Home again ….

Has been an eventful few days. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and are bracing for the New Year. Just pulled in from visiting my family in Ohio. Decided to drive. Yup. That was a mistake. Should have sucked it up and gone with the flight. But, not working full time has me thinking about saving the bucks.

Lousy weather before the trip has leaks coming in later. Buckets all over the place. Gift card from Home Depot came in handy.

Have been busy which explains the lull in posting the past week. But, there’s been a lull with the Mets, too.

Last I checked, they were hot after Derek Lowe. Their fourth starter priorities are Lowe, Oliver Perez and Randy Wolf. I thought Lowe would end up back with the Red Sox. Didn’t think the Mets would go that hard for him, but they are tired of Perez’s inconsistency.

19 thoughts on “Home again ….

  1. Welcome back. I feel your pain with the leaks. Here in Portland we had the biggest snowstorm in 40 years. Of course, that’s the time my roof decided to leak. 3 floor home had water on all 3 floors. Hardwood floor ruined, ceilings ruined, walls ruined. All on Christmas Eve. Messy holiday to be sure.

    I don’t get the feeling the Mets are that hot about Lowe either. If they were a deal would have been done. Word has it that Boras is trying to push till after the New Year before doing a deal. I would think that this point he would be dealing since he’s got a lot of clients sitting on the sidelines wondering where they’re going to land.

  2. John, Welcome back. We missed you. I think the biggest news has been the lack of action by the Mets. They were supposed to be hot after Lowe tnen nothing. They shot down any hope of acquiring Manny. Now we hear rumors of them getting Andrew Jones. They dont want to spend on a quality left handed reliever like Beimel. Are they playing it smart or is wilpon playing freddie coupon again?

  3. John

    Sorry to hear about the house.

    I think OP is gonna get shafted. He will not get the contract his agent promised. He may actually end up at Shea, but I wonder where his head will be at.

    I hope we get Lowe. A consistent pitcher who throws ground balls and a mid 3 era would help the team a lot. We need consistency and dependability both for wins and the pen.

    Fait accompli’s are a good thing.

    I wonder how many of Boras’s clients will be happy in 09?

  4. dave (4): Sheets’ physical questions scare the Mets, and rightfully so. The Mets have the resources to make a big signing, but those resources aren’t so large that they can take a hit if something goes wrong.-JD

  5. Ray (2): Andruw Jones isn’t going to happen. The Dodgers would like to get rid of him, but not at the cost of absorbing Luis Castillo’s contract. Omar keeps trying on that one. No luck.-JD

  6. I do think they are going to end up with Lowe, and unless another team comes out of the woodwork, it’s possible Perez could fall back into their laps as well.

    I see Lowe getting 3/45 while Perez may get shafted to the point of a 2/23 deal with an option for a 3rd year.

  7. mrmet, thanks for the link. I think three yrs. for thirty six makes sense. The guy has never been an ace and is kinda old. looks like everybody except the bankees are looking to save. If they are wrong there are still others out there with value.

  8. Just read the article.

    Boras is now scrambling to create a bidding war from the floor.

    If we get Lowe, perhaps we get OP at 3/30?

  9. John(5)

    I was thinking of Sheets as a #5 guy, incentive laden contract who if he stays healthy makes our rotation very nice.

  10. (10) Dave- The more time passes and the market keeps playing out as it has, save the Yankees, it would not surprise me one bit if Lowe and Perez end up as Mets.

    And it wouldn’t surprise me either if Perez doesn’t get three guaranteed years, either.

  11. mrmet0805

    I am just glad we are not the Yankees. Apparently our GM is smart enough not to bid up when there is only one buyer in the market.

    I have a feeling that no one is banging down the door for OP. He may end up here at a reduced rate. He has talent, but everyone sees his flaws.

    I just wonder if he comes back cheap if he just dogs it because he is depressed.

  12. (13) Dave-That is surely something to keep an eye on. I just don’t know of any other teams out there right now who want Lowe all that badly.

    Boras can bluff his way all he wants…it’s not going to work this winter. As for Perez, he better hope the Mets either don’t get Lowe or remain interested in him if they do, because if NY drops out of the Perez sweepstakes, he’s not getting pennies on the dollar compared to what he wanted.

  13. Baseball is in serious trouble. When teams like Milwaukee, Washington and Baltimore actually try hard to get the best and don’t come close, they surrender. Toronto GM basically said screw it. I’ll be the new Marlins. How many Marlin teams can baseball afford? 20-25?
    And Met fans are to celebrate the opportunity to get a guy who Sadecki pegged perfectly: “The guy has never been an ace and is kinda old”. Sadecki you also got it half right on the save part. They want to save and not be ripped off by paying guys for what they did and probably won’t do anymore. But Minaya thinks he got a bargain. Minaya thinks guys won’t age even tho they can’t take the little greenies anymore. Hip Hip Hooray for more aged on the down side signings. I’m sure the “bargain” deal for the aging Manny Ramirez is right around the corner as well……

    Delcos: Sorry about your house… Seems like your trip is the Omar Minaya story. Get a bargain and pay for the bargain later.

  14. Yeah, but he won’t BE the ace here, he’d slot in the no. 2 spot. And this isn’t a guy like Pedro who was obviously on his last legs and could barely crack 200 innings anyway.

    He’s a workhorse who has no injury history and is the type of pitcher (sinkerballer) that can lose something and still be effective.

    Signing him to a 3-year deal is nothing for a team that can afford it.

  15. Harry,

    Since you think Lowe is dog meat, who would you like to see the team sign in his stead?

    Or what package os 2 players would you like to fill out the rotation?

  16. I don’t think he is dog meat… I think he is too old to be giving long term deal. I’m tired of watching all these old signings live on DL. Pedro, Duque, Wagner, Alou blah blah blah…If its 2 years I be OK.
    I would much rather them keep OP since it will not be more than 3 and you can probably get 1 year deal since there’s no money out there in FA land, and hope he improves more than he has so far. For 5th spot I’d give Wolf 2 years which would give kids time to develop or Sheets one year because he’d start 16 times and young guys can come up for a couple starts to get a taste of mid season games, like Omar did with Pelfrey in ’06.

  17. I can live with a 3 year deal for Lowe. By all accounts he has been pretty solid the last few years with no injuries.

    If he just gives us 2 good years I am happy. It gives the farm kids a chance to grow.

    I would like them to get Ollie too, just not at $15 a year. I could live with 8-10 in this market. I really don’t think he is worth more than that anyway. Can he blossom? Sure.

    But I am from Missouri. Show me. He hasn’t shown much in the last 3 years.