Mets playing the game; make offer to Redding



While the Mets posture for Derek Lowe and/or Oliver Perez for their fourth starter, they have made an offer to the Washington Nationals’ Tim Redding.

GM Omar Minaya has always believed in the numbers philosophy; that a team can’t have too much pitching: “We’d like to have six, seven starters in camp.”

Redding is 30, and was 10-11 with a 4.95 ERA in 33 starts for the Nationals this past season. Around .500 is the norm for a fifth starter, and the assumption has to be it would improve with the Mets’ offense and bullpen superior to that of the Nationals.

This doesn’t mean the Mets still aren’t interested in Lowe/Perez, but it’s a sign they don’t want to get caught short.

14 thoughts on “Mets playing the game; make offer to Redding

  1. Better safe than sorry. But I hope this isn’t a guaranteed deal type of offer. Tim Redding should not be guaranteed anything if he’s on this team in spring training.

  2. Oh, absolutely. But isn’t Redding asking for something like a 2-year deal? I could see the Mets signing him to a one-year contract, but I doubt he’s going to want a deal where he could either be sent to the minors or cut in ST.

  3. mrmet0805 (3): Not sure of the specifics of what Redding is asking, but two years is not out of line. They’ll need arms next spring, too.-JD

  4. (4) True and I don’t have a problem with that. But if the Mets are bringing in Redding and say Pedro to compete with Niese, do you really see the club “letting” Tim Redding beat out Pedro?

    That’s where the biggest problem with bringing Pedro back trips me up. No way the Mets dump him, even if he’s pitching badly, unless it’s bad as in Jose Lima-bad. Even then, I’m not so sure.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Pedro back, but if he “wins” the job and struggles, no way Omar just lets him go unless Pedro decided to hang it up himself.

    I don’t like the idea of just giving in to him because he’s Pedro.

  5. In todays post, Pedro says Mets are “far and away” his preference. If Mets sign Redding for the fifth spot, I dont see them trusting Pedro for the 4th spot. Thats too bad, I feel he has enough movement to still get batters out. Maybe Redding could be a spot starter/long man ala Ray Sadecki.

  6. This is a good thing.

    He can be #5 or long man. I think this puts the nail in Pedro. He is not a 4 and if they sign him then he is 5 with a long man at 2.25? Perhaps if they have cash to burn.

    But I agree the more arms ( quality pls ) the better.

  7. Even if they cut Redding late in ST, they’d only need to pay 1/3 of his salary, I believe.

    It still wouldn’t surprise me to see Pedro signed to a deal. I honestly wouldn’t mind it one bit if he’s the no. 5 guy (assuming they sign a Lowe or Perez to bolster the rest of the rotation), I just don’t trust the Mets when it comes to preferential treatment.

    IOW, seeing Pedro do what he did last year and the Mets just running him out there despite bad numbers.

  8. Delcos: Around .500 is the norm for a 5th starter. Another lead indicator that Derek Lowe is a joke. 26-25 the last 2 years. And people want to pay the aging .500 pitcher 12-14 million a year to be mediocre. Got to give Minaya credit. Redding survived a horrible team to be as good as Lowe. Good deal for a change Omar. And if you want to blast his ERA first explain why Nat fielding is not the cause of at least 1 or 1.5 Earned runs a games.
    The only thing Redding did wrong was not make Boras his agent.

  9. Nevermind that wins are far and away the most useless and subjective stat for pitchers, but hey, don’t let that stop you from thinking that.

  10. (11) Correct: Wins and losses don’t mean anything. Now its obvious why you think the September chokes are irrelevant. When you leave your fake world of fantasy baseball come back. We must be the chanpions of the world, because we didn’t win the most games…. Wow… I can’t wait to see the standings showing the Detroit Lions as the Super Bowl champs… Go Knicks NBA champs of 2007 2008 etc. Man paper mache the weight has really blown whatever grey matters you had at birth.

    As for being subjective…. 14 wins is subjective?? You mean it might be 6 wins??? Take the head off…. I guess we’ll take Anthony Young out of the record book becuase he really didn’t lose all those games.. He won 8 or 10 during his streak!!!!! Wow…. You are pure genius…. Have fun with your fantasies….

  11. Can someone, anyone, please explain how pointless a w/l stat is to determine a pitcher’s worth.

    I mean, I cannot believe that this guy either doesn’t get what I’m saying, which is possible because he’s not bright, or is actually cherry-picking and interpreting things I say to fit his own warped mind.

    I know I’m playing his game, but it’s so fun to at least let everyone else on here how much I can just beat him into the ground.

  12. paper head: 1… Since you are God I concede. Wins are irrrelevant.
    By the way since I turned off the WS (because I thought wins mattered) last year, did the Mets win it? Did they win in 07 as well? Did AY win the Cy Young as well……Man , I be glad I know better now. Bring back Isiah…. He did the winning don’t matter stuff better than anyone in NY.