Should they add Fuentes, too?

FUENTES: Could he still be in play?

FUENTES: Could he still be in play?

OK, you’re the Mets and you’ve landed the top reliever in the market, Francisco Rodriguez. Pending a physical, of course. So, do you also make a FA play for Brian Fuentes or make a trade for Huston Street?

Considering they first courted him as a closer, the Mets might have to offer more money if they want to Fuentes to take a lesser role. Street, of course, would have to come in a trade for prospects.

8 thoughts on “Should they add Fuentes, too?

  1. Huston Street comes to Mets, changes his name to Houston Street and becomes the man of Lower Manhattan.

  2. They’d have to offer him almost as much as they offered K-Rod.

    Fuentes is not going anywhere unless he’s a closer.

  3. If he can come here and we have two closers on the staff?

    What’s not to like?

    I read somewhere the Mets were thinking of Heilman for someone from the Cubs who are now bankrupt.

  4. Harry

    That may be true, but if your parent is bankrupt so are you.

    The person who controls your fate if you liquidate is the bankruptcy judge because they have to pay the creditors and you are an asset. If you are chapter 11 so you can reorganize you are still an asset because the debt holders want to be whole. Until they are they have a say.

  5. Sorry but dave you are very misinformed. The Cubs and Wrigley Field have specifically been excluded from the Chapter 11 filing. It is legal and is done regularly. Whenever a subsidiary is operated 100% as a stand alone operation and doesn’t need to be re-organized , it may be excluded. The Cubs can buy and sell any player they wish to without having to go thru the Chapter 11 scrutiny.
    If yo want more evidence of the Cubs being excluded, excuse me for the link to another site Delcos but the explanation is very well put here:
    There are exceptions but action would have to be taken to include the Cubs.