Mets make offer to Lowe ….

The Mets have a three-year, $36-million offer on the table to Derek Lowe, which is considerably less than the five year, $90-million he was seeking.

Lowe has averaged 15 wins and over 200 innings the last seven seasons, which statistically would make him the Mets’ No. 2 pitcher.

His production blows away that of Oliver Perez, who has being 27, left-handed and a blazing fastball in his arsenal.

While Lowe’s career is marked by durability and inconsistency, Perez’s is the opposite.

Agent Scott Boras is throwing out the mystery teams again, saying there are more teams interested now than a week ago.

He doesn’t have to go to the trouble, because in addition to the Mets, there is Boston and Philadelphia.

The Mets rank their pitching priorities as Lowe, Perez and Randy Wolf.

11 thoughts on “Mets make offer to Lowe ….

  1. John, Happy New Year.

    Even if the Mets do get Lowe ata bargain price (say, something less tha $14M per year) I am not getting the sense that they will try to sign Perez too …. it will be one of Lowe, Perez or Wolfe and then go to a Redding or someone like that … is that your sense?

  2. The Red Sox rotation is full. Unless they plan on paying Brad Penny $5mm to pitch out of the pen.

    The Phillies will not outbid the Mets. Other than that, those are the only team’s I even heard had interest in him outside of the Yankees, who more than likely won’t go that route either now.

  3. Response to Chiti comment on an earlier thread. Yes, It looks like GMs around the league are figuring unemployed people are not going to pay inflated prices to go to a baseball game next year (with one exception). Its surprising that nobody else is jumping in on Lowe while the Mets are loweballing him. He could be an ace for DC. Happy New Years Everybody!

  4. Ray,

    I disagree.

    All unemployed people love to spend money they don’t have to help billionaire owners pay off their tax free subsidies of billion dollar stadiums to watch millionaire ballplayers cry about how little they make?

    Doesn’t everybody?

  5. The Angels appear to be closing in on Fuentes at 2 for 18. So KRod is valued by us at a 30% premium.

    Wow. What a difference a year makes or a couple of months for that matter.

  6. Firstly, Happy New Year to all!

    You are right, what a difference 1 year makes! I’m thinking that maybe someone will swoop in and sign Lowe or OP on a 1 year deal…

    If not, at these prices and NY’s assets (team, SNY, CitiField), Omar should sign 2 of the 3 and forget about the Pedro’s and the Redding’s of the world….why not?

  7. I agree.

    At the current prices for players, now is the time for those teams with a bit more to strategically set their team for the next few years.

    Right now only the NY teams are spending money.

  8. yes dave, you are correct. the NY teams have an unprecedended advantage now. Is this the time to be looking for bargains? Is anybody else here tired of finishing in second place? I am tired of this team acting like its in the sticks or something. The Bankees have already feasted on the the best. cant we at least get the best of whats left?

  9. dave and Ray: Right on guys!!!! To everyone worrying about the poor Wilpon’s look at the Yankees and Metsies.

    New Stadium: Check check
    Biggest city in US Check check
    Own TV station Check check
    Luxury boxes Check check
    Naming right rip off Only Mets

    Willing to bring in the best at any cost: Only YANKEES!

    Even now when prices are down, Mets worry about dumping Castillo’s salary before a move. Mets worry about pitching prices. If Mets get Redding in 5 hole vice Wolf or Perez it is a crime against Met fans.