Mets considering Tim Redding

REDDING: On the Mets' radar.

REDDING: On the Mets' radar.

While the Oliver Perez talks remain in limbo, the team is considering other options, which include Tim Redding, a right-hander, who went 10-11 with a 4.38 ERA last season with the Washington Nationals.

Redding will be 30 when spring training opens. His most important stat is 182 innings. He had a 120-65 strikeouts-to-walks ratio last year.

His record wasn’t great, but it’s sure to improve with the Mets’ offense.

GM Omar Minaya wouldn’t confirm Redding by name, but did say the Mets would look at “anybody that could help us.’’

77 thoughts on “Mets considering Tim Redding

  1. Solid for the back-end to be sure. I think he’d be a pretty good pickup for this team.

    But they MUST get somebody else to plug that 4-spot, be it Wolf or Perez or even the Lowe route.

  2. For those still on the Ollie bandwagon, please go to the Daily News. A Mets writer there who goes by ” the bitter bill” does a nice job of chronicling OPs inconsistincies and especially his choke jobs the past two Septembers. As for Redding, I thought he looked pretty good last year. Somebody will snap him up. Nats are pathetic. They non tender thier best pitcher and Offer 20M for Texiera.

  3. I don’t think anyone here is particularly on the “Ollie bandwagon” but outside of Lowe and *perhaps* Wolf, he’s the safest bet around.

    Now, personally, if the Mets could not get Lowe, they should try and get an innings-eater for the back-end and seriously consider signing Ben Sheets.

    Upside is huge and if they do get said innings-eater, it would be a lot easier to stomach if (when?) Sheets goes on the DL.

    But that guy can bring it.

  4. With the focus being on the starting rotation which it should be, I hope Omar doesn’t neglect the bench, which at this point I think shapes up to be pretty poor. Evans/Reed/Anderson/Castro/Tatis so far, no back up infielder in the bunch. I think last year the bench was pretty weak and its starting out the same way. Any thoughts?

  5. (4) Steve- I agree, though I don’t particularly think it’s weak. It’s more unbalanced, but I know (through reports) that the Mets are going to grab a backup middle infielder.

    Personally, I hope Evans is in AAA. His skills don’t impress me at all so if he’s going to improve, he might as well do it while playing everyday.

  6. They should dump Anderson. He is a waste.

    It seems you can get pretty good talent this year for $1MM

  7. The issue with Ollie is he is a maverick to the detriment of his talent.
    When he listens to the pitching coach he plays well even when they say hey listen to break things up throw the way you like but when it comes to make or break baseball. throw correctly! and without fail he’ll throw his way. You can only do that if you are consistent. he isnt very erratic, not a great combo for a pitcher. If you are going to be arrogant then you better be reliable and good.

  8. (6) Dave- I’m all for seeing how Anderson looks in spring training. I mean, some guys just lose it and that could be the case with him, but he was excellent when re-acquired in ’07 and he was either playing hurt or out for a good portion of last year.

    That being said, if he shows in ST (and not just stats-wise) that he just doesn’t have it, cut bait and move on.

  9. Question for those that dislike Oliver Perez:

    Is it the length/money that is causing you to feel this way or do you not want him back, period?

    I’m just curious.

  10. MrMet. First off most players are PAID way too much for what they do. With that being said, if you are going out there and going to be a professional then you should do or retrain so that you are the best for the team and you earn your money.

    Not sure what you do for a living but if i wasnt good in my field I wouldnt have a job ever… because with off-shoring a warm body is a warm body. you pay for the knowledge.


  11. (11) Ok, but I’m just curious what the mood is of people and why they don’t want him back?

    I know exactly what you’re saying but it doesn’t really fit in with what I’m trying to discuss.

  12. well if he doesnt pitch with consistency i dont want him back either. as for the other’s we will have to sit back and read :-)

  13. I’m not a huge Perez fan, to be sure, but like I said in an earlier post, outside of Lowe, who else is out there than can give the team what it needs??

    I guess Randy Wolf, but while he may be more “consistent” he’s also got virtually the same stats as Perez save W/L which is a horrible barometer to measure a pitcher anyway.

    That’s why, if the price is right and the Mets don’t get someone legitimately better, I think it would be wise to bring him back over others.

  14. with what you say maybe. but if they do offer him i am sure his agent will be all over it like a hyena and want much more than he is worth.

    It’s going to wind up the cheapest of the evils.

  15. It goes without saying that Wolf would be cheaper than Perez. However, if by “cheaper” we’re talking, say $2mm/year, than I think from a Mets standpoint, it’s negligible and the safer risk is the guy who is younger, better stuff and no injury history.

    I still think, when it’s all said and done, that Perez tops out at around $11mm. He’s certainly not worth that, but if he had the type of seasons he had the last two years, say in ’06 and ’07 and hit the market, he’d probably be getting $14-$15mm.

    The market is just not there for any of these guys, save the “big-boys”

  16. 12 Mr. Met.: I want Ollie back because 1. It’s hard for me to give up on young lefties. 2. I did see him make some strides with Warthen and 3. There aren’t many better options out there. Lowe is old, Wolf is erratic, Redding, Garland and the rest…ehhh? Ollie is the only one that excites me of the remaining Free Agents.

  17. mrmet0805 (3)

    There are plenty of posters here who repeatedly say Ollie is the best free agent starter outside of CC this offseason.

    As I have said repeatedly for 1/2 a year now, he is an inconsistent 500 pitcher with great stuff.

    I am not against bringing him back, but would prefer Lowe. Don’t know much about Redding. He will be cheap I guess.

    I like the idea of Wolf.

    I would sign him first, it would put pressure on the other pitchers.

  18. (18) Dave- I wouldn’t mind signing Wolf+Lowe. Yes he’s getting up in age, but if he’s also a sinkerball pitcher who has shown no signs of breaking or slowing down.

    And because he’s a sinkerballer, it bodes much better for his later years. That being said, nothing more than a 3-year deal, which may very well be attainable at this point because of the market which is scary slow this offseason.

    A few ideas from my brain:

    1) sign Oliver Perez and Tim Redding
    2) sign Jon Garland and Ben Sheets-gives you an innings-eater which allows you to take more or a risk with Sheets, where the upside is quite large
    3) sign Derek Lowe and Randy Wolf
    4) sign Derek Lowe and Tim Redding
    4) sign Randy Wolf and Time Redding
    5) sign a back-end guy (Redding?) and then go the trade route for a bigger pitcher

    Gun to my head right now, I think the Mets re-sign Perez around 3/33-3/34 and sign Redding for the back-end.

  19. Don’t know, and even then, I’m leery about him overall because he was offered arbitration, thus costing the Mets another draft pick (2nd round or later, depending on if they sign someone higher ranked than he is).

    In this market, he’s not going to get much more than $8-9mm and probably only a 2-year deal to boot.

  20. manuel only had him for half a year 😉
    but i hear ya.

    me, i say make him a reliever since he is only good for 4 :-p

  21. (25) Good comparison Dave!!! LOL

    Though the difference was that Sid would just kinda peter out once he reached the 6th.

    Perez could have a no-hitter through 8 2/3 innings and then proceed to give up 5 runs.

  22. mrmet0805 (9)

    The problem with Anderson is he is a butcher in the field.

    He does not strengthen the benchin 06 he was great off the bench, but he can’t field a lick.

  23. they gave away the fielder. :-(

    as for Ollie. he will either finally listen and get better or not. but if you ask me. too late to learn the ways of the force. A jedi not will he be.

  24. El sid in the parade. yeah he lost half a person. hey thats it./ the weight he lost was Ollie!

  25. (27) Agreed, Dave, but that is why I hope they can have a nice, well-balanced bench where Anderson’s only role is PH extraordinaire, if in fact he shows he can still hit.

    If not…then wave bye-bye. No harm in bringing him to ST.

  26. Endy ain’t coming back. Too one dimensional. Great great fielder. Can play all OF positions better than anyone we have. But his bat is like 180.

    His best play at the plate is a bunt.

  27. mrmet0805 (32)

    I would rather sign someone who helps the bench. Either an IF or OF player who can platoon, has decent pop. It will give the manager flexibility when the injuries come or late in the game with horrors of horrors a double switch.

  28. he could have learned to hit. besides. a bunt or a walk in the 2 spot or 8 spot is fine.
    remember ordonez his Avg was what 102?
    when his glove gave out thats when the showed him the door.
    I feel endy should have been given the chance. but too late. and you’re correct he wont be back. watch he will be another nady. goes to another team and is key!

  29. Xman was key here.

    They traded him for depth in the pen.

    Turned out not to be that way, but we did get Ollie for a few years which helped kinda..

  30. not key enough. or were we still under steve phillips. if so then thats the answer 😉
    good riddance.

    at least omar’s trades make sense or are cost effective. thus far.

  31. Two guys who would really help the bench are
    Aaron Miles and Willie Blumquest. Both play SS-2B and hit lefties well but with no power.
    The problem with Blumquest has more to do with his agent being Scott Boras.
    I would sign Redding as extra insurance in case Maine is not ready to start the season.
    The Mets need more than 5 starters and Parnell and Neise should not be counted on.

  32. it was minor league pitchers who bailed us out before. perhaps the force is with one of them . Pelfrey blossomed. maine was wonderful and had a bad year due to injury. who knows what will come of Spring.

    Playe it by ear! :-)

  33. Mr. Met, did you read the article I referred to early in this thread? Ollie has given us 2 good starts the last two Septembers. Thats one each year. U say he had nothing to do with us losing the last game last year. Leaving the bases loaded after five and a third sure didnt help. He is a big part of the last two collapses. Wolf was 4-1 last September he is still only 32, and he doesnt have boras as his agent. Please read the article.

  34. (41) Ray- I did read it, but it doesn’t change my mind that Perez and Wolf are basically the same pitcher except one has better stuff, is younger and has no injury history.

    The other is just more consistently mediocre as opposed to brilliant/horrible. If the money is not much different, I’d prefer the one with more upside.

    That’s just me.

  35. MM, The difference in the asking price is 2 more years and 45 million dollars. plain and simple. thats just me.

  36. I’m not trying to be a wise-ass, though you apparently took it that way.

    And Oliver Perez will be hard-pressed to reach $36mm over three years.

  37. Then to answer your original question, Its the money demands mostly. They are both mid to bottom starters.

  38. Yes, Ollie has been inconsistent, but that’s not at all unusual for young, hard-throwing lefties. I remember one who went through his 1st 6 seasons before getting his ERA below 3.52, with several over 4.

    He’s now in the HOF. Here’s his record:

    I’m not saying Ollie is the Second Coming, but I AM saying that giving up on him would be foolish at this age. When he’s “on”, he’s virtually unhittable. And he’s the only FA left whose future looks better than his past. He’s a keeper.

  39. Does anyone here, especially those calling Endy “all glove, no hit”, have any idea what his BA for his 3 Mets years is?

    Would .275 surprise you? Well, if you guessed that, you’d be wrong—it’s .288!

    I guess “no hit” is in the eye of the detractor.

  40. Metsiac, you are really reaching, man. There was only one Koufax. There are others like Koosman and Matlack and many others that showed their talent and composure right away.

  41. Just to add, If hes a keeper, then why is he on his third club in six years? ready to go to his fourth?

  42. metsiac (47)

    yes it is surprising. his first year he was effective at the plate and hit 300. The other two years were mostly forgettable at the plate.

  43. metsiac (46)

    it’s interesting how the part time 40 inning pitcher in the link provided pitched almost as many complete games as the other has his whole career.

    also of note, is in that same year he pitched as many shutouts as the other one has his whole career.

  44. One more thing on Ollie.

    He has been here 3 years now.

    Has he improved? Has he minimized and worked on his biggest weaknesses and made strides as a pitcher in his time here?

    Is he the 6.5 era pitcher we got as a throw in or the 15 win pitcher of 2 years ago?

    I think last year is probably the norm. A low 4 era pitcher who wins about half his games and implodes way too often. A player who cannot harness his talents in part because he doesn’t buy into what his coaches are preaching.

    The question is do you believe that in the next year he will have a change of heart and do what his coaches say are in his best interest or will he do what he feels is best which history has shown means an early exit from the game?

  45. Dave (50) Yes, his first year at Shea was his best, but in his worst (’08)he hit .267. Still far from “no hit”.

  46. Sadecki (48). As I said in that post, “I’m not claiming he’s the second Coming”. Yes, there was only 1 Sandy. And yes, there are others who developed sooner.

    My point is just that if it can take someone with Sandy’s amazing talent 6 years to begin to reach his potential, then a mortal like Perez can take the same time to reach his (lower) potential.

    And while he may never reach it, I just hope that IF he does, it’s with the Mets.

  47. bill metsiac (47)
    Endy’s 2007 and 2008 offensively were not just bad they were awful. You need to look at more than BA to measure how productive a player is.
    A good number to look at is OPS+
    OPS+ 2006-101 (BA-306) / 2007-84 (BA-287) / 2008-69(BA-267)
    100 is league average
    Yes he plays amazing defense but he is regressing on offense to the point where he is a liability.
    When you start to think your bench players are better than they really are you get into trouble.
    It was time for Endy to go. If Omar is unable to replace him than the team is in trouble.

  48. At what price, Metsiac? Sorry, The odds are exremely low that this guy is going to become a quality pitcher. He is not a Rookie. After six years in the Majors, He lead the league in walks and hit batters. I remember a guy named Falcone who once pitched for the Mets.He was also a young lefty who Had the greatest stuff. He was also a thrower who would pitch a great game once in awhile to make you dream what could be if he ever got it together. You remember him Metsiac. He is much more the norm than once in forever Sandy Koufax. The difference is this guy is going to lock up a huge salary for years while we wait.

  49. Ray(56)
    The Falcone comparison is spot on.
    I remember Falcone and the fact everyone kept saying he was a young lefty with a great arm and just give him time.
    Well time did not help as we all know now.

  50. Anderson stinks and the Mets should prepare to move on.

    IMO, Redding would be a perfect #5.

    How about Omar, doing a quick reversal and go after Oswalt or Peavy (if they’ll even come to NY).

    Lastly, Mets need another righty OF….cannot depend on Tatis like we did Alou last year!

  51. Sadecki/Pelham (56/57): The advantage of age, bringing up Pete Falcone! Good comparison but I put Falcone a couple notches below OP. Falcone pitched for a lousy Met team granted, but he never won 14-15 games a OP did for a good Met team and a bad Bucco team.
    I know Sadecki likes Wolfe and he is a fan fave everywhere but last year was his first full year since 03 and that makes him a bad risk to me.
    Pelham: You are right about Endy. He became a horrible offensive player.
    dave (52): Yes he has improved since he came. He was totally useless when the Pirates dumped and now he is useless less than half the time. He should only be your # 4. Guys yearn for Sheets who is great but rarely pitchess and Lowe who wants his retirement check. Haven’t we been there too many times already on that last check deal?

  52. Chiti

    I don’t know. Lowe has been a 200 inning guy with a mid 3 era.

    What does Ollie bring? His era is all over the place as well as his innings. Yeah he is ‘young’, but he has 7 years under his belt and at times seems like a rookie.

    Compare him to Pelf. He made great strides last year. Most likely he will regress some as they will have scouted him.

    You can also compare him to Wang of the Yanks who is about the same age and has better numbers.

    Why have his coaches with the Mets all said he likes to do his own thing? They laugh about it esp if he wins, but what else can they do?

    There is no depth otherwise they should send him to the minors or the pen.

  53. If Lowe could be had for 3 years, he would be a perfect addition to this team. Anything more is too risky.

  54. As Chiti points out, there are issues with all the remaining FA starters. Thats why my strategy would be to sign the guys who arent asking for the moon. Wolf for 7-8M and Redding for 2-3M fills out the 4th and 5th spots and leaves payroll flexiblity for the mid-season salary dumps I am expecting.

  55. (65) Ray- If the Mets go that route, I won’t really complain at all. Solid starter and a solid (for a no. 5 guy) in the back.

  56. dave: I really can’t argue about the history of this guy…. All I’m really saying in his defense that the market has guys who have really bad injury history or or trying to get their last big payday for a year or two longer then they will be good for. It would be nicer if anyone could say that Niese or another farmhand would be ready but since you can’t I prefer the poison I know rather than the poison I don’t know. They are all going to rip me off anyway……You don’t want OP for valid reasons so…. if that’s the case…
    I’ve been told by supposed experts that we have a very under rated farm. If that’s the case trade for a guy rather than getting ripped off by the remaining market.

  57. I saw this one coming when the Sox and Angels dropped out. An early Christmas present for fans of the evil empire.

  58. The worst part of Teixeira signing with the Yankees is that now Boras is hoping the Red Sox and Mets will do something stupid and over pay for Lowe , Perez or Manny.

    Unfortunately Boras almost always wins.

  59. I am so freakin’ sick of the New York Yankees. They just spent $423.5 million in the last 2 weeks. Major League Baseball has got to do something about this…it is freakin’ disgraceful!

    With that said, I don’t see the Red Sox going balls to the wall for Lowe. However, Omar, IMHO, needs to sign Lowe and Perez (I think maybe we should forget about Redding).

  60. It’s probably a bit high in this market, but a 3 year deal for a pitcher who give 200 innings a mid 3 era and double digit wins every year is pretty good i guess.

    He is the best that is left.

    We need quality consistent starters and he is it.

  61. Thanks for the link, Mr. Met. Interesting to read the Bostons fans reaction. Most of them love this guy. I am ok with Lowe at 3 yrs guaranteed. He can slide into the no.2 slot and move Maine and Pelfry to 3-4. Merry Chistmas !!

  62. (75/76) Agree that this is a good signing…I just PRAY it’s only for 3 guaranteed years. Four makes me a tad uncomfortable. I also agree Dave that it’s a bit pricey, but maybe the nos. are not reported accurately??

    Even if true, if they grab him, it does wonders for the stability of the rotation.