Putz to play for Team USA

Reliever J.J. Putz will join David Wright on Team USA during the World Baseball Classic this spring.

Also representing the Mets this spring will be: outfielder Carlos Beltran, first baseman Carlos Delgado and reliever Pedro Feliciano (Puerto Rico); closer Francisco Rodriguez and pitcher  Johan Santana (Venezuela) and shortstop Jose Reyes (Dominican Republic).

16 thoughts on “Putz to play for Team USA

  1. I hadn’t heard that Reyes, Rodriguez or Santana were playing. I heard they wanted to, but none have officially been invited yet.

    And the Mets are still debating about whether to let Santana, right?

  2. Santana on last night’s Mets Hot Stove Report pretty much said that he wants to, but if the team and the doctors don’t think it’s a good idea, he won’t do it. And I hate the fact even more that Putz is going to participate.

  3. So, do all the WBC players need official invitations and permission from their teams to participate? What’s the criteria?

  4. I think some are pretty much foregone conclusions, but they also have to be asked, as far as I know.

  5. (3)Annie: I think the Mets would be crazy to let either Santana or Putz participate coming off injury

  6. I don’t like any of them going, particularly pitchers, but in Putz’s case, he was supposedly fine the 2nd half of last year when his numbers were pretty much lights out.

    However, there is no way the Mets should let Santana pitch.

  7. (6) says “I don’t like any of them going…” Of course you’re against people representing their country. Its an honor to represent your country in any manner, whether it be sport or as a soldier or a diplomat etc. Try it… I’m proud of all of them…. From every country.


  8. They should stay home, but we had this discussion some weeks ago.

    Not to jinx anyone here, but if one of the key guys gets hurt over there will we be monday morning quarterbacking?

    On that note, Go Jints.

  9. (8): Monday morning QBing… only if Manning looks like Favre Sunday. As for ballplayers, remember the All-tar game when Rose went crashing into some catcher and baically ruined his Career, , or how about maybe Minaya should ban taxi rides , just ask Glavine, and Sanchez, or how about Roberto Clemente, maybe Omar should ban being a good samaritan because you might die in a plane crash, well that’s the best one so I better say have a good weekend….. Don’t dig out of the snow too quick.

    PS: Now I’m glad we got Putz since he showed he cared for more than himself.

  10. When paper head has been hown to have little knowledge of talent, when paper head has been shown to be un-patriotic, when paper head has been shown to mis use stats, he attempts humor and he fails at that also. Strike 4, Tom Seaver is right.

  11. Damn, what IS that?

    I could have sworn it was quiet in here for awhile, and that we were promised (blessed) that it would be quiet for the weekend.

  12. Obviously you are of very limited intelligence paper face. I wihed a nice peron a good weekend. I love to taunt you because you are ignorant, and anti-American. I see you can’t even repond with your alway incorrect baseball blurbs because you cannopt defend any of themwhioch proves your knowledge level to be see low But why do you hate your own country? That is very sad.