Mets looking at Japanese FA pitcher ….

NPB Tracker, which monitors Japanese baseball players, is reporting the Mets as the front-runners to sign left-hander Ken Takahashi, who was 8-5 with a 3.50 ERA in 21 games last season for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp.

Takahashi hopes to sign by the end of the year. Reports are he can start or relieve, and he could fit a long-man role. He’s 40, so his best years are behind him.

7 thoughts on “Mets looking at Japanese FA pitcher ….

  1. dave (1): I saw that story. I don’t know what to make of it. The Wilpons did nothing wrong. They just trusted the wrong guy. … My understanding is their money is separate from that of the Mets, and their baseball decisions aren’t related.-JD

  2. Yes,

    but buried in the article is that Sterling is some sort of investment vehicle and so they may have to sell assets to cover what they need to do.

    Also in this economy the Mets may not cover and so big daddy may have to pony in. The question is with what?

  3. Niese and Parnell, along with Stokes (who was a SP in AAA last year), can fill the long man role.

    That said, why not give the Japanese guy a shot, as long as he doesn’t cost a lot?

  4. here’s my idea for the second LOOGY ( early inning match-up guy) that wont cost a multi-year deal…

    I know they want a cheap lefty but according to his own coach he cant get lefties out…
    Ken Takahashi, a 39-year-old southpaw starter for Brown’s Carp, said he wants to play in the majors.

    “I really respect him,” Brown said of the pitcher who went 8-5 for a sub-.500 team with little offense that plays in a bandbox. “He’s done everything I’ve asked him to do. ”

    He thinks his changeup is as good as [Hideki] Okajima’s. But he doesn’t get lefties out, and he can’t start every fifth day.” source ESPN