Omar kept his word ….

MINAYA: Came through in the clutch.

MINAYA: Came through in the clutch.

After the season, GM Omar Minaya vowed to fix the bullpen. It’s one thing to get one stud closer, it’s another to get two. And, he did. The need was to add power arms to the bullpen, and he couldn’t have done better.

That JJ Putz is looking forward to setting up Francisco Rodriguez, eliminates the ego problem. Also encouraging is both players want to play in New York. Rodriguez has thrived under pressure in big games before, so this in not a new environment for him.

Minaya isn’t done. There’s still a starter that needs to be added, but so far he’s done real well. Real well.

7 thoughts on “Omar kept his word ….

  1. JD – do you really think that Putz can check his ego at the door?

    And, do you think given his $9 million salary for 2010, that Omar will look to get Kunz & Parnell “up to speed” in 2009, then trade Putz next offseason to a contender that needs a closer for a boatload of prospects?

  2. Great start to offseason, but would like to add a solid starter not just an innings eater.
    Why aren’t the Mets in on the Peavy discussions? I would trade the farm system to have Santana and Peavy heading the rotation.

  3. demets (#2) — Peavey has a no-trade clause and is on record on not wanting any part of New York.

  4. I agree Omar has had a great start and needs to address the rotation next.

    I don’t know what Jake thinks of queens, but it would be great to have him here.

  5. (5) Everything I’ve heard, Dave, is that he hates NY and wants no part of it. Of course…some financial incentive might change that.