What’s next?

PEREZ: Next priority? (Photo: AP)

PEREZ: Next priority? (Photo: AP)

OK, the Mets have their closer. What’s next? Just adding Francisco Rodriguez won’t be enough. There’s still need of adding another reliever as well as a starter.

Whom do you choose?

My thinking is they’ll need to go after a starter first, which could translate into bringing back Oliver Perez. They have three starters as of now, with two questions in the back end of the rotation. Make it three questions if you’re concerned about John Maine coming back from arthroscopic shoulder surgery.


9 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. Delcos: For the Mets to bring back OP, I understand that his only non-negotiable demand is that you become the pres of the OP fan club!!!

  2. I’ll take back Ollie. But even with him, they still need more depth. I know not many people in on this with me (like nobody lol,) but I think the Mets should see what Braden Looper will cost and bring him in to compete with Niese. As far as the Pen goes like I mentioned yesterday, make the Street for Heilman/Feliciano deal and sign either Beimel or Ohman to be the lefty specialist. And trade Schoenweis for a low level prospect.

  3. what will OP demand?

    4 yrs- 60 mil?

    lot of money for him but the mets need a starter…too bad lowe is becoming so pricey

  4. The next move needs to be to the starting rotation and OP might be the only one left after the yankees get done. They will need more SP depth OP and one more back of the rotation guy with Neise at AAA.

  5. Unless the Mets are so sure that they can rebuild their pen into 2006-like proportions, they are going to be forced to swallow hard and pay Perez.

    Otherwise, it’s rely on the front three and fill in the back end, which is not wise.

    If Lowe signs for something like 4/66 as is being reported, I see no reason why Perez would not settle for 4/55.

    The wild card here is Burnett, who if he gets five years, unlikely if the Yankees sign Lowe which would then take them out of that bidding, it screws everything up.

  6. I’ll be your veep Delcos, if that helps////
    Steve (3): Looper. I like your thought process for the guy but not in the way you think. You see Met fans love to hate a player, traditionally a reliever, a closer is most preferred. But in 08 they turned their hate on Heilman and Castillo, and if both are moved than K-Rod would be the next logical choice. But if Minaya smartly brings in Looper, who was hated recently enough to not be forgotten then K-Rod would have a longer honeyman. Like maybe until the 2nd blown save instead of the first. Now on a serious note the Rockies signed a lefty yesterday so they probably don’t want one of our bums anymore, since they found one all by themselves.

  7. I have questions about Maine. Bad year and coming off surgery, how can you not?

    since the rumors are OP, Lowe, Wolf and one other, how about Pettite?

    If the yanks dont want him and they get 3 pitchers this year he would be a nice addition for a year or two.

  8. The whole Maine/surgery aspect is completely overblown. He was scoped and they shaved down a bone spur. Nothing structural at all. In fact, it could be said his problems earlier in the season could have been attributed to the spur.

    The only real concern I have about Maine is his ability to stop throwing 8 pitches per batter. And despite his admittedly down year, it wasn’t until he actually got hurt that he was getting lit up.

    He was certainly not delivering the innings we all expected from him, but he was adequate until the spur started affecting him.