Mets talking with Boras ….

BORAS: Talks with Mets.

BORAS: Talks with Mets.

Scott Boras was in town the other day. Had a tour of Citi Field. Spoke with the Mets about Derek Lowe and Oliver Perez. Manny Ramirez, it appears, was not one of the topics. Meanwhile, reports out of Boston and Atlanta have the Braves making a push for Lowe.

The mystery team?

Perhaps. Of course, I would have given the no-trade to Jake Peavy if I were the Braves. The Mets were never in the talks with San Diego about Peavy.

If the Mets to get Lowe, I think they’ll have to give up more money per year than give the extra years. That’s the way to go. Besides, they can also make up extra years by adding options.

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  1. And, while we wait, we can sing Happy Birthday to the King – Elvis Presley of course, and also wonder why and how Eric Mangini got snapped up so quickly by the Cleveland Browns.

  2. (2) Happy Birthday Elvis.

    And I’m focused solely on my Giants this weekend. Not that “other” team 😉

  3. So now Smoltz is going to Boston. Maybe the Braves are serious. Would you rather they kept Smoltzie or sign Lowe?

  4. Annie
    As A Jet fan I find the whole Mangini thing so bizzare.
    Of course this is just a regular day in the life of A Jet fan.

    A big Happy Birthday to the King.
    If any one finds a good youtube clip please post it.

  5. Who really cares….is Lowe really that great? I am so sick & tired of the “Boras Act.” Let Lowe go to the Braves, because frankly that will not make or break ATL. I say offer Lowe 3/$39 and give him 48 hrs. After that, move on to Perez and give him 3/$36 and 48 hrs. If they both reject, move onto Wolf, Garland, Martinez, Redding (in tht order and 2 of that pack).

  6. Chili, (6) Agree- to answer my own question: I am glad to see Smoltz go. Lowe is a downgrade for sure (If Smoltz is healthy) Lowe is a good number 2. Not an ace.

  7. Apparently the Braves have jumped into the fray now, meeting with Boras and Lowe today.

    The plot thickens.

    The Mets cannot get wrapped up in this game, though. First, if Lowe is truly their first choice, as they claim, they’d probably do enough to get him to NY without breaking the bank. The Braves may have serious interest, but unless Lowe prefers Atlanta to NY and takes less money, I have a hard time believing that the Braves will go higher than a final Mets offer.

    Then again, maybe when it comes down to it, the front office doesn’t think the discrepancy between Lowe and Perez is all that different for what the money ends up being, so they just wave goodbye to Lowe and jump back in for Perez.

    Should be interesting.

  8. Picture this. Lowe signs with Atlanta, leaving Ollie as the best pitcher left. (Wolf, Garland are not in the same class as Ollie. Not even close. Look at all their stats, including peripherals.)

    That leaves open the possibility that Boras does one of two things:

    1. Ollie signs a 1 yr deal, for say $13 million, allowing him to be a FA next year, when the market is thinner.

    2. Ollie gets close to/more than Lowe, since he is the best pitcher left on the market. Think 4 years minimum, say $13-$14 per.

    Boras is smart. He’s playing everyone.

    If it were up to me, I’d sign Lowe AND Ollie. That 1-5 would be enough to take on anyone. Add the revamped pen to it, and a special year could happen.

    Oh, and then sign Manny for 2 years at $24 per.

  9. I think it’s pretty certain that Lowe will sign with the Braves, given the Smoltz news and them not signing Burnett. It makes sense now for the Braves to overpay for Lowe to help placate their fans. It also wouldn’t shock me if Ollie went to Atlanta too in the package deal I had suggested the Mets do at one point.

  10. (13) I still think there’s a greater chance Lowe signs with NY, but the odds are lesser. But Lowe and Perez to ATL is not happening.

    They cannot afford that and Boras isn’t going to make one cheaper to bring them both in. I still don’t think the Braves will ultimately ante up enough to get Lowe either, unless the Mets are steadfast in saying they won’t go above X amount.

    The Braves can’t outbid the Mets, if NY wants Lowe as much as they say they do. If Atlanta gets him, it’s simply because the Mets don’t want to go to 4 guaranteed years.

  11. And just in case no one noticed, Atlanta is NOT currently located in the Northeast. lol

  12. In fact for the geographically challenged MLB had Atlanta in the NL West prior to going to 3 divisions.

  13. (11 -16)

    It is a rumor most likely floated by Boras about Atlanta. Perhaps they are interested. How much did they offer? No?

    If OP is really our second choice why would we sign him for more than we are willing to sign the guy we want?

  14. It is truly amazing that in a year when CC was a FA that the Mets wouldn’t even talk to and a year after getting Santana, the fan base has been brainwashed about a slightly better than average pitcher, who is ready to slide down the ladder of ability any piutch now. Really, who cares if they sign him? He’ another bad Minaya contract waiting to happen. One good year and how many on and off the DL or maybe a Glavine getting bombed every other timne.
    Please Atlanta save our GM from another horrible sign and make your own mistake. After all you all did so well with those old guy last year. Do it again, pleae.

  15. I just read that Sheets has the 4th lowest k to BB ration in the history of the game. Too bad the Mets have too much uncertainty to take a chance on big Ben.

  16. I would sign Sheets for the fifth slot.

    But yes, if we had some arms ready to help and we trusted the first 3 guys he would be a great signing.

  17. ChiliGTC (18) I don’t care that OP is 27.

    What I care about is that he make progress from year to year or month to month.

    We all know he is young. We all know he has a great arm and can throw heat. We also know he is a 500 pitcher who has big games and others that say he should be in the minors.

    We also know his agent is asking $15 a year. I say he is worth 8-10 on a 2 yr contract with an option on year 3.

  18. (20) Sadecki: Peter Abraham wrote that MRIs for heets how a very damaged arm. He’ll get a low guarantee with incentives eventually.

  19. Dave…The Atlanta rumor is not Borass manufactured. They actually met with him yesterday. Plus Chipper called Lowe directly to sell him on the Braves. I think the Braves are going to get him as they need to save some face with their fans.

  20. Steve(24)

    That’s fine. I would like Lowe and think he is better for us than Ollie, but I would be fine with Ollie and Wolf also.

    It is just that Ollie is not as valuable as Lowe IMO because of consistancy.

  21. (24) Steve- It all depends on how badly the Mets want him or where he wants to go more. From what I’ve heard/read, the Braves will not go to four years, like the Mets.

    If that’s the case, the Mets would probably outbid the Braves financially. And I don’t know of any Boras client who has taken less to sign somewhere.

    Not saying it’s the right or wrong way to go about it, but if the Mets want him bad enough, the Braves won’t outbid them.

    If he does go there…sign Oliver Perez and Sheets for the back end.