22 thoughts on “Are you satisfied?

  1. And if this is in fact it, the grade would be a C-. Only that high because of the Putz/Rodriguez moves.

  2. Not at all. Grade C at this point with the chance to go to an A if he gets another stick for the OF , signs Lowe or Perez, and fixes up the lousy bench the Mets have.

  3. Omar gets an A+. He replaced poison in the clubhouse and a September save blower for K-Rod who is in his 20s and he got real players for Heilman, and anyone who can be a double digit winner in DC in ’08 (even though wins don’t mean crap except I don’t know why then everyone made a big deal of Glavine getting his 300th meaningless win in’07, which must have ome importance to Delcos since he gave us Redding’s w-l and ERA from last you and NO peripheral stats that mean the world……for a team with no O and no D and a CF who played on the warning track, and he actually didn’t give up the few good prospects we have, he’s the man…. He renewed Delgado right away instead of turning it into a mess. He decided he didn’t want great FAs so he didn’t go after them…. Take a long vacation Omar and don’t get the old guy for too long now. The Boras set up is on. Don’t do it man…
    How’s that all you guys who say I am the negative one.

  4. If he gets Wolf he goes to an A++ and I’m gonna go to Arizona to see Sadecki lead the wolf pack………

  5. Chiti, I will keep an extra mask just for you. Of course the Mets will be getting another pitcher, so I will reserve my opinion on Omar until he is finished. Rosenthal says Boras is hoping the Braves will take Lowe because the Mets seem to be the only market for Perez.
    That being said, How much do they bid for Ollie if Lowe is a Brave? He was asking for 5yrs 75M. Thats not happening.

  6. (6) Ray- He won’t get anything close to that. Once Lowe signs and maybe another starter or two, it will be interesting to see if a market does develop for Perez, because as of now, it hasn’t at all.

    I can’t see the Mets going any higher for Perez than their initial offer to Lowe: 3/36. And unless they decide to get taken advantage of which flies in the face of the way they have done business this offseason, I don’t think they’ll even top 3/33 and to start, would probably offer him 2/20.

  7. (6) Sadecki: I could care less what anyobdy gets. I want a freakin playoff… If the team in the biggest city in the US, with a new park and its own moneymaking TV network and a 20 mil per year naming right rip off fills its roster to save a buck, rahter than building a team to win then the owner should be given a team in a small market and let someone run the team who knows he’s in a big market.

  8. B+ to A-. He played the K Rod game perfectly but why couldn’t he have gotten Saito, Penny and Smoltz for chump change (baseball version) like the Red Sox did? Of course he could have been stupid and listen to certain people yelling “break up the caw” but Omar said no. I also wonder if he thinks that Church will automatically return to what he was pre-concussion. Perhaps he is waiting for
    the price of Abreu and others to drop.
    Is Rickey Henderson’s card playing buddy Bobby Bonilla going to be at Cooperstown for the Ceremony? Congrats to Henderson for getting in and also to Jim Rice who didn’t drive in a run in 1986 World Series and in game 6 didn’t score in the first on a double and got thrown out at the plate in the 7th. You helped as almost as much as Buckner, Gedman, McNamara and Schlardi.

  9. John: Do you have a HOF vote? Do you think all voters should reveal who they vote for? I seen some posts about how terrible 28 voters were for not naming Henderson. I would have voted for him but the guy did have baggage, getting run off the Mets for not hustling a double into a single. There was also some two month lingering “hammy” issue a decade earlier with the Yankees around 1987. I still remember Mike Francesa pleading with whatever Yankee GM who had to trade him in 1989 that he could have gotten more than Cadaret, Plunk and Polonia. Those poor suffering Yankee fans..always held up by teams like the A’s.

  10. You know what they say when you assume.

    Well if you don’t there is a great Odd Couple episode you need to watch.

    If this is the team that goes to spring training then Omar gets an F.

    This team would be lucky to when 80 games as it is now constructed.

    I do reserve the right to change the grade when Omar gets back to finishing the Mets off season makeover.

  11. I am happy wih what he has done so far, but believe he has much more to do.

    1. Need a legitimate 4th starter
    2. Need a LOOGY to compliment Feliciano and maybe even another arm
    3. Need an infield platoon/backup player to spell Reyes and Cast…. (sorry, I just cannot say it)
    4. Could use an offensive upgrade — maybe LF? as I am not sold on the Tatis/Murphy platoon
    5. A real second-baseman would be icing on the cake for me.

    So, condiering I still think all these moves are still necessary, I would grade Omar on what he has done so far as “INCOMPLETE” and if this is basically the team he enters the 2009 season with, I would grade it a “C”

  12. The Mets need to get a better pitcher than Redding. They need a right handed bat. More/better/younger bench players.

    They need people on the bench that can legitimately challenge a slumping starter for playing time. They need an IF who can spell the left side of the infield.

    I want a legit platoon type OF who can play the corners. I don’t want an old 3rd baseman who had been out of baseball for 2 years to be the guy I rely on with a Rookie who had a good few months.

    I expected Tatis to be resigned, but they have to assume he may be down in the minors when May rolls around.

    That and the questions regarding Church’s health require a platoon type OF with a decent glove to be on the team. Anderson should be somewhere else this season.

    I am also not sold on the pen. The backend is set barring injuries but what about the 6th and 7th inning?

    In addition to another starter, they should also add a flyer with major league experience but questions. Ben Sheets comes to mind or some other high risk/high reward guy that can bump Redding to the pen.

    At this point since Lowe still wants 15/18 a year we should move on and sign OP to a 2/3 year deal for less than they offered Lowe. If Boras plays games go out and tag Wolf for less than that and then go get a damaged goods guy like Sheets or some other pitcher with questions.

  13. I just created a spreadsheet of the Mets 2009 salaries — included what’s owed Wagner and Schoenweis, allowed for raises for all the arbitration elibible players, -assumed salaries for open spots like LOOGY, #4 starter, backup INF, etc. and even have Niese added in at the MLB minimum expecting him to see some time …. with all that, I come up with $132.5M …. LESS than last year’s $138.7M …. I do find this amazing given the record attendance from last year, new stadium, etc.

    What concerns me is that we are not capitalizing on our major investments — Beltran is another nyear older, Delgado is near done, Putz may only be here for another year …. the Mets are doing just enough to contend but not enough to push themselves over the top …. that really concerns me as a Met fan …. how they could not be wiling to push this payroll to over $150M is beyond me.

    Santana $20.00
    Pelfrey $1.65
    Maine $2.00
    #4 $10.00
    Redding $2.25
    #5A – Niese $0.40
    Rodriguez $8.50
    Putz $5.00
    Green $0.50
    Feliciano $1.70
    Stokes $0.75
    Sanchez $1.00
    LOOGY $0.75
    Wagner $10.50
    Schoenweis $1.60

    Schneider $4.90
    Castro $2.50

    Delgado $12.00
    Castillo $6.00
    Reyes $5.75
    Wright $7.50
    Platoon $1.50

    Beltran $18.50
    Church $3.50
    Murphy $0.40
    Tatis $1.70
    Reed $0.50
    Andersen $1.15


  14. Nice list.

    Each of the categories needs an upgrade.

    Law of averages says the OF needs help. Anderson is not a player. He can get hot with the bat, but is terrible at any position the place him in. The other back up OF are disappointing. They need a legit backup and what you have listed sucks.

    IF hopefully by next year $18 mil comes off with Delgado gone and Castillo purged. It may be Murphy in one of those two spots with FMart in RF.

    The pitchers need an upgrade with best bet OP in the 3/4 spot and hopefully some other yet to be determined 6/7 pitcher. Niese will be up after the minors is done.

    As you show there is still a lot of work to be done.

    As you point out Beltran is not getting any younger and we need to start thinking about a replacement in CF.

  15. By the way, last year I said we needed more/better OF and we still have the same problem this year.

  16. I think the pen will be alright. Bullpen’s are so fickle anyway, outside of the usual givens. They could definitely use another LH to compliment Feliciano, but I think the 6th/7th innings are set. If Niese pitches lights out and forces the Mets to bring him up to start, Redding slides to the long man and then you still have Parnell, Stokes and Sanchez for the 6th/7th.

    Sanchez is a guy who bears watching. He’s not almost 2 years removed from his last surgery, so if he’s going to bounce back, this would be the time. If he’s got some good life on his fastball come late March, the Mets bullpen will be that much better. I don’t expect him to do what he did in ’06, but I think he can have a decent season, particularly if he’s not the primary set up man.

    The bench definitely needs another IF, one that can spell Wright, Reyes and Castillo, assuming he’s with the team. Eckstein or Alex Cora might be ok options, particularly if Castillo continues to struggle, you can platoon or have one of these guys take playing time away.

    I’m with you on the OF, Dave. I like Tatis as a power bat off the bench and spot starter and I like what I’ve seen of Murphy. His approach at the plate and compact swing leads me to believe he’s more the real thing than not, but you cannot expect that duo to produce at the rate they did last season…and if the Mets truly believe that, it is the biggest mistake they are making in the offseason.

    I’m not too keen on any of the guys on the FA market, save Manny, but look at what Pat Burrell got…a 2/16 deal. They need to at least explore some of this boppers out there because the price tag is so low. Despite his antics, I think it’s foolish if the Mets also don’t take a hard look for Ramirez.

    I wouldn’t sign the guy to a three-year deal, but if they give him a two-year pact with an option for a third, this team goes from a strong contender to the team to beat in the NL.

  17. dave (16): Just a question about the starrters and $$. Do you think the Mets will win with any of the guys you mentioned? If so, shouldn’t they just sign any for the best deal, presumably Wolf because he seems to be asking for less. If you think only Lowe puts the Mets over the top then why would you want them to consider the other two at all. If you can’t win, you might as well give the kids OJT training……

  18. Harry,

    I think that no team is the Yankees. The go spend 1/2 Billion dollars then go to the city and ask for $300 million to build their stadium.


    My point is the Yanks having passed on CC would do as you suggest and get the next best player they think is out there regardless of cost. In this case Lowe.

    My point all along has been the Mets – according to the press and our friend John here – evaluate the pitchers after CC as Lowe, OP, Wolf in that order; in terms of quality and value.

    It seems Lowe is in Atl and so we now turn our sights to Ollie at 3/30. If Boras is his usual self maybe we get Wolf for a bit less. We have a rich payroll and like many teams in the past, you can go spend money and watch the post season at the local bar. Look at Detroit. Didn’t they go get a pitcher and 3B to put them over the top?

    Where did that get them? My point is that you can’t just throw money around cause you have it. There is some separation of the 3. OP has the best arm but is an enigma, Lowe is the most consistent and Wolf is perhaps the best value.

    If Boras plays his usual games, I say put him on notice and go after Wolf. Bluff him. But mean it. In other words if you are stuck on OP he has you. Name your price and draw your line. If he runs around walk away and pick up the next girl in line.

    I say take a look at Sheets or some other question mark. Perhaps the chance to play for a contender with a contract that will pay them enough for a non guarateed rotation spot will let luck roll our way and get a good pitcher for cheap.

    Either way, we are the driver not them.