BREAKING NEWS: Mets deal Schoeneweis



This just in: The Mets have traded Scott Schoeneweis to Arizona for right hander Connor Robertson. Robertson was 0-1 with a 5.14 ERA with the Diamondbacks.

Schoeneweis never felt the love from Shea fans, who took it out on him for getting the three-year contract Chad Bradford should’ve gotten.

It also didn’t help that he pitched poorly,

28 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Mets deal Schoeneweis

  1. Salary dump? Hey JD, with the Yanks signing AJ today and most likely not going to go after Lowe, do you think Lowe will fall into the Mets lap?

  2. Right after the 2008 season ended I had a list of players I never ever want to see in a mets uniform again:

    Luis Castillo, Aaron Heilman, and Scott Shoenweiss. 2 out of the 3 are gone.
    One more to go Omar… one more to go. I think he can make it happen.

    I’m hoping the Dodgers non-tender Saito so the mets can have a chance at him.

  3. OK, I can’t pan Omar for dumping this guy.
    Good move OMAR!
    Everybody want to dissect my negativity on this move!

  4. pvhornet: It could happen, but with the Yankees adding two pitchers, the Red Sox will make a push for Lowe, and Boston is where he really wants to go.-JD

  5. The Mets included cash considerations in the deal.
    Tonight another Met myth died. The Mets will dump salary.

  6. Addition by subtraction.

    What a fantastic week for Mets fans thus far. It’s like a cleansing.

  7. Do you think that Boston will have enough money after they sign Tex to offer a significant offer to Lowe.

  8. As Branch Rickey would describe it, addition by subtraction. I was surprised to see Jesse Orosco’s name on the Hall of Fame ballot since I keep expecting someone to bring the ultimate LOOGY back.

    Maybe Wilpon wants to save some money after getting caught in a ponzi scheme.

  9. Hey, I was just curious if anyone here thinks that if the Mets traded, maybe Evans, Murphy and Carp for Damaso Marte or maybe Eric Gagne back in ’07 we’d still be celebrating the franchise’s 3rd World Championship.

    Harry thinks so. I mean, Steve Phillips, not that buffoon Omar Minaya, has built the team into a perennial contender. It’s Minaya, however, who has made the Mets cough up two virtual playoff locks because he didn’t do his job.

    And remember also, the Mets don’t have depth. They traded cardboard cutouts they claim are elite players to get what most people think is one of the top 5 closers in baseball and arguably the best pitcher in the game the last two offseasons.

  10. Get Wigginton now.

    PERFECT for this team. Pop, can play multiple positions and has a bulldog mentality. I’d be quite annoyed with Minaya if the Mets don’t kick the tires on this one.

  11. mr met… Thankyou very much for attempting to think for me. Too bad you don’t have the intellect for it. I’m ready to play, centerfield….
    PS: Herbert Hoover and George W Bush want you to blog everywhere and convince everyone with minds a empty a your that their depressions were minor matters that don’t reflect on their greatnes.

  12. I’m actually quite liberal in my thinking, so you’re not going to get me there.

    But once again, you never come back with any facts to back yourself up, only witty-and I use that word exceptionally loosely-quips to try and one-up me.

    Yet you never do.

    If you’d like, let’s rehash your arguments against Omar and I will counter with mine. Let’s see what makes more sense.

    See, what you don’t seem to understand here is I’m not a blind loyalist. I am actually quite hard on the Mets…more than the average fan.

    But what I’m doing is rebuking YOU because you just ramble on without any semblance of fact to back up your opinion.

    We’ve jumped from the Minaya being bad because the team has no depth to it being completely his fault the team has collapsed.

    And you keep mentioning the last day too, which is precious considering it was fairly obvious to Mets fans that have a clue that the last day was a foregone conclusion…and it’s not necessarily because the team isn’t good enough, which is what you like to claim.

    It’s because the team cannot take a punch to the jaw. It started in the ’06 NLCS and it’s showed in crunch time since.

    You are so dumb that you don’t even realize I’m not defending Minaya because I think he had done a great job. I’ve said about 1,000 times I think he’s a competent GM who has made mistakes and has hit home runs.

    I’m defending him from YOU because you’re just completely and totally irrational and you have not once, ever, backed up your rambling with a fact.

  13. Glad to be entertaining you Ray!!!!

    And I apologize if it is annoying anybody…really, I am. But he started this whole nonsense with me when I disagreed with him a few weeks ago and began getting personal.

    He wants to get personal? So can I. Oh, and he obviously thinks I am someone else under another name too, which is equally amusing.

  14. Sadecki: How you doing man? I’m just playing with the guy/gal because lets face it, its the off season and Delcos won’t let me be all my past personalities as you probably figured since I’ve kept the name of this hideous Catcher since site 2. Its tough being deceased you know especially in the mountains of PA during the dreary Winter months. But he’s boring and has an ego probably a big as Govs Blago and Spitzer combined.
    Anyway what happened to your favorite long shot Vargas? Aaron Heilman… I hope he wins 20 so I can pan Omar with it but truly who wants to see that scowl anymore?
    Don’t tell the genius this but Omar got the right closer. But if he does blow his arm out like Delcos always hints at, just think of all the fun here. And Putz, what a name if he fails to perform well. Potential is enormous.

  15. Despite it being blatantly obvious what Harry is doing, just shows his true colors as a Mets fan.

    One that actually roots for things to go wrong so he can have something to complain about.

    Harry, there’s a team across town for you. Leave here and go join their little club. You’ll fit right in with your incessant whining.

  16. Oh, and notice to all:

    Harry STILL didn’t take my challenge.

    Facts are facts, and Harry cannot come up with any, so he continues to “have fun” while I just run circles around him.

  17. metsman said “it was fairly obvious to Mets fans that have a clue that the last day was a foregone conclusion…”

    If true you should all be billionaires knowing the outcome of sport before it starts. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    I hate to leave you now metsman but I’m gonna watch the Pitt game now. You should watch because you’ll see a real coach and gentleman in Jamie Dixon, neither of which you could ever be.

    Thanks for the entertainment. “I’m ready to play, centerfield……

  18. Um, who said I wanted to be a coach?

    And a gentleman? To a complete and utter grade-A prick like yourself?

    Ghandi would have had a hard time with that one.

  19. Chiti, I guess somebody else likes Vargas’ upside. Now we have a putz in the bullpen. Last year we had a whole bullpen full of putzes. Mr. Met, yes I do find it entertaining. I used to think he was a yankee troll, but now I know hes a longtime mets fan. Who the hell else would know where Harry Chiti is buried. Hes a curmudgeon who likes to scrape, thats all. He has a thing for Omar, thats ok, If we all agreed here it would be pretty boring.

  20. (26/27)JD/Ray- I LOVE to have disagreements, it makes it better. I don’t care that he doesn’t like Omar. I think he’s a competent GM…not the best but not the worst.

    The issue is when I first came on about 2 weeks ago, I saw his comments about Minaya and his lack of moves at the deadline, it being his fault the team had no depth, etc.

    So I responded with what I thought were reasons that Minaya made his moves and the guy decided to start making it personal. And by personal, I mean throwing little barbs in my direction about “enjoying the Mets collapse” and myself and Omar “raising the flag of failure in game 162” and I should be the spokesperson for Bush and Herbert Hoover, etc. It’s not like I’m hurt by it, but if he wants to play that game, so will I.

    And if he would like to say I started it, I can just go back to the topics where I started posting and show him his little barbs because I had the audacity to defend some of Minaya’s moves.