And the weather outside is frightful ….

Spending the afternoon getting snowed in. What better time to talk about the Mets’ pitching?

I want the Mets to bring back Oliver Perez because I still believe there is an upside there, but I also want them to add somebody else, like a Randy Wolf, because I know there will be a need.

I can’t see giving the ball to Jon Niese 33 times and having everything be all right. The Mets have upgraded, but not to where they are a slam dunk to overtake the Phillies. I want them to get two starters, and worry about slotting in guys from the minor leagues later.

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  1. John, I love Ollie and I think he has great upside, he’s fun to watch because he wears his emotions on his sleeves and always performs well in the big game. But don’t you think the Mets plan seems to be to zero in on Lowe to be a more solid #2–I think the price will be right and then possibly even sign Wolf/Garcia/Colon? for that fifth spot. Your thoughts?

  2. When I see names like Garcia, Colon out there, I want to scream at the top of my lungs, PEEEEEEEEEEEDROOOOOOO!

  3. hello all

    my number one choice would be lowe followed by colon-esque signing to fill out the fifth spot..i agree JD, 33 starts for niese is not a good option

    missing out on OP and lowe and looking to randy wolf would be devastating i thanks on that

    1. Santana
    2. Lowe/OP
    3. Maine
    4. Pelf
    5. Colon/Garcia/Niese

    any one heard anything about Smoltz? I doubt he would actually leave atlanta but if he is thinking about it, mets have to make a play at him

  4. Jim—I agree. #1 is the guy who gets the ball every 5th game, even if someone else is skipped. #5 is the guy who gets skipped for #1.

    Everyone else can be moved around as needed.

  5. (6) Ray- Not that I’m a huge Perez fan or into defending him when he coughs up things, but his last start was fine.

    The start against the Cubs on 9/24 was disastrous…blowing that 5-1 lead was inexcusable.

    But the final game of the season he pitched on three-days rest and allowed 2 runs over 5 1/2 with 6 Ks. And one of those runs were let in when Joe Smith walked in a run.

  6. Happy holidays to all…. and to all a good new year…
    PS: Delcos; I’m very pleaed that you want OP back. I know he drives you nuts. It must have been hard to write.

  7. John, with the length probably required for an Ollie contract, would you prefer the 4-5 year route for him or the 3 year bigger money route for lowe?

  8. Mr. Met, The numbers dont tell the whole story of that last game for Perez. For the first five innings he was great. The sixth inning came and Ollie fell apart. Im sorry, but thats his MO. We’ve seen it time and again. Once again, He lead the league in walks. His head is not screwed on right. Why pay him 12-13 Million? Id rather spend 7-8 Million on Wolf. There are going to be lots of salary dumps this summer. Names like Oswalt, Webb and Haren will be available if their teams fall out of it. Would you rather have one of those pitchers for about the same money or coin flip Ollie?

  9. In regards to the final game, he was pitching on three-days rest. Oliver Perez pitched a fine ballgame. He does not deserve one iota of blame for that.

    An offense that put it’s tail in between its legs is completely at fault.

    As for re-signing Perez, I will never make a move based on what might or might not happen in the future. All of those guys you mention, sans Webb, are under contract for quite some time, and I’d be shocked if the D’backs don’t come to some sort of extension with Webb.

    If the Mets can get Lowe for $7-9mm then that’s fine. But if he’s going to stick to his guns about getting $10mm, I’d just as soon spend the extra $2-3mm on Perez who is younger, has better stuff and can dominate a game and also does not have an injury history.

    Personally, I wish the Mets would bite the bullet and sign either Lowe and Wolf or Perez and Wolf. I don’t get the point of signing some retread like Garcia or Colon for the back end.

  10. **sorry, about I said get Lowe for *$7-9mm, I meant Wolf, but if Lowe could be had for that, awesome!**

  11. Hey Sadecki: I like that line about the head not being screwed on right. The only thing is you referred to the wrong head.
    Delcos: You are much more objective than the vast majority of blog site people.

  12. Well, I guess we can argue more about Ollie, but its getting a bit stale. recently did a piece on best homegrown mets team vs. best traded for team. Piazza or Carter, whos the best traded for catcher? Also, Rubin in the daily news has a piece about my boy, Wilmer Flores today.

  13. Flores impressed me GREATLY as young as he was. One thing I actually don’t particularly care for that the Mets do is push their prospects so quickly. Not saying they should never do it, but it just doesn’t always make sense.

    They said there was chance Flores could even start at AA…come on, the guy shouldn’t skip three levels at 17-18 y/o.

  14. Nice link…. Especially since its the way off sesaon.
    Where I disagree:
    SS: I loved Buddy and I wnet to dreamweek with him and I hit the ball a far (or close) as he did, but over Reyes? Nope.
    OF: Even tho he wasn’t a CFer Cleon over Mazzili. or Dykstra for sure
    SP: Not Nolan, Not enough done in NY. You replace him Sadecki… Gentry or Swan?
    Acquired: HoJo over Knight.
    Catcher: Its hard to beleive we have 2 super choices. I’ll go with Mike.
    RP: I know we are trained to hate Benitez, but Skip Lockwood?

  15. jfox85 (13): I’d rather go the Perez route. Don’t forget, at the end of his contract, Lowe is retired. At the end of his, Perez could be signed for another four years.-JD

  16. Chiti,
    I agree with you on Reyes. He probably tops All of Buds career offensive numbers already.
    Disagree about Mazz. I think the way its set up is LF, Cf, Rf. We all love Lenny, but His numbers dont compare with Mazz. I used to like the basket catch too.
    Agree about Ryan. Didnt do much as a Met. I would take Swan. won the ERA title in ’78.
    Agree about Hojo but the author is a Sox fan, so I can see his bias.
    Agree about Piazza. Best Hitter ever to wear the orange and blue.
    Benitez we remember for his chokes but his overall numbers were unbelieveable, esp in 99.
    Anthony Young for 25th man was a headscratcher. Whos your 25th Chiti?

  17. Tiff,

    And Ollie wants 5 for 75. Thats roughly half the price and half the commitment assuming they get what they are asking for.

  18. OK: You win on CF…
    25th man is tough…. If it has to be a pitcher I go with Gentry. If its anybody I take Cleon Jones since you are right he wasn’t a CFer.
    As for these starters if Wolf can get 10mil per and OP 15mil per, then its time to give up on baseball.

  19. Chiti, They put Cleon on the bench already. I wonder what you think of them making Mookie the regular LF instead of Cleon. My 25th man would be Ken Boswell. He was a nice infielder with some pop and he became a good pinch hitter later in his career. Wolf and OP wont get what they want as the Bankees are not after them.

  20. I forgot I did see Cleon. I’m cool with Boswell….. Mookie can be CF instead of Mazzili. Maz can be 25th man. I’d make Ron Hunt a reserve but I don’t know if he was homegrown or not and I’m not looking it up. But he was our first real All-Star so he belongs there somewhere.

  21. Why do people assume Ollie will get better? He has great stuff, but he is a career 500 pitcher. Last year he won 10 games on a team that overall scored enough.

    There were too many 4 inning games and he blows up before he can finish the 6th.

    He has great stuff, but who cares? He is a 500 pitcher who can’t get out of the 6th. He is no better than a #4 or #5 pitcher. I don’t care that he can be resigned. He can be a good player, but he is what he is. Don’t make him out to be more than he is.

    We have seen him play for 3 years now. He should be at the peak of his game and he won 10 games and can’t get out of the 6th.

  22. Ray. i think the non reality we see on the blogs is that many people are stats hounds. and don’t watch the game. I am one of those people i look at the stats then look at the player. The stats say they are this but when you watch them you realize that luck or a bad opponent was on their side. 😉
    Stats are important but watching the player is more important.

    with that said. i will miss Endy a whole fricken lot!