This Day in Baseball History: Ordonez traded.

ORDONEZ: Traded on this date.

ORDONEZ: Traded on this date.

Shortstop Rey Ordonez is traded to Tampa Bay for two minor league prospects. Ordonez had a love-hate relationship with Mets’ fans. He once called them stupid. Not a nice thing to say.

I remember this guy was slick with the glove, but I didn’t cover him on a daily basis so I never got the chance to get to know him. For those who saw him regularly, any moments that stick out?

5 thoughts on “This Day in Baseball History: Ordonez traded.

  1. His first game as a big leaguer..opening day 1996 when he took the relay throw in short LF and from his knees, fired home to nail Royce Clayton at home.

    And the Mets rallied from a 6-0 deficit to win.

    Unfortunately we only got to enjoy 70 more victories that season, but hey. It’s unfortunate in a sense for Ordonez. He entered the league just as the SS position truly became an offensive force.

    30 years ago, he’s probably a regular SS for 15 years.

  2. His fielding was so spectacular that it quickly became expected by me. Therefore the memory that stands out most for me was his rather unexpected extra-inning home run at the Marlins in ’02, which turned out to be the game winner.

  3. Yeah.

    good glove lousy bat.

    I remember he went to st louie – to the minors.

    when he got back to the majors he was a 300 hitter.

  4. The move he patented was the pop-up slide on the ball in the hole. In one motion, he would slide, backhand the ball and then pop up in throwing motion. Amazing.

  5. Besides his great fielding, I remember him always hitting one home run in September, His only home run of the year most times. I also remember that he couldnt get a bunt down in the ’99 playoffs against the Braves and that hurt the team.