wahner/Schoenweis, pegs the last SP at $12M and adds ML minimum for Niese assuming he will see time in the big leagues in 2009. Salary oulled from various sources which seem to be accurate.

    Santana $20.000
    Pelfrey $1.650
    Maine $2.000
    #4 $12.000
    Redding $2.250
    #5A – Niese $0.400
    Rodriguez $8.500
    Putz $5.000
    Green $0.500
    Feliciano $1.700
    Stokes $0.750
    Sanchez $1.000
    LOOGY $0.750
    Wagner $10.500
    Schoenweis $1.600


    Schneider $4.900
    Castro $2.500


    Delgado $12.000
    Castillo $6.000
    Reyes $5.750
    Wright $7.500
    Cora $2.000


    Beltran $18.500
    Church $3.500
    Murphy $0.400
    Tatis $1.700
    Reed $0.500
    Andersen $1.150


  5. (4) Rok-The team definitely has questions…but which team doesn’t? Assuming they re-sign Perez or at the very least bring in Wolf, they are improved overall compared to last year.

    I think the rotation is a strength, not full of questions. Putting aside Santana, and again assuming they get Perez or Wolf, they have Maine, Pelfrey and Redding/Niese/someone else.

    I cannot worry about Pelfrey, who finally seemed to get things to “click” last year, just because his innings jumped. He’s a big guy, he has very solid mechanics and most of his problems in the past stemmed from control which put runners on base and then him being too fine with his pitches. He knows what he’s doing now.

    Maine has question marks, but when he’s healthy, he’s shown that he can be a very effective pitcher that averages about a k/ip. He’ll never be a workhorse, most likely, but if healthy, which I think he will be considering the procedure he had was to only shave off a bone spur, I’d expect him to give 185-200 innings.

    Remember, despite too many starts where he was at 100 pitches by the beginning of the 6th, Maine’s numbers were good last year until he started suffering the effects of the spur in July. Outside of his first two starts (when it stood at 4.50), Maine’s ERA was sub-4.00 the entire season until his final outing when he gave up eight runs in 5 innings.

    Redding is a back-end starter who could be decent with a good offense and much more solid defense behind him. Two things he didn’t have in Washington.

    The bullpen, in my mind, could use another LH but is largely set. The bench is certainly not strong, but I do think that having Tatis or Murphy on the bench increases it’s pop dramatically.

  6. MrMet (6) … at $135M — this team should be rock hard — but I do not see them that way. I think there are tons of questions, but for now, my view on the starting rotation is”

    Maine: was a drain on the bullpen when he was healthy … regardless of how minor the bone spur surgery was, I still believe he is a question mark until he gets on the mound and pitches … and even then, can he be more ecomincal and not kill the bullpen?

    Pelfrey: I loved the way he matured in 2008 … but again, will he regress? I say let’s see … to me, he is still somewhat of a question mark but I do have high expectations for him …. well, against every team not named Marlins.

    The unsigned unknown quantity: until I know who it is, it’s a qustion mark … if it is Perez, he is a question mark from start to start …. and anoth bullpen drainer … I am not nearly as high on Wolf as you are … really, isn’t he just mediocre?

    Redding: Steve Trachsel, Part 2. Frankly, I still think he will be the long man in the pen and that Pedro will be the #5 … if it is either Redding, or Pedro or even Niese as the #5 — I do not see any of them as legitimate, reliable starters over the course of a full season on a championship team …. so by default, I think the Mets starting staff has another big question.

    I am not happy with the way this staff is coming together — not if the expectation is to win a championship … too many lingering questions for me … and I haven’t even factored in any residual issues from Santana’s off-season knee surgery. I am in denial on that particular issue.

    And just for the record, I am not typically a glass-is-half-empty guy … but I don’t know how anyone could look at the staff as currentlt constructed and feel comfortable …

  7. I hope Cora is a good defensive player. It is nice that he is an all around IF.

    Don’t like the 240 avg. I guess this is good and hope this makes the bench better/more flexible.

  8. roksolidmets (5)

    Thanks for reposting.

    I want to see all these injured/comeback players show me that they are good again.

    Castillo is a major question as is most of the rotation.

    I think Pelf is confident which helps a lot.

    mrmet0805 on the other thread mentioned signing OP/Wolf and then going after Sheets. I think that makes our rotation better than last year. I don’t think Pedro is back.

    I would still like more help in OF and pen.

    We still need a right handed bat in the lineup.

  9. Dave (14) … agree with your post on all points … the one I agree with with reservation is Sheets … it has be published that he has a paritally torn labrum … that scares me …. also, when people (including me) think about Sheets, they see all the potential in what he could be but sadly, we are ignoring what he really is — an incrediblly talented pitcher who will never realize his full potential due to injury.

    But it doesn’t defer me from wanting to take a chance if thre price is reasonable.

  10. (11) Rok- If no one is biting on Sheets and the Mets can re-sign Perez or if they fall back to Wolf (who I’m not a big fan of, by the way), there is no reason not to take a chance on Sheets.

    You have Redding, Niese, Parnell, Figueroa, Knight and others as backup. However, if Sheets is healthy…that’s quite a rotation.

  11. MrMet (12) … I think we are saying the same thing … I would take a chance on Sheets if the price were reasonable (I just don;t know what reasonable is in this market) in addition to Perez or Wolf becasue I love his upside … I wuld just temper my expectations because of his injury hostory.

    As for your Redding, Niese, Parnell, Figueroa, Knight comment, I really do not agree beyond Redding — who is mediocre at best IMO — Niese and Parnell are not ready for the big time and Knight and Figueroa are flat out bad … if we need to rely on them for any significant number of starts in 2009 we are in big trouble — that would be Lima Time, Paret 2.

  12. (13) Rok- The way things are going, Sheets is probably “only” going to get a one-year deal for $8-$10mm with incentives that could kick the deal up to two years. The market and his injury history is just scaring the piss out of teams.

    To your second point, I was saying that they were good options, just that the Mets do have depth in terms of arms they could plug back there if need be. If the Mets sign Perez or Wolf but don’t bring anyone else of substance in, Redding will be the no. 5 guy anyway.

  13. I am worried about Sheet’s health also. I am sure they will look at him.

    But as everyone agrees an incentive laden contract with a low guarantee for this guy is great.

    If he doesn’t work out and we get OP we are good. If he does work out, he becomes the #2 on the team and we go postseason.

    So we have Santana,Sheets, OP,Pelf for the post season with Maine either at #5 or a quick hook replacement in case one of the above does not have it that night.

  14. Sheets, if he truly could be had for $8-$10mm and on a one-year guaranteed deal, is one of those times when the Mets really should take a risk instead of sitting back.

    He’s obviously not in Johan Santana’s class, but this guy wouldn’t be just a no. 2, he’d be a co-ace. And I think if the Mets do sign someone like Wolf or Perez, giving themselves a cushion of sort, it’s foolish to not try and get Sheets too.