Make a run at Wolf

They will need two starters anyway, so why don’t the Mets make a hard run at their third choice, which is Randy Wolf? With Scott Boras clients Derek Lowe and Oliver Perez at one-two, there’s no guarantee anything will happen any time soon.

And, it’s starting to smell like the line for Lowe could be one of Boras’ mystery teams. If the Mets show a willingness to move on, Lowe and/or Perez could come back to them. In the interim, in Wolf they could get a pitcher they would use.

Meanwhile, word is the Rays are close to signing Pat Burrell. Yeah, a DH, type, but his glove isn;t completely made of cement. I’ve maintained pitching is the Mets’ priority, but also said if they are going to get a bat, Burrell would be perfect to slot into left field. I look at not making a pitch for Burrell to be a wasted opportunity.

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  1. Eh, I’m not a huge fan of Burrell, but I agree that he could have been a useful piece, especially considering the price.

    What I do find amusing is that the Mets using the “poor defense” in LF as a reason not to sign certain guys.

    Well, considering that Fernando Tatis was a 3B during his years in the bigs and Murphy is a 3B/1B…and not good at either, that is a somewhat humorous excuse.

    As for Wolf, I agree, though a large part of me wishes they could wrap up of Lowe and go get Ben Sheets. The injury history is scary, and the fact that he’s asking for only a 2-year deal and hasn’t signed yet sends up some alarms, but if you have a solid 1-4 in front, signing someone with the upside of Sheets would be a good move, IMO.

    As it stands, I think the Mets (the Wilpons in particular) need to bite the bullet and realize the type of market that is in play right now and go for it.

    In other words, sign Lowe and sign another good pitcher to round out the rotation, like Wolf or even Perez.

    I’m convinced that if the Mets get Lowe, basically taking them out of the Perez sweepstakes (the one or the other angle), he’s going to be hard-pressed to get anything more than 3/27 from another team.

  2. Always a concern with the Mets. I have had that type of worry too. Hopefully they’ll start picking up some steam now that the holidays are over.

    I don’t think at 3/36 offer to Lowe is a bad start, no matter how much he or Boras wants him to be a $16mm pitcher.

    That being said, I don’t see NY going much further north than a 3/42 deal, perhaps throwing in a fairly attainable option for a 4th season to entice him further.

    I do think they will get one of the “big 3” Even they realize how imperative it is to get at least one “name” starter.

  3. Mystery teams and reports that the Mets are falling behind in the bidding are just typical Boras BS. No one else is bidding right now. The other teams have minimal interest in Lowe at those terms. They’re waiting for the Mets to drop out so they can pick up a bargain. Omar should tell Boras that 3/42 with a 4th year option is their best and final offer and he’s got 24 hours to accept. After that, offer 3/30 to Perez and give him 72 hours to accept. If the answer is no, sign Wolf and Sheets and let’s go to war.

  4. (4) Sean- I agree with you all the way.

    IMO, the only thing that Boras has working for him is that because the market is so shallow, a lower price would bring more teams into the mix, thus bringing up the bidding by default. But it would be lightyears less than what they are looking for and will ultimately get.

    And even saying that, I don’t believe for a second that there is serious, intense interest from the Phillies, Braves and Red Sox like Jon Heyman says. The Phillies would never outbid the Mets, if NY truly wants Lowe as much as they say they do, neither will the Braves.

    After that it’s a matter of if Lowe accepts more money from a losing team on the East Coast or if he decides that pitching in the Midwest suits him as well, if say, the Cardinals or Brewers got involved.

  5. I’ve been the biggest Wolf booster on this board since the end of the WS. I think getting him aboard now would give the Mets extra leverage with Lowe. He and Lowe are not so far apart quality wise IMO. Boras is overplaying his hand. Its time to call his bluff.

  6. Sadecki: You just want to be the head of the Wolf pack!! Hi biggest plus is that they you might actually pay him for future performances vice past performance. Getting over the hill guys…. when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?
    What I like about your post Sadecki is you don’t mention $$. You are big market fan. You want a guy or you don’t unless you are in KC or Pittsburgh.

  7. What I like about you Sadecki is you make sense, as opposed to some who think the baseball world lives in a vacuum where teams have unlimited resources and can spend whatever they want. I did that once…it was on my video game.

    Interesting, 30 teams and 29 of them have restrictions on contracts, but the Mets don’t “act” like a big market team with their minuscule $143 million payroll.

    And Derek Lowe, a sinkerballer, who has showed ZERO signs of slowing down, has no injury history and is the type of pitcher that ages well, is not “over the hill”

  8. I’m still all about Adam Dunn. Dunn could be the first baseman of the future (he’s still in his twenties) and play left for the time being. Or, we could sign Dunn and ship out Delgado for some pitching or prospects. Yes, we have a lot of lefties, but I really like the way Dunn looks in our lineup. His game also seems to reflect Omar’s GM style – super-patient, swing for the fences when the right opportunity comes around, takes a risk and makes mistakes from time to time.

    As for pitching, I like the idea of signing Wolf or some other guy that is not a Boras client. We don’t need to be the Yankees, and we don’t need to bid against ourselves. Neither Perez nor Lowe is perfect for the Mets. In fact, if we could sign Wolf and Sheets, I think that would be perfect, and it would allow us to skip Boras’ high prices.

  9. (9) JK- I would like to see Sheets, but I just don’t think NY will take the risk, unfortunately.

  10. mrmet0805 (10): I hear you. I don’t see them rolling the dice on Sheets. I don’t think they have that kind of willingness to gamble. The only team in my eyes that has the resources to make that kind of gamble are the Yankees.-JD

  11. j_k (9): I agree with you about Dunn. He’s worth the chance. I know all about the strikeouts, but I also know about that string of 40-homer seasons.-JD

  12. JD – agree with you on both Wolf and Dunn. Only want Lowe (because of his age) if his price is right. It about time Omar turns to another pitcher not affiliated with Boras.

  13. Dunn reminds me too much of Dave Kingman in the strikeout department. I remember watching Kingman strike out ad naseum then a bomb then a string of strikeouts.

    Dunn at least hits better when runners are on than Kingman did.

  14. Let’s see… Other than either not really caring about winning what i the difference between the NY Mets and the 30th team uuually referred to as the Yankees. Let’s see,

    Who plays in the biggest market in the country. Is it only the Yankees? I guess the Mets play elsewhere, maybe in Trenton or Albany.
    Who is moving into a luxurious new ballpark in ’09? Is it only the Yankees? I guess the Mets are remaining in the dumpy old Shea without the luxury boxes.
    Who has their own TV network to suck up tons of ad revenues? I guess its only the Yankees? SNY is an illlusion. The Wilpons never really thought of their own network afterall.
    Who has found a sucker to pay 20 million per year for naming rights to their park. It must be the Yankees. The Yankees are moving into Citi Field while the poor Mets have to move into Mets Stadium.

    So sarcasm aside (that’ for you big head since you can’t recognize ity on your own)the Mets have everything the Yankees have plus naming rights and yet, when it comes time to take advantage of a poor economy and many small and medium market teams honestly concerned about revenue, one team said bring in the best becaue we have the dough and one team said no, we;’ll bring in guys who are second best or guys we can low ball and if we can’t low ball them we’ll bring in the next best and we’ll have imitation metheads defend us for our ability to bring a team close most years.
    And further, some think aging process doesn’t happen because it hasn’t yet. Maybe they should talk to the Jets. Guys get old eventually otherwise Sandy Koufax and Willie Mays and Hank Aaron would still play. But some think if Omar signs a guy he can’t get old even tho Omar has screwed up signing after signing by this blind faith in ageless wonders.It takes a real brain to come to the same stupid concluion over and over as long as it comes from Minaya doesn’t it?
    Oh I heard the Jets want YA Tittle next year. And Frank Gifford. And…. the Mets are going to defrost Ted Williams to solve the left field problem, oh wait he’s not righty…keep him on ice… Is Joe D frozen big head?

  15. I dont know about Dunn. We dont need another lefty and we dont need another bad glove. I want to see Daniel Murphy get a shot next year, and LF is the only spot open. Can you imagine a leftside of the infield with Dunn and Castillo? yikes!

  16. You just continue to show how little you know.

    You’re not being sarcastic, because if you were, you wouldn’t come back with your post about the Mets and why/how they should be spending their money.

    Teams have a budget. The Yankees revenue is so light years beyond the Mets it’s scary, but you don’t seem to get that. There is not one person on here or a Mets fan who doesn’t wish the Mets would spend as much as it takes, but they don’t, so if you want to complain and whine, which is what you’re best at, about a team with the second-highest payroll in Major League Baseball, go right ahead.

    And if you don’t want Lowe, that is fine. But your ignorance in bringing up players that are either dead or ancient just continues to show your lack of knowledge.

    I do have a big head, because I know what I’m talking about. You don’t. And all of those “ageless wonders” Omar has signed??

    Pedro-was a ticking time bomb from the time he was 31

    Alou-has NEVER stayed healthy

    El Duque-is probably as old you

    Lowe-35 years old, is a sinkerballer who relies on control as opposed to a once overpowering pitcher, meaning he can actually acclimate himself when his stuff begins to detiorate

    But you’d rather throw $10mm to Randy Wolf and call it an offseason. The Randy Wolf who had TJ surgery two years ago. The Randy Wolf who also missed a good chunk of the 2007 season with a shoulder problem.

    Derek Lowe is considered the best pitcher remaining on the market for a reason, and it’s not because he’s “over the hill”

    Awesome, keep it on a baseball level, Harry. Don’t get too dizzy spinning around.

  17. (11) JD- Don’t speak about “resources” unless you cover/are a fan of the Royals or Pirates.

    Could you explain to genius Harry that teams outside of the Yankees actually DO need to operate on some type of budget??

    John D. Rockefeller doesn’t seem to get it.

  18. I dont want to get into the middle of a pissing contest, but I will add my two cents to the Lowe argument. First, Davidoff just posted an article in Newsday. He says the Mets feel nobody is going to top thier offer, so they are not going to bid against themselves. Good for them. If the Yankees want to do that, good for them. Madoff didnt steal the Yankees blind, He did it to Wilpon, and if you dont think that affects the Mets, I have a nice bridge in Arizona to sell. mrmet, you know Wolf isnt getting 10 Mil. He will get 7=8 and Lowe will get 12 to 13 Mil. By the way, They are going to offer Pedro an incentive deal. I hope he takes it.

  19. It called free agency for a reason. The only guy who does not seem to want to understand this is Scott Boras.
    The owners of small and medium market teams do not have the money to throw away on mediocre players the way they did last year.
    If Carlos Silva was a FA this year do you think he would get the same deal.
    The thing is fans want to blame the Yankees for salary escalation but the Yankees signed top quality for their money. Burnett might get hurt but when he is healthy he is way better than Lowe or Perez. He is almost a true # 1 starter when healthy. That is why the Braves were willing to spend before the Yankees topped them.
    The funniest thing I read this weekend was that Bradon Looper is still looking for 3 year contract at 7-8 mil a year. Looper will be lucky if he gets two years at 5 mil a year.

    I can’t wait for the players association to try and figure out how to blame this all on collusion.

  20. I would go after Wolfe now.

    I think this puts pressure on Boras because he knows the Mets won’t be able to sign both his pitchers. That means one of them certainly will be unhappy $$-wise.

    It would be nice to play Ollie against Lowe, but we can’t do that since they have the same agent.

    Go get Wolf and then we have a stronger hand. This puts pressure on Boras as Lowe apparently has some mkt beyond Queens, where Ollie apparently has none.

    If Wolf signs in Queens Ollie should immediately call his agent and ask what’s up?

    I don’t know about Dunn, as someone says above, do we need another Left handed bat? I don’t know much about him, but I am not crazy about his stats. 40 hr’s is a lot, but his high K rate and low BA are a concern.

    As for the big mkt/small mkt debate: Yes we are a big market team but there is the Yankees and then there is everyone else.

    The Yankees went on their last winning streak because the owner was forced out by the commissioner and the baseball people actually drafted good players without interference from the meddling boob owner. These players became the core of the team.

    In the 70’s they got the best players because no one else would play. This year seems similar as they have no $$$ competition.

    I do not have numbers, but I suspect they make a lot on baseball jersey sales and anything else baseball related. If you ask any casual baseball fan which team/players do they know I would think they would mention the Yankees and some player from the last 100 years starting with Babe, Gehrig, Mantle, Dimaggio, Jeter, etc.

    Outside of Queens, Atlanta, Philadelphia, DC who has heard of the Mets?

    Also advertising – The Yanks get more $$ per minute on the yankee channel than the wilpons do. the yankee channel gets sold nationwide, just as dallas can do that as the only team that has a nationwide fanbase. The jersey giants just won the superbowl, but dallas is still more popular.

    also the yanks outdraw the mets every year. all around they make more money. they also have more pull. I have never seen the police block off traffic for a met game but they do the bronx.

    I am not saying the mets dont make money. they do. possibly more than any other team than the yanks right now, its just there is one international baseball team and its not the boys from shea.

  21. Ray

    they are drawing up the papers now. It is part of the tarp process. the govt needs to bail out more million dollar taxpayers, It is a little known clause of the legislation rushed thru congress last year.

    If you are not a millionaire you have no need for money. everyone knows that.

  22. Yeah. how can millionaires maintain their lifestyle? don’t you know we need to support them with our last penny? Without them life is meaningless. ;-P

  23. I am all for signing Wolf. I like the guy and think he would fit in nicely. But my issue is the Mets signing Wolf and then saying, “ok, we’ll plug in Niese into the back-end or sign Tim Redding.”


    In this market, the Mets really should be looking at signing two of Lowe, Perez, Wolf and not settling on only one. If they do “settle” on only one, then I hope it’s either Lowe or Perez, one who is the model of consistency and the other, who erratic, can dominate a game and pitches well against the Mets’ biggest rivals.

  24. FYI:

    1) Andy Pettite turned down the Yankees offer. Perhaps the Yanks re-enter talks for Lowe, though with Kennedy and Hughes around, I doubt it.

    2) Pettite on a one-year deal, in addition to Lowe or Perez, would round out a fine rotation. Nothing more than a one-year deal, however.

    3) JC Romero was suspended 50 games for using a banned supplement. Of course he’s playing the “I don’t know what I did wrong” angle, but he’s a big, big LH in their ‘pen. Outside of getting someone else, I believe the only other LH is Scott Eyre.

    That could be a big development to watch early in the season when hopefully the Mets can play like they did in ’06 and ’07 as opposed to last year.

  25. (18) big head says “Could you explain to genius Harry that teams outside of the Yankees actually DO need to operate on some type of budget??

    John D. Rockefeller doesn’t seem to get it.

    Once again you can’t defend your pathetic and inaccurate position because you are so into yourself. The wannabe GM who probably was a backup in T Ball. If you were literate, which obviously you aren’t because all you can do is spew garbage and think you are explaining the way of the world to people you think dummer than you but who are actually ALL a heck of a lot smarter, you would understand that there is no reason for the Mets to have a lower payroll than the Yankees. But you are fed the propaganda of a fraud and you will follow him to Carthage, satisfied that almost getting to the playoff is just as good as making it. Well for the dough fans pay in Queens it isn’t. Now I don’t have to run to mom and dad . When are you going to stand up for yorself???
    And it figures you want Pettitte. You want all the rejects from the Bronx. Could it be you are a reject from the Bronx as well?
    Another has been for big head Explain why guys nobody want are good enough for the Mets peper head. Without running to Dad…

  26. Ray
    While in reality that will not happen.
    The Phoenix Coyotes are actually bankrupt.
    The NHL is loaning them money to meet payroll.

    The Vikings and Cardinals barely sold out their playoff games after selling out all of their regular season games for years. People are tight for money even the NFL is seeing this.

    Baseball FA are in for a rude awakening.

  27. I don’t think I’ve ever read a post, on any message board, that made less sense than yours did.


    But I’m only going to respond to you when it deals with baseball. Which is what I’ve done since I told JD pre-Xmas I was through arguing with you.

    So, when you post baseball opinions, that is when I’ll rip them to shreds.

  28. (28) Scott- They are. Exhibit A is that of Pat Burrell. Not that anyone feels sorry for him for “only” making $16mm in his next contract, but a guy like him, even as limited an overall player as he is, would have easily gotten a 3-4 year deal for $11-12mm/year.

  29. I’d rather the Mets sign both Ollie and Lowe. To play Junior GM here, I would tell Boras that I can offer for both pitchers, $75 mil over 3 years…let him split it up however he wishes…(15 to Lowe, 10 to Ollie, 14 to Lowe, 11 to Ollie, etc….)and see what he says.

  30. (29) Dear paper head. You have failed in shredding any and every baseball post you ever made a pathetic and empty comment on. Why change now. And why are you lying again in your posts. It is obvious that you can not come up with an explanation of why yopur beloved owner has to have a budget about 80 million lower than the Yankees when they have every financial element plus naming rights that the Yankees have. you cannot explain why the second or third best level of talent is ok for Queens but not the Bronx, you cannot explain why it is ok to come close but not to make the payoffs in the biggest market and with the biggest payroll in the league, so you contiinue aimlesly ranting how you are being picked on. Explain these or continue to be the paper weight you have come to be known as.
    (30) He is so limited but he has one thing our pathetic GM doesn’t have and that is a WS championship ring. And he certainly had the pleasure of kicking the crap out of Met pitchers over the years. I gues he’ss as limited as your pathetic insulting mind is.

  31. On second thought, I will respond, because it is somewhat baseball related.

    More revenue=higher payroll.

    Yankee revenue=Probably double or triple what the Mets is.

    Result=Yankees have more money to spend.

    Are we really going to sit here and listen to someone claiming the Mets are cheap? With a $143mm payroll, second highest in baseball, they are CHEAP?

    Smartly spending money? Too often, no. But since the basis of your argument is that the Yankees just spend so much more money than the Mets, inferring that the Wilpons’ are cheap, I figured I’d show you why that is.

    Now Harry, it did take about 30 seconds for me to figure out why the Yankees can spend more than the Mets or any other team, so if that is too much time for you, I understand.

  32. Steve (31) Thats an Original idea. But then you get into no-trade clauses and other things that would mess it up. Nice idea, though.
    mr.met (26) Interesting about Romero, Verry interesting. Petitte? If the mets get him it will sell alot of papers.
    P.S. When you answer Chiti, you are playing HIS game.

  33. Ray – Let’s see if Fred lost it all in the ponzi scheme – let’s talk Andy Pettitte, Manny Ramirez and Oliver Perez. Fan favorites and ticket sellers all. Think Fred will make any of these moves?

  34. Hi Annie, On Petitte- If he will come to the Mets for one yr at 10M I could see it. Petitte felt insulted because yankees are giving everybody else the money except him. He may take the same offer from the Mets because he has an axe to grind, and besides Boston, where better than Queens to get even? It gives the Mets time too season thier youngsters another year and stick it to the bankees. whats not to like?
    Mannys not coming-thats been made very clear.
    Ollie? Depends on Lowe, And now Petitte perhaps.

  35. Steve (31) – love the idea…

    Mets really do need to sign Lowe and Perez. Then they need another righty bat at 2B or LF and need to restructure Castillo’s contract and dump him and half his salary somewhere….

    Then will the off-season be complete and successful.

  36. I want no part of Pettite who is delusional for turning down 10 mil from the Yankees.
    Randy Wolf is a better pitcher at this point in time, cheaper and younger.
    Everybody always talks about baseball and free market economics. Why overpay for middle level talent when it is obvious that you do not have to.
    At least the Yankees spent money on the prime beef.
    Lowe and Perez are at best choice beef.

    Baseball is going through a market correction but too many sportswriters are afraid to write the truth because players will hold it against them and not give them access when the need an interview.

    JD may think I am off base with that accusation but then someone should tell me why all the national sportswriters are so afraid to say what we all see happening.

  37. (35) I know I am…sometimes I can act like a mature adult, sometimes the kid comes out in me.

  38. (39) Scott- If the choice was between Wolf and Pettitte, at this point in time, I would go for Wolf as well. Younger and more reliable and cheaper too. The thing is, chances are Pettitte could be had for a 1-year deal, giving Niese more time in the minors instead of signing Wolf to a 3-year contract, at the end of which he’d be 35.

    And if the “accusation” you’re referring to is collusion, you very well may be right. Unfortunately, that is extremely hard to prove and the owners have a perfect crutch in the economy.

    That being said, I think the whole “economic crisis,” while real for everyday people like us, is being blown out of proportion when it comes to baseball and spending. Yes, some teams would cut back because of what is going on…but not to this level.

    I mean, look at some of the names still out there, and even the ones that have signed (outside of the Yankees splurge) have gotten incredibly “little” by past standards.

  39. (35)Ray…thank you for the pun. lol. I’m sure they’d have to figure out bonuses and the like to get within the parameters. We might know soon enough as according to Metsblog/Andrew Marchand 1050, the Mets are scheduled to meet face to face with Boras very soon as he is in NY now for the Texiera signing.

    (39) Scott…I don’t know if I would call Burnett “Prime Beef” at this point and time. He’s got alot to prove.

    (41) Mr. Met…I believe in baseball as well the economic crisis that working class americans are feeling have very little to do with baseball teams at all. Boras was on the MLB Network Hot Stove report yesterday and made a very good point about all the revenue sharing, t.v. contract, etc..puts an extra 50 to 70 million dollars per year in each owners pocket. Baseball is in no way suffering like most americans are.

  40. Scott (39): The Yankees are the exception to the rule, of course, but for the most part spending is way down throughout the sport. That includes office workers as well. … I don’t know if it is fair to say sportswriters have turned a blind eye to this. I think most are worried about keeping their jobs, or in my case, finding one. … Still, MLB can cry poverty all it wants, but wait until the end of spring training when the salaries are posted. … Case in point about spending: The Indians signed Carl Pavano today.-JD

  41. Steve
    How does anyone know who long this economic crisis will last.
    It may not hurt baseball in 2009 but does anyone know what is going to happen in 2010 or 2011. That is when it may really hurt baseball.
    Teams are trying to protect themselves for future seasons. I bet if you could check the finances of most teams you would find they are highly leveraged.
    If the economy stabilizes the crazy money will be back next season for players.
    Boras is spinning this for his own purpose.
    This is fine but there is always the other side to the story.

  42. mrmet0805 (41): Collusion is difficult to prove. The owners have been guilty of it before, but that was when there was a different climate with the MLBPA.-JD

  43. JD

    I may not be fair in saying sportswriters are turning a blind eye to the economic matters in baseball but you have to admit writers looked the other way for a long time on the steroid issue.

    Do you know how much Pavano signed for.

  44. tks ChiliGTC
    Low risk high reward with no long term consequences.
    Good move for the Indians

  45. 47 Quite the deal for a guy who pitched 34 innings this year and 11 last year.

    big head…. more revenue.. easy to say lets see the beef oh most knowing one. 2 or 3 times the revenue of the Mets you say. Show the goods. I say they will try to do anything to win and your boys will not. Prove your line paper mache/////