Mets can’t placate Pedro ….

MARTINEZ: Mets have to call the shots.

MARTINEZ: Mets have to call the shots.

If the Mets want Pedro Martinez back, it has to be on their terms, not those of the temperamental pitcher. Martinez, who at 37 has far more yesterdays than tomorrows on his resume, told ESPNdeportes he wants another year with the Mets.

The Mets have an interest, however, as with all things Martinez, it’s never that easy.

“I’ve said it previously, and I have said to my agents, that they do not speak to me of contracts until January,” said Martinez, who is hardly in a position to dictate terms based on his 5-6 record with a 5.61 ERA in 20 starts (caused by injuries and missing time due to the death of his father).

Martinez called all the shots last year in his rehab, and did a lot of training away from the club. Who knows? Had he rehabbed under the Mets’ supervision might he have been better off?

Martinez is also undecided about the World Baseball Classic. He wants to participate, but is this really in the best interest of the team that signs him? With one year left, wouldn’t he be better off with a full spring training?

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  1. Agree. His January statement doesn’t even make any sense unless he’s thinking of hanging it up. By waiting he seems to be excluding himself from any big market contender, and can you see him taking a non-guaranteed deal or a deal with a team like KC or Pittsburgh? Not likely at all. It was sickening enough when Minaya, under the direction of Jeffy, I presume, let Glavine string them along. We don’t need that game again.

  2. pvhornet(2): Apearently, Chipper Jones under the user name “U Know Who” said that Smoltz is offended at being linked as interested as pitching for the Mets. He said he would never pitch for the Mets.

    But whatever, we all remember David Ortiz famously saying “Pedro ain’t going to no Mets”. Of course that’s a double negative and un-intentionally meant that he will go to the Mets.

    I don’t see Smoltz pitching for the Mets although I’d love to have him.

  3. I forgot to mention that Chipper Jones made that comment in the Atlanta Journal Constitution blog on the Braves

  4. Anybody else hear about the JJ Putz for Heilman and Carp rumor.
    Sounds like a great deal to me.
    A guy no one wants back and the next Mike Jacobs for closer who becomes our 8th inning guy.

  5. This is why its nice for posters to be able to start a thread. Rosenthal confirms this trade. Say goodbye to Heilman, Endy and Joe Smith.

  6. SNY in NY is going live to the news conference at 12:30 AM NY time.
    If you are in NY tune in.

  7. Omar’s the man. We have a real Putz in the bullpen now. Bring on the Phillies! How many days for pitchers and catchers?

  8. The only people sadder to see Aaron Heilman leave than the Phillies are the people who actually bought Heilman t-shirts.

    All 4 of them.

    Let’s just hope that good stats on paper translates to the back of the bullpen, because we may FINALLY not have to cover our eyes over the final 3 innings anymore.

    Now go get a starter.