Just asking: Anybody interested in Pettitte?

Ten million is an insult to Andy Pettitte, but eventually I can see him and the Yankees kissing and making up. The Dodgers and Joe Torre are interested. But, how about the Mets? Nothing indicates they are, but would you take Pettitte for a year, if for no other reason than to tweak the Yankees?

At this stage, Pettitte is nothing more than a fourth or fifth starter, which is what the Mets are looking for.

Is he worth a shot?

47 thoughts on “Just asking: Anybody interested in Pettitte?

  1. No way Pettitte will risk being ostrasized from Yankeeland by sign a 1 or 2 year deal with the Mets….not happening JD!

  2. If 10 million is an insult to Andy Pettitte, a washed up pitcher and steroid user, then he can go see all the people who lost their job and didn’t make 16 mil per before hand and whine to them as they lose their houses.

  3. Sign a rivals lefty star pitcher when he is over the hill. This would be deja vu all over again.
    Petite is Glavine but not as good.

  4. I don’t think we need to travel down that road unless it becomes absolutely necessary. (missing out on Lowe and Perez)

  5. I think he will end up in L A. I love the idea of one year contracts though. It will be interesting to see how healthy Pavano can stay this year. American Idle no more.

  6. I would consider it.

    He has his moments. A one year deal is doable. It gives the young guys time to mature.

    Not that he is great, but he has had stretches recently where he is effective.

  7. I think he can come back after an awful second half. But I don’t want a juicer on this team. Let him stay in The Bronx or hang out with his buddy Roger Clemens.

  8. Scott from Pelham (3) Good compare.
    Sadecki (5). One year contracts are good for old dudes but if everyone had them could you imagine the bidding each Winter on guys like Wright. Tix would cost 100 bucks for the top of the park.

  9. One year, I would consider it, particularly because it would be as someone filling out the back-end. I don’t particularly agree with the Glavine comparisons because Glavine came here to be the no. 1 guy and was, save 2005 when Pedro was actually Pedro.

    Pettitte would be the 4th or 5th starter. But I don’t like the HGH aspect one bit.

    If the Mets were to do it, it should ***ONLY*** if they were to get another one of their top choices first. He cannot be that “top choice”.

  10. (10) Dave- Flores is supposed to be a stud. He was playing at 16 (!!!!!) last year in rookie-level Kingsport and had 24 extra-base hits in only 259 ABs and 59 games, eight of them homers.

    Now, whether he progresses is another thing, but to put up those types of numbers at that level when he should be a sophomore in high school is close to amazing.

  11. tired of getting everyone else’s leftovers. The glavine compare is spot on. He’ll come here think its a walk in the park and realize it isnt and melt down and complain.
    we need young stuff.

  12. (12) Steve- Totally agree about other team’s “leftovers” but in this case, or in my fantasy world, he would be the final piece in the rotation AFTER signing a Lowe or Perez.

    That’s why I don’t think it would be all that bad.

    A rotation of:


    …is pretty good. Plus you’ve got Niese waiting for the inevitable injury. I’m not saying that if other options like Wolf on the cheap or something like that pops up you still do it, but this isn’t like a Tom Glavine signing at all.

  13. A friend showed me this link to Mark Cuban’s blog.
    He talks about his experience in trying to buy the Cubs.
    If you have the time please read.
    The most interesting part is about halfway in about trying to finance the deal and how little the Braves were worth after the market crash.

    Let me know what you think.


  14. bighead (17) got you again…. You said you’d only respond to baseball
    stuff…. Just teasing….

  15. Thanks Chiti, you made me laugh today(18). poor mr.met. Tom Seavers favorite mascot.
    Shermans blog on the post says Yankees will offer Petitte less than $10 M now. Seems they are having some buyers remorse on some of the big contracts they took on. Once again they lead the league in 1b/dh types and are trying to save on pitching.

  16. I find it pretty weird that we haven’t seen a rumor or a peep out of the Minaya/Boras meeting today. I wonder if they are into actual negotiations?

  17. Sadecki (19): Maybe it is Seaver… Who would ever have thought.

    As much as I was opposed to Lowe I’d take him for too many years over a snake like Pettitte. I don’t know if the Yanks have remorse or they just are sick of him and his dwindling skills. Being insulted over 10 mil a year after you tricked them into a deal right before your drug use was made public should be more than enough to tell him to come to Pittsburgh for 1 mil at most. Minaya stay clear!

  18. Harry
    Niese if given the opportunity would by August be a better pitcher than Pettitte.

    Pettitte is done he should retire.
    If some team actually wanted to give him a 3 year deal he should have taken it.

  19. John, are the Mets still paying Willie’s contract? If so, why, I thought he got a job with Milwaukee.

  20. Chiti, I was being facietious. Seaver hates Mr. Met. When he was announcing Met games the other broadcasters used to tease him about it when the mascot on camera. Metsblog says meeting with Boras went well and Lowe could be had for 3yrs @ 14 per with a 4th yr option.

  21. Scott from Pelham (23)… Even if Niese couldn’t reach that level, I’d rather have him growing than Pettitte shrinking for the Mets.
    Sadecki (25) Oh well…. As for Lowe, my support is unequivocal only if its him or Pettitte. 3-4 years I’m sure we’d watch the saga of waning ability one more time.

  22. Since there are many people who would love to have manny and the mgmt does not seem to want to deal with the $$ or headache.

    What about Abreu? He will come cheaper, seems to be a decent bat. I do not watch the bronx so do not know what kind of player he is, but he hits better than 250 which is what the other OF’s John has floated do not do.

  23. I have a question here.

    We have different thoughts.

    1. We want to win now.

    2. We want to give the kids a chance.

    Where do we draw the line? How many spots do we have for learning? When does the learning get in the way of winning? We have lost by a few games each year. Every game counts..

  24. dave (27): Living in PA, the rap on Abreu, which from the games I saw of him were valid was that he was afraid of the wall. The plus is that he wouldn’t get a concussion, the minus is a very bad outfielder.
    dave (28); Wow what a question. My opinion is there is no set #. If you have kids like Dustin Pedroia or David wRight coming up, there should be no holding them back. Look what Murphy did. Not even a high prospect and put out of position he did really well In my mind if the choice is a real prospect on the verge or an aging guy with deteriorating talent, give me the kid. If the choice is a bunch of kids or a young star like Santana I get the star.
    I hope
    Delcos makes a seperate column on this one.

  25. Dave (28) I think there is a difference between putting your faith in 3 unproven starters in your rotation, which both NY teams were burned on in different years, and keeping one spot open in the OF for a young player who opened a lot of eyes last year. Also, FMart could be ready soon. Why sign an abreau to clog up that position for 3 yrs.? Young players give a team energy. Shane Victorino is a good example.

  26. In my opinion, the Mets could mask a deficient hitter a lot more than they could a deficient pitcher.

    Those that don’t want Pettitte all have valid reasoning for it. I’m not completely high on it myself, but to say the guy is “done” and that Niese would be a better pitcher by August doesn’t make much sense.

    Niese has talent…we all saw it in that game against Atlanta in September. But he’s also a kid and we saw what happened with Pelfrey when he was thrust into the rotation when he wasn’t ready.

    It doesn’t have to be Pettitte at all, but Niese should start the season in AAA. There will be a spot open at some point and if there isn’t, that’s good for the Mets and Niese, who could get a full year of AAA under his belt.

  27. I agree young players give off energy. However older players give perseverance and equanimity.

    For example, Pelf, Wright and others have said that watching the likes of Delgado/Glavine/Pedro have helped them deal with obstacles.

    The energy of players like Reyes/Murphy/Ollie etc gives the team a lift.

    I think you need both. Kinda like Tai Chi, you need the male and the female, you need the light and the dark. It is never completely black and never completely white. You may want or need to be mostly aggressive sometimes and others you need to be mostly passive or receptive.

    You need balance. You need both.

  28. (28) Dave- I think Murphy deserves a chance. It’s always better to infuse youth and exuberance rather than play the game the Yankees do.

    That being said, you also have to be smart about it and in this market, it’s better to keep your eyes and ears wide open.

    It won’t come to this with him, but if Manny Ramirez somehow fell to the point where he could be had for a year or two, that type of hitter could very well put the team over the top.

    I’m not for anything longer, but you have to figure that Manny on a 1-2 year deal would be on his better behavior.

  29. Harry,

    Thanks for adding some color to Abreu.

    I agree, John should make this a topic. We can argue all offseason on this one.


    I agree. I think pitchers are front and center. Every pitch counts. If a starter blows up there are severe consequences. It is easier in the pen where you can just trot out the next guy and hope for the best or for a position player. If you have a weak glove in the OF, how many times are they going to hit to him in one inning?

    Regarding FMart. I think he still needs time. He may be up this year or next or even the one after that. I think he needs time. I want to see him tear up the minors first. He is not a great glove and his power has not exploded. If he had a great glove you can just put him out there and he would contribute, at least late in the game. I want him to at least put in one great year in the minors before coming up.

  30. mrmet0805 (31)
    Here is why I said Pettitte is done.
    For most of his career he has been a better 2nd half pitcher. In 2008 he was not.
    In fact he had a 5.35 ERA in the 2nd half of 2008. Pettitte will be 37 this April.
    Logic would say he is done or very close to the end. Even if Pettitte had one more ok year left. The best way to run a baseball team is by the cliche ” Better a year too early than a year too late ”
    Niese has way more upside than Pettitte.
    Wolf and Ollie also have more upside.
    Signing Pettitte is what a 2nd division team would do. Not a team that wants to got to the World Series.

  31. Scott,
    In defense of Petitte, according to shermans blog, he pitched the second half with a bad shoulder. That may explain why he got pissed when the bankees went to cut his salary. From his standpoint, he pitched hurt to help his team and now they are using that against him. Dont you love corporate America?

    Dave 35 To your point on Fmart, yes he may need another year, or he may be ready mid summer. point is not to block his position for 3 yrs with a veteran on his way down. As for balance, there are plenty of vets on the team now. Thank God, not as many as in past years.

  32. bighead (31). Comparing one player to another is an activity with no merit or basis. Why compare Niese to Pelfrey. Why not compare Niese to Gooden? You don’t have a clue , just as the rest of have no clue as to when or if ever a playter is ready.
    bighead (33)… The game the Yankees played is what you advocate. They played the youth game way back lets see all the way back in 2008, and it kept them out so they went a new direction. They alo went the youth route in the n90’s and oh my it got them some WS rings, something our pathetic org hasn’t done in over 20 years.

    (37) Sadecki: Why do you believe Pettitte? All steroid users have a book from their agent on here’s my excuse. Pettitte also has one for crappy pitching I guess. I agree 100% about Martinez. There needs to place for him whenever deemed ready.
    (36) Pelham: Agree about older players. You trade/dump them at their peak. Omar seems to fall victim to being on the receiving side of older players. This fan base better hope Delgado’s time to go wasn’t this Winter. Not even making an attempt at a guy like Texeira, young and good, might be a haunting non-move for a long time.

  33. (38) The “game the Yankees play” is NOT what I advocate.

    Signing a guy to a one-year deal is not what the Yankees have done. The Mets have some promising youngsters in the minors and two, not one, two young cornerstone players they can continue to build around.

    Add in an in-your-prime Beltran as well as John Santana, two young starters who have succeeded in the bigs in Maine/Pelfrey. And a closer who is still only 26.

    You have to have veterans to fill out a team. The Yankees of the mid-90s-’00 had Paul O’Neill, Scott Brosius, Jimmy Key, etc.

    My argument isn’t that the Mets should sign Pettitte, my argument is for those that think he is completely done and about signing an older player.

    I’d prefer they get Lowe or Perez (or both) and then sign Wolf or Redding to round out the back end. The Mets have learned the last two years that every single game counts. Unless they race out so far ahead like they did in ’06, they can’t afford to let Niese have typical rookie games, which he will.

    Let him start in AAA and bring him up when there is a need.

  34. Harry
    I have to believe that Delagdo has one more 30 HR 100 RBI year left. If only because he is so close to joining the 500 club.
    Will this put Delgado in the HOF ?
    I have no idea. I think he will need to get much closer to 600 HR’s to be a lock, but it will give the NY media something to talk about during the season.
    Texeira is a very good player but I think the contract is too long and with no DH in the NL where do you move him to at the end of that contract.

  35. As a one-year option, I would not mind signing Pettite … my question is for how much? If he as already turned down $10M from his preferred team, the Yankees, wouldn’t the Mets need to offer more — perhaps substantially more — to get him to move from the Bronx to Queens?

    Would I take Pettite for maybe betwen $6M to $8M on a one-year deal? Yes.

    But that is simply not going to happen if he has already turned down $10M from his preferred team ….

    Would I take Pettite for $12-$14m on a one-year deal? Absolutely not …. he is on the down side and offeres no real upside potential to the Mets IMO at that price.

  36. (41) Rock-Agree. I’d consider it if he would still be willing to take the $10mm, but nothing more than that, and certainly nothing more than a one-year deal.

    No option, no buyout, no nothing.

    That being said, we are going around in circles. I can’t see him coming here or the Mets willing to spend that much money on a secondary choice, even if it’s for one year.

  37. (40) Scott: He best have a year left of the offense will have major problems. As for Teixeira, if the Mets signed him for 8 years he’d be about the same age at the end of his deal as Delgado will be at the end of the year, so I don’t thik DH should have been a thought.
    (38) paper mache: You make less sense every time you attack the Yankees. You think signing a 28 year old Texeira was a bad game. You want an aging slightly better than average pitcher like Lowe but don’t want the to play the Yankee game of getting a 28 year old CC? Really all you want to do is say little and YELL to get attention. You can scream andpout and yell all you paper head but the fact is is that you do not know if/when Niese is ready and you do not know what Pettitte has left. You as muchas you deny it are not never were and never will be God. When youaccept your plight as mere mortal you will be worht listening to.

  38. What are you talking about? Who attacked the Yankees for signing Teixiera?? My point about the Yankees was playing checkbook baseball at each and every turn.

    In my opinion, that is the biggest reason why they haven’t won a World Series in close to a decade. The CC signing was a good one, though they big against themselves by about $50mm. The Burnett signing was ludicrous and the Teixiera signing, while good, was also over the top.

    And I really would like to know why you are a complete and utter f*cking assh*le. No one else has a problem with what I say other than you, and if they do, they debate me about it as opposed to making unfunny remarks.

  39. And another thing, I go back to last month when I said you couldn’t read. I have never, in any post since I’ve been on here, said I’d rather have Derek Lowe than CC Sabathia.

    CC has no desire to be here. That is why he has an out-clause after three years in his contract, and if you think, barring a problem with his health or if he tanks performance-wise, that he won’t take it, you are even stupider and more of a demented bat than I thought.

    The Mets were not getting CC Sabathia simply because the Mets have a budget and the Yankees would have probably taken it up to $200mm deal if they had to.

    Sabathia isn’t half the pitcher Johan Santana is and giving a another pitcher a 6+ year contract for more than $150mm would have been idiotic.

    So in other words, right up your alley.

  40. paper mache:
    Yeah getting CC who is “half the pitcher” of Santana….THANKYOU FOR PROVING JUST HOW BASEBALL IGNORANT AND BIASED YOU ARE.
    There is no more to say to a supposed baseball genius with an IQ for baseball of zero. You have proven your credibility llevel at ZERO.