Mets seek pitching; eye Wolf.

WOLF: Mets interested in lefty.

WOLF: Mets interested in lefty.

His name has been mentioned on this blog several times, now it appears the Mets have interest in signing lefthander Randy Wolf.

GM Omar Minaya placed the odds at 50-50 the Mets would re-sign Oliver Perez.

It’s a smart move on Minaya’s part to look elsewhere. The more he pins his pitching hopes on Perez, the longer agent Scott Boras will drag this out with the hope of driving up the price.

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  1. It’s not a bad move, but IMO, if Randy Wolf is the club’s “big signing” in terms of the rotation, that is going to be quite disappointing.

    I wouldn’t mind Wolf+Perez or something along those lines, but just Wolf would be sort of a letdown to me.

    Not that it cannot work, but if you’re going to give Randy Wolf $10mm/year, you might as well pony up and pay Perez the extra $2-3mm annually.

    I know some people will counter that Boras wants 5/70 for him, but he is not getting that. There just doesn’t seem to be all that many suitors for him.

  2. I’m not sold on Wolf at $10 mil, but given that last year he made $4.75 mil I can’t see him getting $10 mil this coming season.

    Something in between there makes more sense, and makes him more palatable, especially if someone better is also acquired to fill another rotation slot leaving Wolf to essentially fend off Niese for the 5th slot.

  3. (3) Everything I’ve read, Dave, is that the Mets are a seperate entity. That could be just a cover, but it’s not like the Wilpons will be able to hide that fact for long if they start skimping on things.

    It will be pretty obvious.

  4. True, but the link above mentions that it can very easily be all related, esp if the Mets go negative and are looking for daddy warbucks to kick in $$ on a temporary basis.

    for example where will the turnstile money come from in a recession or the ad $$?

    everything will be down.

  5. I like the fact that this rumor is coming out. Scott Boras always likes to control. We really don’t know what kind of interest there is in Perez. I can’t remember reading any rumor linked to him. With the Mets linked to other lefties this may just spur Boras into loosening the demands.

    I’d still prefer Wolf over Perez. I can’t see Perez ever meeting the potential.

  6. (8) I agree re: the suitors for Perez. If he holds out for a long time, I think he’s going to be sorely disappointed with what he finds.

    Gun to my head, the Mets will probably be the team that puts in the highest bid, assuming they don’t break off contract talks because they don’t like the sounds of what they’ll hear.

  7. I gotta wonder if anyone is going to pay Orlando Hudson big money. Seems money is real tight in baseball this winter.
    Joel Sherman mentioned could be lots of salary dumps during the season if things do not get better.

  8. (10) Scott- Outside of Sabathia (expected) and Burnett (idiotic), you’re already seeing that contracts are quite depressed.

    I wouldn’t have expected K-Rod to get 5/75 even in a great offseason, but 3/37? Raul Ibanez…3/31.5?

    The market is severely depressed right now and it probably means the Mets could be in good shape to land either Lowe or Perez, especially because the big-name teams outside of the Mets are really no longer in play.

  9. mr.met, Yankees are still not done shopping. Lowe is on thier list. Bostons too. I dont see much chatter about Ollie though.

  10. (12) Ray-I would never count the Yankees out either, but I would be a tad surprised if their next big splash, assuming they do make one, is in the rotation.

    Believe it or not, that team needs some help offensively and if they go and splurge on Lowe, they are not going to be able to do much after that.

  11. “Time to get your werewolf masks and do the wolfpack shuffle.”

    My Phillie friends will sell them cheap, but they want the Wolf man back down there to replace Moyer. You’ll have to wait for the fire ale…. You called it Sadecki…..

  12. I’m hearing rumblings that the Mets are going to be quite forceful with Boras re: Oliver Perez.

    As in, if you don’t take the offer we make you soon, we’re moving on completely. It makes sense, considering that Lowe is still out there and all of the noise coming out now about Wolf.

    IMO, the Mets are on the fringes of the Lowe sweepstakes, hoping the demand just isn’t there and his price drops at which point they’ll enter. But I think they have reasonable optimism on re-signing Perez, and that’s why they are trying to “flush him out” so to speak by making this Wolf noise.

    Not that they won’t go after Wolf if Perez doesn’t take the bait.

  13. Heyman from SI reports Phillies have 2 year deal with Moyer also signed Chan HO Park for
    2.5 million for 1 year. I guess Wolf is not going home to Philly.
    Heyman also reported that Andy Pettitte has a 3 yr 36 mil offer from team other than the Yankees. Lets hope it’s not the Mets.

  14. mrmet0805 (15): I hope they do. I wrote after the season they should dictate the terms to Boras. In this market, they can afford to take that position. Especially, since I don’t see a line around the block for Perez.-JD

  15. Pelham (16): The Phils have not improved at all. They are starting to miss the old GM already. Competing with themelves they buckled to the demands of Jamie Moyer. Wow. Paulino for the plate, a guy who lost the job in Pittburgh, and a strange outfield deal.

  16. Harry
    Amaro should have signed Wolf and Juan Rivera to play LF. This would have cost them less, made them younger and most likely better.
    Moyer might have one good year left but 2 is being crazy, Rivera would hit 25 HR’s playing at CBP and play better LF.
    This is the same mistake Omar made after 2006 when he resigned Valentine. This may have been the worst mistake of the winter of 2006. Anybody watching the 2006 Mets in September and the playoffs knew Valentine was done. Also Valentine was always getting hurt, 2006 was a fluke.
    If had found a better solution that winter maybe Luis Castillo would not be the problem he is today.

  17. Scott (19) I don’t understand a lot of new moves. Unless the Braves are going back to Peavy or going to play Furcal at 2nd I don’t understand their sign either. Furcal is a major risk now with back problems and that kid looked like a real good young SS.

    Amaro did screw up on both ends. The Philly fans love Wolfe and for the outfield they didn’t improve the D, and are too lefty oriented. Sometimes you should keep what you have, OP OP OP…… not Pedro Pedro Pedro…….

  18. Scott, I think you meant Valentin, but I get your vibe, They got lucky once and pushed it. Omars love for middle age players has got to stop.

  19. Chiti, Its obvious the Braves have a deal in place for Peavy. It wasnt going until bravos had a replacement for their excellent SS escobar. I dont belive for a minute that furcal with his cannon arm is going to second base.

  20. (22) Ray-To start, the deal is not even complete. He’s deciding between the Braves and Dodgers, who if they pony up enough cash, would probably retain him because he’d play SS.

    While the Peavy situation is not dead to be sure, no matter what anyone says, the Braves have said that they’d move Kelly Johnson to LF, keep Escobar at SS and put Furcal at second to ease the stress on his back.

    He’s not against playing at 2B, particularly because he is still so fond of Atlanta and perhaps going back there.

  21. Mr. Met, It makes more sense for LA to keep him. It would be a waste of a great arm to put him at 2nd base. Atlanta would have to move too many other players around to make it work. That being said, It aint over till its over.