It’s so, the Mets are after Lowe ….

I don’t believe the Mets would make a player decision simply in response to something the Yankees did. They know they need pitching, which, despite speculation he was headed to Boston, the Mets pressed hard for Derek Lowe.

Word is they are deep in negotiations, with the numbers three years for around $13 million a season. Could be a little steep, but considering his durability and reliability, it might not be such a bad deal afterall.

Definitely, less risky than say giving that money to Oliver Perez. A rotation of Johan Santana, Lowe, Mike Pelfrey and John Maine is solid to the point of being one of the best in the National League. And, if you match them up, it is as good as what the Yankees put together this winter.

6 thoughts on “It’s so, the Mets are after Lowe ….

  1. JD
    You hit it right on the head durability and reliability.
    These words do not describe Ollie,Pedro or El Duque. Not thrilled but I hope that Lowe could help teach Maine and Pelfry to be better pitchers.

    To Everyone
    A Happy and most importantly healthy holiday season.

  2. I keep reading that the Yankees learned their lesson when they didn’t sign Beltran so when Tex was within their grasps, they pulled the trigger and got ‘er done. The Mets need to learn the same lesson – they need 2 pitchers, repeat 2 pitchers, not 1. We need to sign Lowe and 1 of Perez or Wolf, IMO.

    Next, Omar needs to work on that bench and sign another LOOGY. After all that is complete, he needs to look toward either upgrading 2B or LF.

  3. I’ll be happy with either Lowe or Perez, though I prefer Ollie.

    As for the #5 SP, they’re a dime a dozen, and it’s basically a crap shoot. Wolf, Marquis, Garland, Pedro, Stokes, Niese, Parnell, Redding, Garcia, and the list goes on & on.

    Then we need a backup MIFer who can play SS (Eckstein, Cora, Miles, Keppinger, among a bunch around), and a LOOGY (could be Rincon or Collazo if we don’t want to look elsewhere).

    As long as Castillo is on the roster, Omar’s not signing anyone for 2B. I’m fine with LF as is, unless Murphy shows by June that he’s in over his head. Then I look to see if F-Mart is ready; if not, there’ll be lots of available corner OFers as salary dumps.

  4. If the money is correct ($13-15mm/year), I don’t see how you pass over Lowe for Perez.

    Wolf or anyone else v Oliver Perez, you go with the more talented, younger, etc.

    Not with Derek Lowe, who is as steady as they come. I would take Lowe 10x over Perez for this rotation.

  5. i hope they get lowe…i dont see it happening though. i see the red sox or someone stealing him late

  6. What’s interesting is that Boras is the agent for both Lowe and Ollie. I wonder—when he sits down with Omar, does he say “This is the price for Lowe, but you can get Ollie for this much less”?