The Happiest of New Years ….

Greetings folks …. I hope you woke up this morning after an enjoyable night to a year full of promise. There are two ways to look at things, the glass half full or the glass half empty. Or, if you prefer a baseball analogy: The bullpen is going to hold this lead or the bullpen will blow it.

I’m betting on the pen this year.

Anyway, I wish nothing but the best to you and yours for the new year.

I’m thinking the movies might be the way to go today. I saw Nixon-Frost last week. Excellent. Thinking of Gran Torino with Clint today. Or Bond. It’s been out a month and I haven’t seen it yet.

College football? Hmmm. Not really. Maybe the Rose Bowl.  The title game (such that it is) and Ohio State-Texas are the games that interest me.

16 thoughts on “The Happiest of New Years ….

  1. Same to you…. Hope you find a high paying job in ’09….6 PM tonight on the Baseball channel Don Larsen’s perfecto. Sounds better than Clint. I was 6(?) when he pitched it and as a kid I thought it was a very boring game.
    See I stirred the passions in the other posts. Lets see who has the adrenalin going….. HaHa… Hope they all know its just to stir the debate!

  2. Harry (1): Thanks for your well wishes. My best to you. You’ve been posting from the beginning and I am always grateful for your input, even when our views clash. The baseball channel might have to do it tonight. I just checked the listings and Clint isn’t playing anywhere close. So, until Larsen, it will be Bond. Best.-JD

  3. Hi John, Harry –

    Happy New Year to you both and best wishes for a great 2009.

    Think I’ll take a look at NHL Hockey being played outdoors at Wrigley Field this afternoon (1PM, NBC, Chicago vs. Detroit)


  4. JD, Harry , Annie
    Happy New Year.

    Lately I always try to look at life as the glass is half full.
    In 2009 the pen will hold the lead.
    Don’t have the baseball channel so I will be watching my 2nd favorite sport hockey this afternoon.

    If anyone needs a little Mets to make them smile today. See the link of Bob Costas sings Meet The Mets

  5. Scott –
    Thanks for the Happy New Year wishes and the same to you.

    I did need a little Mets today and watched the Costas rendition – surprisingly good and even the commentary that followed was interesting – a Koufax mention!

  6. Pelham: You might have the Baeball Channel. It just started on cable today. They aren’t charging the companies (at least not now) to get on everywhere, so you might have it.

    And I’m gonna take your advice and see the glass half full too… Does that mean we are happy with a 81-81 season? I hope not!

  7. Happy New Year all.

    For a movie recommendation consider Benjamin Button.

    Actually an enjoyable movie.

  8. happy new yr everyone…God bless to you and your loved ones (including our mets)

    2009 is going to be a great year

  9. Pelham (4): Thanks for the link. If you couldn’t get it last night Costas hosted the Larson replay and did a great job. They had original coverage including play by play by Mel Allen and Vince Scully. It was very nice having pitch count never mentioned, no analyst with the same worn out comments, no replays…no lame statistics, no graphics…. Larson and Berra were with Costas and as they showed the Yankees celebrating it was something to see the smiles on those two guys like it just happened. There was an amazing amount of talent in the game. Campy batting 8th!!

  10. Harry
    You got me with that one.
    The only way I would find 81-81 bearable is if the Mets had a rash of injuries to Santana, Wright , Reyes or Beltran.
    Remember the 2006 Red Sox when Varitek got hurt finished in 3rd place.
    Unfortunately things do happen.

  11. yup, injuries to stars can be fatal Scott from Pelham, as can players who are too old… i.e. the 2008 NY Jets. I was glad to see it being a Giant fan but they bought onto a guy who finally played to his age the last half of the season. My Giants might very well finally pay for bringing in a nut case…. so don’t bring Manny here…..too old and too nutty…..