Minaya says Phillies are still better ….

GM Omar Minaya said until the Mets add a starter or two, they still aren’t as good as the Philadelphia Phillies: “We’re not better than them, they’re the World Champions. You don’t win world championships on paper. Do I think we’ve improved our club? Yes. But, the bottom line is the Phillies won the World Series and they won the division twice. The experience of winning the World Series is huge.”

13 thoughts on “Minaya says Phillies are still better ….

  1. And he’s right.

    I’m glad to hear him say this, not that I expect him to say anything else.

  2. At least he is not making excuses.

    He states the obvious which is always a good thing.

    Now if we sign Chan Ho Park and he declares we are done we are in trouble.

  3. When our team only has 3 starting pitchers, its obvious theres work to do. The biggest edge philly had was the bullpen. Omar addressed that, but he needs to get another lefty for the pen. The Phils have a nice team, but does anybody expect Lidge to repeat his performance? Utley will miss the first couple of months. Is Ibanez an upgrade over Burrell? Is Moyer going to keep defying father time? Omar is correct, Philly is the team to beat, but they have questionmarks too.

  4. Philly does have question marks, but the Mets, aside from the inevitable question marks any team has during a season, also must overcome the label they now fairly have on their foreheads too.

    But I completely agree with you re: Philadelphia. You cannot count them out of anything, but it all came together for them last year. I would not expect a repeat of that.

  5. Mr. Met, also the Phils are now the world champs. That means the teams they play will get up and try to knock them down.

  6. Ray, absolutely. And I still don’t think it’s wise to keep poking jabs at the Mets. Sooner or later, the dog will wake up and bite…hard.

    I just don’t want to disparage the team that is the World Champs, ya know? It comes off as jealous and petty.

    But the Phillies cannot expect what happened last year with their pen to happen again. I expect Lidge to have another great season but the rest of the bullpen will surely revert closer to their means which will sap a few games off their ledger.

    As it was, they won 92 games. It’s a good, solid total but it’s not like Philadelphia dominated anyone.

    Again, for the second straight year, it took a pretty monumental collapse by NY just for Philly to even MAKE it.

  7. I know how to solidify our OF and lineup at the same time.

    We should sign the all time greatest player of all time.

    Mr. Bonds says he is not done and would love to play at Shea.

  8. “Again, for the second straight year, it took a pretty monumental collapse by NY just for Philly to even MAKE it.”

    I certainly saw 2007 as a monumental collapse, but not 2008.

    In LF when you’re reaching from Alou to Pagan to Clark to Chavez to Anderson to Evans to Tatis to Phillips to Murphy…

    In RF when you’re reaching from Church to Pagan to Chavez to Nixon to Tatis…

    At 2B when you’re reaching from Castillo to Easley to Reyes to Martinez…

    When the whole bullpen goes to pot and then as a capper the closer goes from Wagner to Ayala…

    Given all that, for a team to finish 3 games out of first in the division and 1 game out of the post season, I can’t call that a monumental collapse.

  9. It’s even simpler than that, Heb. With all the injuries, etc, you mentioned, just add in a healthy Wagner and we win the ’08 Division by 6 games easy.

  10. The ’08 season was not a “collapse” but when you have a 4-game lead in the loss column with only 17 to play, it’s a gag.

    And to say that they would have won by “6 games easy” with a healthy Wagner is ludicrous.

    The problem with the Mets wasn’t the ninth inning, it was getting to it. Do they win the division if he’s healthy? More than likely, but that is leap of faith to just say that.

    This team had/has more problems than just a poor bullpen. They have a problem with gagging and cowering in the face of adversity.

    This has happened now since the ’06 NLCS when they were challenged for the first time. They have yet to answer the bell.