Mets Chat Room: Wrapping up the Winter Meetings.



When we last left our heroes, did so with scathing words about their bullpen, which in the last four days has gone from arguably the worst to the best in baseball.

Adding Francisco Rodriguez and JJ Putz will do that to a bullpen.

We kick off Mets Chat Room with word they are talking to the Cubs about Jason Marquis.

Looking forward to talking with you tonight.

160 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Wrapping up the Winter Meetings.

  1. Good evening folks …. Have to start with saying Omar Minaya had a great Winter Meetings. They still need a starter, but they fill their biggest void without giving up any significant prospects.-JD

  2. MrMet0805 (2): They don’t want to go to $15 million a year. I think it will be around $12 million a season. They might have to go five years.-JD

  3. A big key to Perez is what Burnett signs for. If he does indeed get five years, that’s going to make it very tough on the Mets to not do so…and they may not.

    If memory serves, Johan is the only pitcher in the history of the Mets to get at least 5 years.

  4. mrmet0805 (5): Burnett has been offered $80 million. He’s not worth it, and neither will Perez. Don’t think Perez is worth $60 million, but he’s liable to get close to it.-JD

  5. Guess its only us tonight so far!

    I can deal with overpaying monetarily…but I cannot give see the Mets, and I honestly don’t blame them if they don’t, giving him 5 years.

  6. mrmet0805 (6): It’s always risky giving more than four years to a pitcher. I was against giving it to Santana. Too many things can go wrong with pitchers.-JD

  7. Right now, as much as they’ve improved in their pen, they still need somebody to pick up the early innings. They know Perez, which is why I think he’ll return. … I like Ben Sheets, too, but he’s an injury risk.-JD

  8. Annie (9): I think he did. Three-way deals are a house of cards. They can fall apart too quickly. Last year, they wouldn’t have done this deal because they wanted to keep Heilman. That wasn’t an issue this year.-JD

  9. Any tidbits of news regarding the offense? You cannot complain with what Omar has done with the pitching aspect thus far, but I still believe the offense needs that one more bat to lengthen the lineup.

  10. Thanks, John (11) my point being that Omar – always underestimated – has made both Cashman and the Yankees look like fools what with chasing CC all over the place and then paying many millions more than were necessary, while he was ‘taking care of business’ very efficiently.

  11. Let’s also not forget the Mets helped themselves with Sean Green. Hot first half, cold second half, but he throws hard. Just a little more depth.-JD

  12. mrmet0805 (12): Haven’t hear of anything hot on the offense. I’d still like them to get Pat Burrell. I also wouldn’t object for sticking Adam Dunn out in left field. I know about the strikeouts, but I also know about the homeruns. And, don’t forget, they might not have Carlos Delgado after this year. I’d look at Dunn. But, pitching is their priority.-JD

  13. Heyman said on Mets Hot Stove he thinks the Mets will eventually nab Jason Marquis….thoughts?

  14. mrmet0805 (17): I’m not enamored with him. He’s a fifth starter. He started 29 games and worked 167 innings. They need somebody to pick up those innings. If not Marquis, then somebody.-JD

  15. I’ve always thought Omar was a sensible person – even when he was stuck in Montreal. How approachable is he?

    In the middle of the night last night Tony Paige ran a tape of a meeting Omar had about the trade and he sounded very pleased.

  16. Annie (19): Good for a reporter. He’s approachable, but he keeps close to the vest with his information. He gives the benefit of doubt to his players. That’s what happened in part last summer. He went into the season thinking he’d get more out of Aaron Heilman and Duaner Sanchez than he did.-JD

  17. John (22) I like him a lot, maybe because he’s been quoted saying he values women’s opinions – says that women “see the big picture”. He’s right, we do.

    I still think the fifth man will be Pedro –

  18. Santana -Pelfrey-Maine-
    wolf/ollie/garland one of the three for #4 slot

    marquis and Niese compete for #5. niese wins marquis is the long man. Marquis wins niese is developing in AAA

  19. Annie (26): It’s possible. I don’t like Pedro saying he won’t talk contract until January. The Mets have to control the talks and not cave to Martinez.-JD

  20. Reed might be a sleeper in this deal – he was a top prospect hit .258 first full year as a starting CF with the highest range in the league .305 – next year broke his thumb and fell out of the loop. next regime gave him another chance last year as a bench outfielder hit .260 in 80-90 games

  21. if they get Marquis it would have to be ollie or Wolf or it would be a 4-1 ratio and with Omars love of lefties that wouldn’t work

  22. I can understand giving up Heilman. But Endy?

    Yeah Omar makes the trading magic. But i hate it when a gem has o be traded.

  23. John (30) I’d almost bet it was Perez and that he will have a big season.

    On another subject, when Darryl Strawberry was on with Francesa this afternoon, he said that he thinks the Mets need to be more assertive right from the start and to act more like a team than 9 separate players.

    Also said he learned more about baseball every day from Keith Hernandez than anyone else, just by watching and listening to him.

  24. I like the idea of Marquis and Niese if it gets you flexibility to upgrade the offense. However, we still should sign some super-cheap guy, like Livan Hernandez or something.

  25. there will be a washed up vet. in AAA always is Williams, lima, park, vargas, lawrence. etc…

  26. edfever. i am sorry. i seem to lose count on how many clutch plays Endy made.. yeah not a gem. still only.. i love that. there’s something to be said about a guy who can get out there and do what you need him to do and not blow the game.

  27. j_k (39): Adding a veteran innings eater like Livan could be done on the cheap. Wouldn’t be bad. It’s risky to go into the season banking on Niese.-JD

  28. Im curious who theyll replace show with if he’s moved.. not many goo free agent lefties out there and I dont think he wants to trade anyone else for a LOOGY

  29. Other than Putz possibly being unhappy, there is very little not to like about the trade. I also doubt the Mets would just cut Putz loose at the end of the season – if we don’t want his salary, we’ll pick up the option and trade him. There will probably be more of a market for closers at the time anyway.

  30. It’s gonna be another Nady moment. i feel it.
    My other question is do you think delgado blew his load this last season?

  31. SteveC
    Endy is a great OF but a lousy bat.
    Also will be a FA after 2009.
    If Reed sticks he is a younger , cheaper and the Mets will have at least 3 yrs of control before he becomes a FA

  32. j_k (48): Putz said he’s all for being K-Rod’s set-up man. His attitude isn’t an issue. And, for the red flags about K-Rod’s health and diminishing fastball, you have to like that he’s there.-JD

  33. scott. i wouldnt call him lousy. he gets on base. and moves. he’s a number 2 or 8 hitter.
    and they have a place on the team very important rolls.

  34. Reed=Endy
    Smith=Green (but green gets lefties)
    Putz is worth the rest….

    That was one of the best winter meetings I’ve ever seen one of those guys would have been a success two is incredible

  35. Endy was also a bit overpriced. Lost in everything is that the Mets actually didn’t assume any extra payroll of significance in this deal. It’s almost hard to believe that they pulled it off.

  36. One thing to remember with Delgado is that he is 31 HR’s from 500. Combine this with him being in his walk year and my guess is he will have a decent year in 2009.

  37. SteveC (51): There’s always that risk that Delgado’s second half was his curtain call. But, it’s worth the risk to bring him back. They wouldn’t have gotten Teixeira anyway.-JD

  38. JD- WFAN was saying Omar looking into that extensively believes he had a sore ankle then favoring it slipped on stairs at home injuring the good one during the off season and played alot of the year on sore ankles

  39. though his bat was great when he finally woke up. I would rather see a real 1st baseman. :-\
    i hate to see a ball roll by because the effort wasnt there…

  40. I think it actually came out even, so far they’ve only increased 12M for KRod out of the 30 M they have to spend

  41. Endy’s
    OPS+ in 2008 was 69
    100 is considered average.
    Church has a 106 and Reyes was 118
    just for comparison

  42. Sorry to see Endy go……not sorry to see Heilman go…….but I really like what we got in return. The bullpen is our major issue and has to be top priority

  43. JD: i said way back he was playing injured and it was hurting the team. he should have sat out. I can’t see how anyone would play hurt and allow the team to lose for that reason.

  44. Adam Dunn is the real deal. The Mets could really use him, and he could replace Delgado after the year is over. He would make the team younger and more powerful (and more patient). Perhaps he could cash some of Luis’ OBP in.

  45. Pat Burrell being a RH bat would help balance the lineup. He also played 1st base earlier in his career.

  46. i dont think theyll even get a bat I think well see them get a super sub like hairston jr or amazega

    spend on a starter, lefty reliever and have enough to get a utility player

  47. j_k (71): I want them to get Adam Dunn. He’s a presence. And, with him with Beltran and Wright he should get some protection. That’s four guys capable of 30 homers.-JD

  48. If the Mets do not want to spend big on a OF Juan Rivera could be a good pickup to platoon in LF with Murphy.

  49. Yes, and one of whom seemingly will hit 40 no questions asked.

    It seems like they’re not interested, though.

  50. JD
    are you talking about pitching or the everyday lineup.
    One thing I always remember about the Yankee teams of the late 90’s is the batting order was very balanced.

  51. the pitching suffers from science diet. 😉
    specialty pitchers setup men. sounds like volleyball .;-)

  52. Is it possible the Mets could do a deal with Ollie similar to CC’s with an opt out after 3 years. That would make it easier to tolerate overpaying him.

  53. they just need to play ball and play hard. it was done that way close to 80 years(my maths may be off) but late 90’s and y2k was the year of science and extra stats and “balancing acts” they just need to play. yeah the odd time you need a pinch runner or hitter thats fine. but not every inning not everyday.

  54. Scott (91): Both. I’d like for a guy like Murphy to see at-bats against LHP. The R/L match-ups won’t come into play in the eighth (Putz)and ninth (K-Rod) innings. Let them play.-JD

  55. I’m sorry its hard for me to see a guy named Putz. Look at that Putz on the mound he’s great! 😮

  56. SteveC (94): Mickey Mantle said his father made him a switch hitter so he would get to play against all pitching. But, it wasn’t an obsession back then.-JD

  57. Steve C
    If the Mets want relievers to pitch whole innings and not just one batter per appearance
    then trading Smith was good. Roggy’s are just as bad for the game as Loggy’s

  58. Cole Hamels stirring things up by calling the Mets “choke artists”. Which they are but usually players are all one big happy union. Nice to see someone stir this up. Despite the short distance Mets and Phillies have never been an intense rivalry. Just as long as it doesn’t lead to violence.

  59. I remember at one time 7 innings was considered a quality start by a starting pitcher. Today they have dumbed down the stat by making 6 inning a quality start.
    Change the stat to 7 inning and maybe more pitchers would try to go 7. Its not 9 but you need to start somewhere.

  60. The one thing that made me laugh about Rocker was that he actually knew where the 7 train was. Most players have no clue.

  61. I have to say that Sabathia reaffirmed my belief in the greed of people, especially athletes, in making money the number one focus in life. Many people are saying he doesn’t really want to be in New York.
    But assuming I’m wrong and he handles it here, will he or Santa be better the next 5 years? I’m guessing Santana. He’s not as fat and he wasn’t used as a starter early in his career.

  62. i almost choked on diner Kruk said on Baseball tonight that Show could be used as a long man

  63. Someone spoke about pitch counts awhile ago – I too would like to see them eliminated – actually, what good do they do? (except perhaps with pitchers who are recovering from injuries – or, are all pitchers recovering from injuries?)

  64. How many games does Johan win this season? Johan can go seven easily – I mean – Johan to Putz to K-Rod. WOW. Can you imagine being the other team?

  65. Dan (111): Agree on that one. Yankees are amazing. They paid $60 million over the market price. … Sabathia is huge. No way he makes it through his contract. Santana is an athlete.-JD

  66. Hi Dan – (111) Still can’t believe that Santana pitched his final game of the season with a bad leg and then had surgery.

  67. Annie
    I wish you could have seen the interview on SNY that Ron Darling did with Johan and Seaver.
    Seaver said that back in the day Kooz, Ryan and himself all had pitch counts. The thing was the pitch counts were different for each one of them and they ranged from about 120 to 140.
    Baseball has just become to obsessive about the number 100.

  68. John (115) Francesa actually discussed the Sabathia size today saying that he knows what being over 300 lbs is and that Sabathia is probably around 325. Biggest pitcher I recall is David Wells – are they a similar size?

  69. JD
    The best quote of the week was
    “K-Rods show on the mound will make Jose Reyes look like Eli Manning”
    If the Mets were not the most hated team in NL before they will be now.

  70. I don’t know. to see a perfect game get lost because the reliever blew it. when you were throwing just fine? but you hit 100 and gave up one hit. so there isnt a no-hitter to save. puhlease. keep in until he’s tired. thats the way it was.. thats the way it should be..

  71. Scott (120)

    You know I’m in Red Sox Nation here in Central Connecticut and don’t get SNY, but when Ron, Tom, Ryan and all were pitching I used to see them on Ch.11 and even watched Kiner’s Korner. All the pitchers you mention were very wise and serious about their craft.

    Ron Darling is my personal choice to replace Bud Selig…………

    (OT – our Senators are still debating whether or not to bail out the Big Three…)

  72. Scott (125): Funny stuff. Yeah, K-Rod is no shrinking violet. I just don’t want Reyes to run across the diamond and dance with Delgado after every strikeout in the ninth inning.-JD

  73. It really doesn’t matter much if anyone hates us. Also, K-Rod has the potential to be a leader, even though he is a pitcher, because of his crazy emotional displays. This might help take some of the crazy over the top pressure off of Reyes.

  74. Manny would take the pressure off of everyone on the team, but it’s not going to happen.

  75. John (126) I heard that Sabathia never said a word while Cashman just kept upping the price. If I were a Steinbrenner I’d fire Cashman for being so casual with someone else’s money.

  76. j.k. dude. Mets were always classier ball players. I dont like these football antics of celebrating like a 2 year old doing the just gone peepee by myself dance. Reyes needs to grow up a little with that stuff.

  77. j_k (130): K-Rod does his stuff in the ninth inning when he’s wrapping up a win. Reyes dances in the first inning, or when they are down by four or five runs. Big difference.-JD

  78. Annie: nah Steingrabber never cared about paying top dollar for a player. thats his trademark. buy em !

  79. Cashman’s whole plan once he decided not to acquire Santana was to acquire Sabathia. While I would’ve loved for CC to go out west, I’ll settle for him causing the Yankees to bid so precipitously against themselves.

  80. Scott (125): Funny stuff. Yeah, K-Rod is no shrinking violet. I just don’t want Reyes to run across the diamond and dance with Delgado after every strikeout in the ninth inning. Act like you’ve been there.-JD

  81. Steve = then you dont rem. the 1986 team – they were the wildest most arrogant bunch of guys in the league… they played hard and partied harder… this boy scout image is all new…

  82. JD I arrived 2 hours late so I apologize if you’ve already covered this but, how do you think the Mets will ultimately fill out their starting rotation?

  83. SteveC (131) Oh, if Keith would coach lst this team would improve in a New York Minute and every day after that. Did you ever see him play? He was a Field General in the best sense of the word and was all over the place. Also, I don’t believe many bunts got past him.

  84. I really like the idea of Schilling in the lineup. He seems to have an up year then a down year then an up year. This could be his up year.

    Don’t think it will really happen but it could be interesting.

    Niese could percolate in AAA with the rotation of Santana Pelf, Maine, Schilling and Marquis (if the trade happens).

    I’d go with that.

  85. ed (139): The 86 team played with a chip on their shoulders. But, they backed it up that year. It came from Davey when he said he expected them to dominate. Can you imagine Willie Randolph saying that last spring? Or Jerry Manuel this spring?-JD

  86. ed: remember? i lived it. i watched the ghost of casey stengle come down and yell boo to let that ball roll by! :-)
    and party aint the word. the way i hear-ed it.
    But as was stated, they backed it up. The mets have been in no position to be the way they have been with the arrogance. put up or shut up.

  87. yeah they definately had that air- with that said I could careless about all this teams antics if they back it like that team did

  88. John (145) Darryl was talking about Davey this afternoon – I can still see that team on the field and I’ve got pictures, 1986 yearbook, WS program etc. There was no one like the Amazins’ back in the day……

    No, I can’t imagine Willie talking like Davey, but Jerry might..too bad no one can talk Keith into taking the ‘field’ again…. those kids would learn fast….

  89. Annie: 1 note. the mets in the 70’s were a site to watch!~ :-)
    thats back in the day for me. actually so were the 60’s .// and on that note. ciao!