Lowe not enough

Even should the Mets sign Derek Lowe, he won’t be enough for their pitching staff. Lowe would put the Mets’ rotation four deep, with a question for No. 5. I like Jon Niese’s potential, but I’m not ready to say with confidence 30 times, “here’s the ball, give me six strong.”

Are you?

With Lowe, I’d still make a run at Randy Wolf. Oliver Perez? Yeah, it would be nice to get him, but I’m thinking the Mets won’t spend that much.

16 thoughts on “Lowe not enough

  1. Niese should be in AAA this year.

    I want OP, Wolf or someone else at #5.

    Lowe would be a good signing as when he is done Niese or Holt or a free agent will take his place.

  2. Of course it’s not enough, but a front four of Santana, Lowe, Pelfrey and Maine leaves you quite a bit more leeway to go the “cheaper” route for the 5 slot.

    I still hope they don’t do that, but it’s not imperative to get a bona-fide guy to fill out the back-end if the 1-4 is what I listed above.

  3. Wait, Delcos is now happy to have a coin flip?

    Hmmm something’s gonna happen tonight! The world is turning.

    For what you’d have to pay Perez, there’s no way he’s an affordable 5.

    As Mr.Met said (2). No need to spend wildly. If Niese needs to spend a year in AAA, then bring someone else up for the 5 and save the money for the trading deadline when you’ll want to take on a contract to put the team over the top.

  4. 2 is right of course. Yes we need to go the cheaper route. Becuase by going cheaper Wilpon will lower the price of beer? Oh, he’ll lower the price of Hot dogs? tickets? We need to go cheap o that everyone knows that we are happy to be the # 2 team in NY. Go cheap, why doin’t the Wilpon’s move the team to Omaha. Going cheap is OK there.

  5. I didn’t say that at all. I said it’s not imperative to sign another high-priced pitcher just to sign two of them.

    If the Mets get Lowe and have a 1-4 of Santana, Lowe, Pelfrey, Maine, they can afford to be more conservative in their approach with the no. 5 spot.

    But I guess you missed my last sentence where I said “I hope they don’t do that.”

    Anyone else here see why I bash this guy every chance I get?

    Cheap shot after cheap shot. A baseball blog and we’re treated to his ramblings about how Omar sucks and how the Wilpons are cheap.

    He brings so much to the discussion.

  6. And a Happy New Year to all (with one exception).

    JD-you’re the best…thanks so much for keeping this baby up and running. Nothing but the absolute best for you and yours in ’09.

  7. Happy New Year to all.

    I know you do not need me to agree with you
    and I have not started drinking yet.
    But Lowe without Perez or Wolf is just being foolish. That is spot on.
    The time to spend money is right now. You can get more this year for the same money spent last year.
    Look at the deal Fuentes signed. He got less than Kerry Wood. This is where the market is at right now and it is not changing this winter.
    Omar needs to seize the moment and act like a big boy and not like some guy from KC.
    Outside of NY the Mets are hated just as much as the Yankees and in Florida and Philly probably a lot more.
    Omar needs to tell Fred to stop worrying about the feelings of the rest of the league and do what is good for his own business.
    The door is open to not just winning but winning big so as to make everyone forget the last 2 years.

    Everyone enjoy the night
    see you next year.

  8. Scott (9): Actually Scott, I wouldn’t have a problem with Lowe if it was a few years ago when the Dodgers got him. Today, with no pills to get thru the long season the aging process will return to normal and giving a guy on the upper half of 35 a long term deal is a mistake, one that Omar needs to stop making.
    A for the rest of your post, I agree completely with you, except I think the Yankees are the # 1 hate team out fo the NL East…and my hangover is very small!!!!!
    big head (7): Gee I thought you were going to ignore me for now on. I guess you are a liar…. and I do like your new twist, begging the board to upport you because you are incapable of doing it yourself….Should have stuck with your earlier promise… And despite your hostile New Year’s wishes, I wish everybody here including bighead a Happy New Year.

  9. Just stating the facts. I responded to you because it was an actual baseball point.

    But you threw in your usual cheapshot.

    I made a promise to JD and I stand by it…and I still do. Some people can control themselves, others, obviously…cannot.

  10. It would be nice to get both Lowe and Perez this month.

    I am not optimistic we will do that.

    I am hoping we do not go into the season looking for our farm to fill in the #5 spot.

    I also hope we upgrade our bench. Hopefully a person who is versitile, can play the field – so i don’t have to close my eyes, someone who can make a pitcher sweat. Either because they can work a count or hit it out.

  11. OK bighead…. whatever makes you happy….since you wished HNY to all on the other post we will be nice to you for a while.

  12. (12) Dave-Boras is going to play this thing out for as long as he can, but I really think his options are limited.


    Lowe goes back on what he said about playing on the East Coast and for a winner. By all accounts, and because of specific reasons, the Yankees and Red Sox are all but out and the Phillies won’t get into a bidding war. So, unless a team like the Nats or Braves or Fish get involved and just decided to throw caution to the wind with an insane offer, I don’t really see how Boras can bluff his way through this for an extended period.

    3/42 with an option for a 4th is what may ultimately get it done. I’d love for them to sign Wolf or Perez for the 5-spot, but I doubt they go that route. If they do get Lowe, then I could live with a signing like Tim Redding who is nothing special, but will provide innings.

  13. Yeah.

    I don’t think the first offer will get it done either, but you never know. It’ll probably take a few weeks before they get tired of waiting.

  14. Picking up again on a thread that is 2 years old, it appears that the Nationals are looking to get rid of our favorite ex-Met one Lastings Milledge.

    Being this is a new year and I am bored…

    Who wants him back for Schneider and Church perhaps?