Bobby back in the market?

VALENTINE: Can you picture him in pinstripes?

VALENTINE: Can you picture him in pinstripes?

Former Mets manager Bobby Valentine told The Associated Press the Chaba Lotte Marines will not offer a contract extension after the 2009 season, the final year of his four-year contract.

“They just wanted to go in a different direction,” said Valentine. “They wanted to change things and I certainly understand that.”

After winning the Japan Series championship in 2005, but the team finished in fourth place this past season and did not make the playoffs.

OK … we all know Valentine won’t sit still. So, where do you think he’ll end up? I can see him with the Yankees if Joe Girardi doesn’t get them back into the playoffs following their winter of free spending.

22 thoughts on “Bobby back in the market?

  1. As much as I cannot stand the Yankees and wish them nothing but a poor showing, seeing Bobby V there would actually make me smile.

    I know he’s mellowed some, but can you imagine he and Hank going at it?

  2. Way to show the Christmas spirit.

    And to wish a bad relationship for Valentine, a man who gave his all plus more for this city and the people here after September 11 is truly an indictment of yourelf.

  3. Yep, and I hope the Phillies win another title next year too! And the Yankees the year after! Hell…Kansas City.

    As for Valentine, um, this is baseball we’re talking about, not life and death. First of all, I was speaking to him becoming manager of the team IF they struggle, which they’d have to do to get a new manager, no dickless?

    Second, if Valentine does go there, damn straight I hope the team sucks. Do I really care if he struggles as a manager somewhere other than here? Please, express my sincere apologies to Bobby about my sarcasm when you see him over the holidays.

    With each post, you show yourself to be a no-nothing-about-baseball hack.

  4. And I would like to wish a happy holiday to everyone on here.

    Except Harry, who I hope gets a lump of coal in his stocking which someone will then proceed to jam in his mouth, or all over his fingers so he can’t type.

    Now THAT is Xmas spirit!

  5. This feud between Chiti and Mrmet is getting tiring. Profane too. Why dont you both knock it off already?

  6. It is getting tiring, I’ll admit.

    A) I didn’t start it

    B) Whenever it dies down, HE is the one who starts back up again…Exhibit A is above

    I’m not the type to sit back and take potshots, so unless JD can give some function to ignore….

  7. But you know what…I’m going to the better man here, because I enjoy the banter with every other person on here and I don’t want to lose that.

    He can flame away all he wants on me, I’m just completely ignoring him.

    Bye, Chiti.

  8. Harry and mrmet – It’s the Holiday Season – how about a moratorium on the digs at each other, just for a few days – OK?

    Harry – I’m with you on Bobby Valentine – I remember very clearly how he turned Shea into a staging area for supplies etc. needed at Ground Zero. I also remember that many of the guys working there would call in WFAN and answer questions about the situation there. All in all it was a time when everyone pitched in together. As for Bobby – whatever he wants to do in NY is OK with me – I’m also thinking about the restaurant :)
    note: Hank’s a rookie compared to Bobby.

  9. (8)JD- No..I’m done with it..completely. I apologize to you and everyone else for the incessant bickering…just baseball.

  10. (10) Annie- I totally agree about Bobby V. I think my comment was distorted by Harry’s response.

    I’ll always have a soft spot for Bobby V…one of the best baseball minds around and for someone that didn’t have to “deal” with him, a real fun and always entertaining guy to follow.

    That being said, my comment about him and Hank was not about him failing but about us, the fans, getting to listen to the fireworks he and Hank would surely create.

  11. If the Mets do not click under Manuel in 2009, we could see a return engagement of Bobby V in 2010.

    My problem is that I like Manuel and obviously want the Mets to do great but I also love Bobby V because he just knows baseball …. I realize he can be arrogant at times, but he sure can manage.

  12. Bobby V is a player’s manager. He will do anything for his team as long as they do anything for him. You do you job on the field and Bobby does his job in teh dugout even if that means getting ejected and wearing a cheesy fake mustache and sitting with the coaches. 😉

  13. Bobby V. is a player’s manager? The baseball highway is littered with veteran players who would disagree with that.

    If anything, his record shows a proclivity to diss high-priced veterans in favor of overperforming fringe players…which, in a sad way, mirrors the path his career took after colliding with that fence in 1973.

    Great strategist…awful people-skills person.

  14. read what i said. i never said he was lovable. I said he was faithful to those that played … and a great strategist he was…

  15. Baseball would be better if Bobby was back managing in the States.
    I hope the Mets are good in 2009, as much as a return to the Mets of Bobby could be interesting I hope it does not happen.
    I could see the Yankees or Dodgers if either team does not make the playoffs.

  16. You think he was faithful to Pete Harnisch when he told the media that the veteran pitcher had put on suicide watch?

    You think he was faithful to Todd Hundley when he told the media that the catcher had a drinking problem?

    You think he was faithful to Mike Piazza when he fueled speculation with the media that the catcher was gay?

    You think he was faithful to Bernard Gilkey when he told the media that the outfielder needed eyeglasses?

    You think he was faithful to Lance Johnson when he told the media that the outfielder needed surgery on his shins?

    You think he was faithful to Bobby Bonilla when, on the day a trade was announced to bring Bonilla back to Shea, Bobby V. questioned whether the outfielder could catch a flyball?

    You think he was faithful to Bonilla when he challenged him to a fistfight in the dugout, but refused to fight Bonilla alone in the clubhouse?

    Let me know if you want me to keep going…

  17. Too Funny.
    Listen he was loyal .. i know I watched his loyalty to Al Leiter. ugh i desposed that pitcher.

    But he was there for the team as a whole. like it or not. Sometimes out of smoke comes fire and it shows on the field. This is NY. and sometimes the players need a match lit under their arse to start playing.

    That’s why we had almost 2 years of no first baseman with no bat. why they all played as individuals and not a team.

    Manuel, started in on his players and said hey none of your positions are safe. Earn them. so when Bobby V. ragged a players ability he was telling that person. earn the position.

    As for the gay thing, you could hardly blame him, him and Jeter looked real sweet together , and you know what? so what if he is/was gay. damned good hitter.

    You have to look at the managers affect on the team as a whole. not unlike Davy Johnson, many people wouldnt call him the greatest and that he got lucky with the team he had. But you know what? it took a damned good manager to keep those egos in check and playing together.

    So relax. we are all arm chair coaches and managers.

  18. I’ve been following baseball for 36 years and I am hard-pressed to think of another manager who consistently dragged his players through the mud the way Valentine did.

    As the laundry list above underscores, it wasn’t an isolated case with a player or two; it was nearly an epidemic.

    Go do some searches on the Mets’ signings of Tom Glavine and Cliff Floyd, both of whom volunteered that they would have never signed if Valentine were still the manager.

    And there’s a big difference between Davey and Bobby V. (besides the idea that the players want to play for Davey): Davey wins.