Would you take back Nady?

NADY: I'd want him back.

NADY: I'd take him back.

It’s been reported should the Yankees sign Manny Ramirez they’d might want to trade Xavier Nady. Well, if he were available, would you want him back?

Nady showed power and a reliable glove in the short time the Mets had him in 2006, prior to sending him to Pittsburgh in the deal for Oliver Perez.

Nady made $3.3 million last year and will be a free agent after the season. He can play the outfield corners and first base.

13 thoughts on “Would you take back Nady?

  1. It would be a no-brainer. But why would the Yankees trade him to the Mets? It would have to be a 3 team deal.

  2. In a heartbeat.. as said earlier only if he can be locked up longer term with a decent contract. My memory of him always had him very clutch. We need one more like that.


  3. I love Nady and he would be an outstanding platoon player with Murphy in LF while holding down the position for FMart …. I would take him back in a second but wonder what the price would be.

    Also, John, Nady’s glove was rather suspect in RF during his time here in 2006 …. “reliable” is being very generous but I would love him back here none-the-less.

  4. Sadecki (5) He had no fade in ’06 when he was sent to Pitt, but he certainly hit a lot lower for the Yankees then he did in first half last year. But he hit 12 HRs in part of year not bad for a righty in the Bronx.
    metsgrrl (7) anything? he’s not that good…..

  5. Of course it would depend upon the cost, but if it was reasonable absolutely. Church, Beltran, Nady would be a solid outfield…

    JD- you had a roster post the other day which i wasn’t around for but speaking of outfielders how is Marlon still around..

  6. Marlon is still around because he’s got a year left on his 2-year deal. But that doesn’t guarantee him a post-ST job.

  7. Harry- It’s just a personal thing. He was my favorite player in 2006 and I have been bitter about the trade to the Pirates ever since it happened.

  8. Metsgrrl (12): I understand that…. I’m still annoyed about them trading Ken Singleton. And I’m much more annoyed about the Mets trading me for me….. That was humiliating…..