Merry Christmas ….

Whatever you celebrate, I wish you peace and happiness on this day and all days.

This blog has gone from an assignment when I was with my old paper to a passion now. You’ve made it something I look forward to doing, and of course, reading your comments. For that, I can’t thank you enough.

Looking forward to chatting with you again soon, but until then, enjoy the day with your families.

Thanks and have the happiest of Holidays, JD

18 thoughts on “Merry Christmas ….

  1. Merry Christmas John and all the regulars both here, and from JD’s LoHud days. It’s been a pleasure chatting and debating with all of you in 2008. Hopefully the Mets will make it happen in 2009. So far, so good, on the off season.

  2. Happy Holidays to all.

    Off topic—Does anyone know where I can log in to change my password? I can’t find a link for that anywhere on the page.

    Thanks for any help.

  3. Bill,

    find your name on the page ( leave a comment ).

    Click on it. Toward the bottom are a few fields that seem to allow you to change the pw.

  4. Sorry I missed this yesterday. I second dave’s wishes for you Delcos.
    To Bill Metsiac. When you change your password please keep your name. That Metsiac name is awesome!!!!

  5. Thanks—it worked fine. There really should be a clearly marked link, though.

    As for the name, it’s staying. It’s also my license plate. When I tried to get a Mets-related plate (“Go Mets”, “Mets Fan”, etc), everything I could think of was taken, so I combined “Mets”+”Maniac”, and VOILA!

    It’s part of me now—plate, email address, screen name.

    Glad you like it!

  6. To John and all the posters……..

    Thanks for the Merry Christmas Greetings and I’d like to pass them along to all of you who make this blog the place for Mets fans to meet and greet year round.

    Thanks for all your posts, suggestions and ideas.

    Baseball lives here.

    Best Wishes for the New Year, too.

  7. Interesting kinda but when it says Marlon Anderson should have made triple what he did, then I think the analysis has major problems.

  8. Marlon owed the team money for all he did this year.
    and we get him for another year.

  9. I was looking at some stats for this team and found that surprisingly for all his troubles this year Church had the 5th best hitting stats on the team for many categories.

    Not surprisingly OP had some of the worst stats other than strikeouts on the team for pitchers.

    By the way, only two pitchers had complete games this year.

  10. 16 Dave: Not a huge surprise with Church at all given he was the Mets MVP until the concussion(s) I’m still waiting for another pitcher and some more offense to be added to this team. They can’t sell a new stadium a Tatis/Murphy Left Field platoon.

  11. I agree that with the number of players available for the prices floating around we should be able to upgrade any weak positions.