Analyzing the deal ….

The Mets’ weakness could now be considered a strength, especially if the issues surrounding Francisco Rodriguez don’t materialize. Putz becomes the closer if they do.

Duaner Sanchez now becomes the primary seventh-inning guy, and they still have Scott Schoeneweis and Pedro Feliciano for match-ups. With who is remaining the pen should be strong enough.

HEILMAN: It was time to leave.

HEILMAN: It was time to leave.

In losing Aaron Heilman: The Mets say good-bye to a pitcher whose heart wasn’t in his role. It has been getting increasingly difficult for him to pitch in New York.

In losing Endy Chavez: The Mets lose late-inning defense and a strong sub. His loss might accelerate Fernando Martinez to the major leagues in that role. Reportedly, the Mets are talking to Los Angeles. Andruw Jones anyone? Or Juan Pierre?

In losing Joe Smith: The Mets lose a quality reliever whom they’ll miss, but they are so much better now.

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  1. Despite all the names, the deal was really Smith for Putz. As you say, Heilman had to go. Give him credit for not whining to every reporter every night. Smith/Sean Green; never saw the guy so I don’t have an opinion of him. Endy needed a change as well. The real question that won’t be answered until well into the season is can this Putz be any happier than Heilman in a role he doesn’t want and probably feels he is better than.
    Won’t be in chat tonite unless we are snowed in but hope its as good as the last one was…….

  2. Harry, it doesn’t seem like Putz will be a problem:

    “That said, in a report for the Seattle Times, Geoff Baker quotes Putz as saying:

    “It’s a new challenge and I’m excited about it… I’m going to a new team that’s going to be very competitive. Francisco Rodriguez is a great closer and with Sean Green going as well, we should have a great bullpen.”

    I am more than psyched. At least about the bullpen. Now I’ll concentrate my aggrevation toward the starting rotation and lack of offense that I think this team still has.

  3. Harry: Since he already said he’s excited about coming to the Mets and being with his ex mate Green and K-Rod, I believe the question has already been answered.

  4. Steve
    The fact is Harry looks at every thing Omar does with the view the glass is half empty.
    This was a great trade. As JD said a weakness is now a strength.
    I am positive if any of us are still posting here in 2 years someone will say this was a dumb trade because of all the kids Omar gave up.

  5. And remember Scott…the Mets have no depth, so I’m not sure how they actually pulled this off.

    Same with last year too, with Johan. In essence, the Mets have acquired the best starter in baseball and one of the top 5 closers via trade with no depth.

  6. mrmet0805 (6)

    I get your point, but we gave up a few major league role players plus some minor league guys with upside.

    No one in our top ten minor league with the exception of Carp who is probably blocked at the major league level at 1B.

    Our depth is really at AA and low A ball.

  7. John

    Not sure if I would pencil in Sanchez as the set up to the set up guy.

    When he can show me he can pitch mid 90’s then I’ll think about it.

    That role may be Sho for now.

  8. So now that we are essentially done with the pen, what does the Yanks monster deal for the best pitcher on the market mean for our pitching rotation for next year?

    7 years for a 300 pound tuna is a lot of sheckles.

    Considering that reports are that the Yanks are not done tossing money around while asking the city to toss in more money for their stadium, what are our prospects for acquiring a quality pitcher who can give us 200 innings for the next few years?

    How much was Pedro making last year?

  9. Plenty of bullpen depth now. They need to keep their lefty specialists to send against the Phillies. Just dont let them pitch to righties and they are fine. Now for the rotation. They lost some depth there with Vargas going. Bring in Randy Wolf for the 4th spot. He will be affordable and steady.

  10. i dont see how you can be agaisnt this trade…only thing for me is this is pretty much a 1 yr contract for putz..the mets wont pick up his option of 9 mil plus after this yr

  11. Scott (5) You’d be worth responding to if you ever had a thought that was your own or was original. But since you would follow Omar to Carthage you are irrelevant. You know Omar’s press releases and his press conferences are available to all o us. You don’t have to plagiarize them and act as if you had a thought process. Its obvious you don’t have, Blnd loyalty is a demonstration of a lack of it.

  12. (13)Dave- I LOVE the trade.

    I know that Putz will probably be gone after ’10 since he has a $9mm option which is pretty nuts to pay a set-up guy, but this is a very, very good deal.

    Two strong pitchers who get K when needed in the 8th/9th.

    Like him or not, Minaya played this bullpen/closer situation perfectly. Now let’s see what he can do with the rotation and a possible offensive addition.

  13. I agree with Harry – Putz is saying all the right things but will he be happy. And $9 million next year for a setup guy….don’t think Omar will be allowed to keep Putz past this year. And finally, 7 guys in that trade….if Street was doable for just Heilman and Feliciano, than Omar made a mistake.

    Other than that, I like the pen now, but I’m sorry to see Joe Smith and Endy go…

  14. 18 – Niese/Heilman for Street would have been too much, IMO.

    I’m thinking Putz is here for ’09 and next offseason, Omar will probably exercise the option and trade him to a contender that needs a closer (at a relatively inexpensive $9 million) for a boatload of prospects NS reload. Hopefully, Kunz and Parnell will progress greatly in ’09 so that they will backfill Putz’ 8th inning bridge to K-Rod.

  15. Harry
    When you do not have a reasonable answer to something that is the truth you always go for the insult.
    The fact is nothing Omar does will be good enough for you. You have a deep resentment against him that has clouded your judgment on every move that he makes.
    None of us actually have any original thoughts on this site. I am pretty sure every situation we discuss Omar has been made aware of.
    If I plagiarized a specific press conference please let me know the time and date.
    The truth is many people including myself do paraphrase many things Omar does say to the media. Please explain what is wrong with this.
    I have said many times I think Omar is a competent GM. He is no Theo Epstein or Billy Beane but he is also no Steve Phillips or Al Harazin.
    He has the most important thing any GM needs to get his job done. The complete confidence of the ownership.

  16. He can’t even give the guy credit when he actually does something pretty damn good. And not only that, all I have read from Harry since I got on here a few weeks ago was “Omar has gotten rid of all the Mets depth, blah, blah blah”

    Again, if all that depth was gone, why is Santana and Putz now here?

  17. To be fair to Harry, he states his case in comment #1 fairly well.

    I agree with the others above that he does generally have a rather dim view of Omar.

    Personally, I do not agree with his case that it is a Putz for Smith or perhaps he means Heilman.

    It is a multi player trade where we gave up a few major leaguers and several minor leaguers for a closer and an outfielder that is nothing special.

    One of the minor leaguers Carp is ranked as on of our top 10 prospects and a few other minor leaguers who could develop into something some day.

    I am not trying to prop them up, none of the players by themselves is close to Putz, but individually they have value – some more than others.

  18. The deal helps all parties involved.

    That dolt Jon Heyman says he’s not as excited as others because of Putz’s injury problems last year and because the Mets gave up 7 players, including “depth” at the low levels.


    Putz was fantastic in the 2nd half after getting healthy (he had a strained oblique and hyperextended elbow) and even in his down year, averaged over a K/inning.

    And the Mets gave up 7 players…

    -Heilman-HAD to go
    -Chavez-4th OF
    -Smith-will miss him, but not a deal-breaker
    -Carp-possibly good slugging 1B, but it’s obvious the Mets think Murphy is going to be the guy there
    -Cleto-he’s in low-A
    -Vargas-still has upside because he’s LH and fairly young

    I don’t see the problem with the deal.

  19. Thank you dave:
    And to answer your points:
    1. Thank you for reading the points.
    2. I do have a rather dim view of Omar as a GM. I feel that Omar has been for the most part a mediocre GM. He goes for the big play, and he ususally gets it, but then he sleeps. He doesn’t build a solid organization from top to bottom, he gives old players contracts that are way to long and this hurts the team because he doesn’t develop the depth to have enouguh guys ready to replace the injured older guys when they go down, he doesn’t have a clue how to get over the hump on July 31. July 31 is when you win pennants, unless you have a unique blowout year like 06. His inaction both years was the biggest cause for the failure to make post season play. You miss by one day when you slept thru July 31 you are a below average GM. July 31 is when a GM can show he is great. Phillips failed becuase of bad trades, Minaya failed thru no trade.
    3. I do feel that the trade was really Smith for Putz…Heilman had to leave NY. He was toast here, Chavez is a very spare part, rarely used by Manuel so he doesn’t fit into any plan for the OF, Vargas is a fringe prospect regardless of a good Arizona Fall League. He may make it but he is a very long shot, the other two guys are like the all the guys that are thrown in to fill rosters that are never seen again. Smith was the only player with value to the ’09 Mets. Ok, Carp; The Mets have Evans in the farm and they have Murphy. I live in Eastern League area and have seen Carp several times. His glove is non existent, he makes Delgado look like a golden glover and his bat is slower than Evans’ and Murphy. I don’t see him as more than a 4A player. If anyone replaces Delgado internally, I’d take either Murphy or Evans over Carp. So the deal to me was Putz/Smith.
    So the negative me is actually positive about this role but the follow me to Carthage non thinkers that want to put Minaya in the GM HoF can’t take the slightest criticism of him. When he brings a WS flag home he is then only equal to the GMs in 69 and 86 and right now he is still one WS appearance behind the hated Steve Phillips.
    Oh and when they say he inherited a bad team they forget to mention that the two key components of the rise Wright and Reyes were in place on the verge of blossoming. Oh yes, the Minaya-istas and the Bush apologists. Revisionists all…..

  20. Harry
    Getting to the WS does not make you a good GM. If Phillips were any good he would have another GM job by now.
    Yes Phillips left Wright and Reyes but that was all he left. I would be happy to send you my copy of the 2004 media guide (Phillips
    last year ). The farm system was empty and the team for the most part was old.
    You like to remember what is convenient for you.
    I have said before that forget the contract extension this is Omar’s make or break year. So far so good and the winter is far from over.
    Omar has made the Mets relevant again and yes the Wilpons are very greatful. Have decisions been made for business sometimes over what is best for the team on the field. The answer is absolutely yes.
    You seem to discount the fact that Omar has the trust of ownership something very important to building a good organization.
    One of the mandates that the Wilpons wanted was consistency. No more short booms of success and then years of failure. This takes time something you don’t want to give to Omar.

  21. (26) Scott- If Harry is indeed a Mets fan, that makes even LESS sense.

    He talks about winning World Series’ and such and how the team and Omar have been horrible.

    So, which is it? The Mets have won 2 titles in their history…so singling out Minaya is a bit perplexing. And two, outside of the 1984-1990 stretch, the Mets (assuming they are competitive again this year) are going for their 5th straight plus .500 season, and in four of them, they have been in position to go to the playoffs (or have in 2006).

    The guy is not perfect nor is he one of the best GMs, but he’s more than competent. He has made mistakes, but Harry conveniently brings up the teams flaws when neglecting to mention that COLOSSAL choke jobs is the only thing that has kept the Mets out of three straight postseasons for the first time in their history.

    But Minaya has nothing to do with the fact the team has averaged 90 wins since he took over.

  22. Scott (26)
    Since you are willing to be serious: let discuss.
    1. I like to remember what is convenient. I think you need to prove this. You can send me all the yearbooks you want. But I have the 62 one so what more do I want.
    You have your owenmemeorie I’m sure, and since you didn’t explain what makes a good GM, I guess my point was over whelming, especially when it come to a GM in NYC.
    2. Omar has made the Mets relevant again. If you call being the laughingtock of much of baeball for 2 choke jobs and the effort to try to hide the firing of the guy he made manager, then I guess so. When a pitcher from another team comes on your home radio station and belittles your team… well if that is relevant be proud of him.

    mrmet: you unlike Scott, who tries to talk like a human being are an egotistically pathetic whiner . You asspire to be metblog, scouring the internet to steal other minds’ thought and spew them out as your own, like you are an expert on every player in the world. You are probably the idiot that wrote a book on Delcos’ other site about how centerfield is the most physical position to play. By the way that tale is now on sale as part of the Stupidest things blogged about.
    In addition blind follower of failure, do you alo beleive in the George Bush revisionist history campaign. Any Met fan who think the lat two September were a small matter really doesn’t want to win. I sugget you turn your attention to T-Ball where winning is not important. With 140 million dollar payrolls it is a major matter. By the way if Minaya could do hi job all year there would have been no choke, but since you can’t explain hi failure to make a move you throw it out as a minor thing. Buy tickets to game 162 so you can enjoy next year’s elimination game, and keep out of CF. You might have a stroke.

  23. mrmet ha to throw insults at everyone and anyone who diagrees with him.. John Heyman mrmet says “That dolt Jon Heyman says he’s not as excited as others because of Putz’s injury problems last year and because the Mets gave up 7 players, including “depth” at the low levels”
    Can you ever argue without spewing garbage? By the way what about the vulgar bet you wanted to make me about the Wilpon doing the right thing about taxpayer field. You lose…. I think you should spend a night in Citizen’s Bank Park. They’ll enjoy you there.

  24. What are you talking about? You’re the one who starts all the personal stuff…you started it with me when I first got on here about 2 weeks ago.

    Now I’m just going to give it back. You are a complete and utter FOOL. Again, I keep waiting for you to give me some player Minaya was supposed to get during the season which would have helped the Mets avoid their collapse.

    Of course, you seem to be the one who wants to give up prospects for players like Damaso Marte and Eric Gagne, those big difference makers.

    I defend Minaya against YOUR idiotic ramblings…there I go again, insulting you…oh well, it’s fun.

    You, on the other hand, continously rant and rant and rant and rant and rant and rant (sense a theme moron?) about Minaya ruining this team.

    The team that has averaged 90 wins the last five years. The team that should have been in the playoffs for three straight years but WASN’T because the team CHOKED.

    Do you know what that means? It doesn’t mean that the team wasn’t good enough, it means that they had the deal in the palm of their hand and they spit it up.

    What the f*ck don’t you get about that? You are such a goddamn moron it’s scary. And I repeat what I read? Actually no, I just know a hell of a lot about baseball and I give my thoughts…unlike you who seems to be completely moronic.

    And again, YOU started insulting me stupid. I’m not going to stop now…you started this not me. And what bet did I make with you? You seem to think I am someone else who has changed their name.

    I did not. Unlike you Sloppy.

  25. Am I being too vulgar, Harry? Keep the insults coming, but please, don’t talk baseball with me, you are so far out of your element it is not even funny.

  26. Harry
    Is it really necessary to drop insults into every post. “… who tries to talk like a human being…”
    Where does this come from ?
    Notice I quoted you I don’t always plagiarize.

    Off the Mets subject a bit.
    Did you know when the Gov’t bailed out Citi
    they received preferred stock that will give them dividends of close to 3.7 billion dollars a year. If Citi survives the Gov’t will end up making nice money from the deal.

  27. (32)Scott- He says I do that with insults. The first time I ever was on here was about 2 weeks ago and I read some posts of his about Minaya, and with FACTS, I gave my opinion of why I think he’s wrong.

    And then he started in. Obviously has a problem with seeing things outside of his own tunnel.

  28. Having fun metsman? Please don’t have a heart attack. You don’t like me fine, we won’t play with you anymore after this but answer this, if you are so clean and above board, why did you name call Heyman when you didn’t agree with him, and why did you name call Heilman the instant he was traded? …
    You can talk about how bad I am, but you are more vulgar and cheap, and whenever you can’t argue with any substance you resort to trash like this “What the f*ck don’t you get about that? You are such a goddamn moron it’s scary.”
    And lets hear it for your modesty “Actually no, I just know a hell of a lot about ”
    So, genius, if you are so smart and I am so dumb why don’t you show your higher level of intellect, and just ignore me? You are so high it should be a walk in the park shouldn’t it?
    Scott from Pelham…. I apologize to you..

  29. A)Heyman is a joke. He just reports rumors he hears. I’m sorry if I hurt his feelings. He’ll be getting a holiday card from me.

    B)Heilman is another joke. I didn’t realize baseball players were above name-calling. I guess I am a bit unique in that regard…whoosh.

    I am virtually screaming at the computer.

    Do you see my name? “mrmet0805”