A gift from Evan ….

New stadium looking good.

New stadium looking good.

Hey guys…

I went over to Shea/Citi Field today to take some pics and to my amazement I was invited into the Rotunda, which is pretty rare unless you’re media or a construction worker. I also took a bunch of pics of Shea, which basically looks like a war zone. The LF Upper Deck is no more….

Anyway, if you’re interested I upload a bunch at……enjoy



3 thoughts on “A gift from Evan ….

  1. Very nice pictures! The Rotunda does look very nice. But what? No pictures of the rust? lol

  2. It’s going to be a great, great ballpark. Sad to see Shea crumbling though, so many good memories there.

  3. Unlike others, I am not as sad to see Shea demolished as I am thrilled to see the new park. Great pictures …