7 thoughts on “On the air ….

  1. It was actually kinda interesting.

    Makes me depressed with everyone saying what a crappy minor league team we have.

  2. I got the word too late to go live. Listened to rebroadcast. It was a good debate. It looks like the Mets are looking for bargains. We already know Mannys not coming. just hope we dont miss out on Lowe too.

  3. If the Mets Do get Lowe and they are looking for a bargain pitcher and are willing to take a chance why not sign either to a minor league contract or and incentive filled contract with Mark Mulder. He would be able to be another Lefty for the rotation.

    As for Andrew Jones he may not be at the form he was at one time in Atlanta. If the Mets could get a real good deal almost like the Dodger got when they got Manny from Boston. Why not give him a shoot the change may be all that is needed. Because Castillo I think is going to be better then he was last year. Also get both of them the trainer the Reyes had a couple of years ago to solve some of his injuries he had. If you do get Jones put him in Left Beltran Center and Church in Right. Possible a very strong outfield.

  4. Mulder is an interesting idea. I dont see LA paying Jones salary like the Red Sox did with Manny.

  5. (2) Ray, thanks for listening. John and I plan on many of these shows before the upcoming season, so glad to know you’re part of the audience.

    I am hooing that everyone here will also contribute to the shows on a regular basis, as we will have more dedicated schedule in the upcoming weeks.

  6. Mark (5) I missed the show, too, but am glad to hear that more are on the way and a schedule, too. Thank you.