One move to make ….

Let’s face it, the Mets have done most of their important heavy lifting. But, there’s still work to be done. OK, you’ve got one more move to make. Who is it? Oliver Perez, which seems to be the consensus, or somebody else?

Ben Sheets? Andy Pettitte? Brad Penny?

Or, do you splurge on a hitter?

You can add one, so realistically who is it?

16 thoughts on “One move to make ….

  1. If I can truly only add one…it’s got to be a starting pitcher IMO.

    I think Sheets is the best pitcher, but the health risk, though overblown, is still there.

    AJ Burnett is just as much of a health risk as Sheets.

    No comment on Andy Pettitte.

    I’d prefer that Brad Penny sign with an NL East foe so the Mets can continue to regularly destroy him.

    I would like a lefthander, but it’s not mandatory, and while there are very few sure things in life, there are certainly no sure things on the list of available LH starters.

    My magic 8 ball says “all signs point to Derek Lowe.”

  2. If you could only make one more move, then it needs to be a starting pitcher — preferably a reasonably priced Derek Lowe or Oliver Perez ….

    bt, if one of these SPs is added to the current team, they are still not a lock to win anything …

    5th Starter: Major hole — Niese is unknown and there is not 6th or 7th starter “insurance” in the event something happens to anyone in the rotation

    2B: Castillo is a huge question mark

    LF: This Tatis/Murphy platoon is a major issue for me …. Tatis seems like a poerfect bench player/pinch-hitter and while I am impressed with Murphy’s 2008, couldn’t he just as easily be the second coming of Mike Vail? We need an experienced LF’er.

    Bullpen: the foundation is built, now just clean out the trash that’s left and we’re done.

    One more move — which must be for a starting pitcher — will not a championship make.

  3. I’m breaking the rule here…but if OP prices himself too far out…sign Sheets to a 2-year deal, sign Wolf too.

    Cover your bases. Sheets upside is huge so a 2-year deal is not THAT big of a risk and if he gets hurt, move Wolf up to the 4-slot and bring up Niese.

  4. The above idea is my “out-of-the-box” line of thinking.

    The safest way would be to re-sign Perez or hope that the Yankees get Burnett and drop from the Lowe sweepstakes.

    The Mets probably won’t (and shouldn’t) go to four years with him, but if they offered him a 3/48 or 3/50 deal…he might bite. That’s a lot of money.

  5. mrmet0805
    Sheets at 2yrs is better than OP injury history included. If he is healthy for the post season he would make the Mets scary good.
    Wolf as the # 5 guy would round out a great rotation.
    Sounds great to me lets hope it will happen.

  6. (5) Scott- I can understand not wanting to take certain risks, but IMO, this is one that is worth it.

    Particularly because I don’t think Sheets is going to get anything more than a 3-year deal, max.

    I wouldn’t give him three years, but if you up the yearly salary into two years, he might bite. But acquiring him is also contingent on getting someone that is at least adequate in the back-end who should take the ball every 5th day without worry.

  7. I would sign Lowe. 200 innings a year, a couple of complete games and a decent won loss.

    If the Yanks get him I guess we try OP unless Boras does his usual crap in which case the out of the box suggestion (4) above is fine with me.

    I want Niese in AAA this year.

  8. John,

    Do you want to do some research?

    Today the news on the financial pages was a ponzi scheme where an investor lost about $50 billion for his investors in a ponzi scheme. It seems to have caught a handful of people including some pension funds and the Wilpons to the tune of $300Million.

    What effect does their negative capitalization have on this offesason and beyond? Does this put the brakes on any more moves this offseason?

  9. Sign OP. I hate to think that all the angst I had invested in him would go to waste. LOL. I would also give Sheets an incentive based contract, 2 for 20…3rd year option where if he was able to make at least 30 starts those first two years, the third would kick in and the value of the contract would be increased by 5 mil per year giving him essentially a 3 year 45 mil contract.

  10. Unless some other mystery teams appear, I really think OP ends up with the Mets. There just doesn’t seem to be a large market for his services.

    And to answer Dave’s question…it’s a lateral move considering they’re replacing him with Burrell. If it’s better, it’s not by much.

    But one thing it DOES is make three of their most dangerous players LH. Less balance.

  11. With the Phillies signing Ibanez the Mets do need a second lefty in the rotation.
    Also having two loogys may be necessary for late innings against the Phillies.
    May have to get used to having Show around for another year.

  12. As I have been saying all along, Get Randy Wolf. A nice steady junkballing lefty. I dont want coin flip back and I dont want AJ and the rest of jerrys kids to take up space on the DL. We need leftys againt Phils.
    OUT of the box pick = How about Jamie Moyers – Old as dirt, but never gets hurt. Hes a lefty who won 16 games last year.

  13. Sadecki when dealing with jr and 3 you are not allowed to disagree. They want the AJ then you have to want the AJ. Got it!!!

    dave i guess the ponzi scheme makes up a bit for the one the wilpons pulled on every taxpayer via citi woops i mean taxpayer field.