4 thoughts on “In case you missed it ….

  1. I would:

    Sign Oliver Perez
    Sign a scrap-heap type pitcher like Livan Hernandez or anyone else who seems to not be getting any interest.

    Put Stokes in the pen.
    Sign a lefty specialist or promote Rincon to the pen.

    Sign Adam Dunn, have Murphy and Tatis give relief days to infielders (both are natural infielders).

    Sign a backup 2B – like Eckstein.

  2. Stokes was very successful as a SP in NO; why not give him a chance to compete for the #5 slot if we have other arms for the pen?

    Why is Easley, who IMO did a good job as utilityman/PHer, never mentioned as a possible re-sign, or even a ST invite?

    How about giving a ST invite to Mark Mulder, whose agent says he’s fully healed and “ready to go”?

  3. JD- #4 starter in order of preference money aside: Lowe, Ollie, Wolf, Garland

    I would bring in a veteran starter for the #5 spot every team needs six starters and that would mean Neise in AAA developing and waiting for a call-up-names for #5 Pedro, Randy johnson etc…

    Im find with Cora as long as it’s a guy who can play all four infield positions and could start at second ( Ramon looked good enough to me)

    Marlon anderson should be gone not only was he bad but the team has too many lefties; they need a right handed power bat on the bench say jonny gomes

    I think it’s a mistake the platoon in left but i dont think the budget will allow for anything else..

  4. Forgot the bullpen – i bring in Cordero and Rincon. Duaner needs competiton and Cordero might be throwing in spring training but wont be truly ready until mid-season…

    Rincon becomes the early inning lefty