Mets to talk with Pedro ….

MARTINEZ: Wants another year with the Mets.

MARTINEZ: Wants another year with the Mets.

The Mets’ rotation could again include Pedro Martinez, who wants to return and GM Omar Minaya has a reciprocal interest in bringing him back.

Said Minaya to ESPN.deportes: “We have interest in him. We’re going to talk to his agent when we have the opportunity.”

The Mets have three starters – Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey and John Maine – but with their odds long on getting Derek Lowe, they might have to settle for bringing back Oliver Perez, and that’s not a given.

Jon Niese would be expected to compete with Martinez for the fifth spot in the rotation.

48 thoughts on “Mets to talk with Pedro ….

  1. Unless they have some inside knowledge, they better kick the tires on others.

    Pedro himself said that he doesn’t want to talk number with his agent until January. I’m sure not all of the SPs will be signed by then, but waiting on Pedro would be idiotic.

  2. Mrmet0805 (1): The Mets won’t wait on Pedro, but once they are done with their primary shopping is when they’ll get in touch. He’s not a priority, but I see him coming back for another year.-JD

  3. They need a #4 from somewhere. If it’s not Lowe, they need to get something which is not Pedro for #4.

  4. dave (3): The best I see for Pedro is as the fifth starter. But, if they don’t get anybody, Pedro for fourth starter and Niese for fifth could be in the cards. Gulp …. not crazy about that possibility.-JD

  5. John (2) Thanks – this is the news I’ve been waiting for. There’s just something about Pedro…………

  6. That would be a disaster.

    Half a pitching staff and stress for a pen that collapsed in the second half for a few years.

    If that happened I would give omar a C.

  7. I won’t mind Pedro being back…but the Mets cannot sell this to the fans nor depend on him being anything more than a strong no. 4 starter.

    If NY goes into ST with a rotation of Santana, Maine, Pelfrey, Pedro and Niese…that bullpen better be of 2006-like proportions.

  8. Now that the closer is locked for the next few years and we have accomplished goal #1, what is item two on the long checklist?

  9. Nobody is saying that Pedro is the ace of the staff, or a great relief pitcher. He brings innings and intangibles.

  10. Annie(9)

    What innings? Last year was a waste of time as was the year before.

    Intangibles only come into play if you make it onto the field.

  11. dave (8): They need a starter and another reliever. It doesn’t look as if they’ll get Derek Lowe. Maybe the best they can hope for is getting Oliver Perez back.-JD

  12. John (11) Let’s see – Oliver Perez age 27, left handed pitcher… maybe a bit flaky…why not bring him back?

  13. Annie (17): Perez was 10-7, good for a fifth starter. He’s 55-60 lifetime, which has to make the Mets or any other team think twice about giving him a five-year deal. He’s simply a Coin Flip.-JD

  14. Annie(12)

    He had one good year for us but could not finish the year with us.

    The other two were a waste of time. His hall of fame career was with another team in another division.

    As a Met fan exactly what slack am I supposed to cut him when he has been a marginal player for us?

    I like Pedro, but why would I want him back as the #4 that we need when odds are that he cannot finish the season and leave #5 to a young player not ready for prime time?

    We have a chance to make our team better for 2009, not to give a player who played his whole career for another team a break so we can torpedo the next season before it starts.

  15. John – OK you’re right again. That Coin Flip mention is correct. Actually, the way things are going now, not many players are going to get five year deals now, are they?

  16. dave (20): They need to upgrade from Pedro, no argument there. However, I’m not so sure they’ll do that, which is why I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back next year.-JD

  17. In my opinion what will determine whether or not resigning Pedro would be a good idea is to determine what the perception from the team is.
    Do they view him as a top of the rotation anchor for the team?
    Or do they view him as a backend guy?

    If they view him as a top of the rotation guy, it is a failure because that means they are ONCE AGAIN depending on him and putting a big load on his shoulders in order to compete.
    If they view him as a complementary backend guy, that means they’re not really dependng on him for the team to be successful and that means they’re more prepared if/when he goes down with injury.

  18. John(11)

    I am not thrilled about bringing back last years starting 5. I would like a pitcher who can go more than 6 innings.

    I don’t care that Ollie is a lefty and that he has great stuff. He is who he is. I do not think that at the age of 27 or whatever that he will miraculously change into super pitcher.

    He is a pitcher who implodes and you have to baby him all the time. He is high maintenance.

    Again I like Ollie, but if I can get an upgrade – which I do not think is available unless you get CC – I would.

    The issue with him is he stops after about 6.

    So we have 2 pitchers who can get into the 7th and beyond on occasion, 2 pitchers who stop at 6 ( Maine, Ollie ) and one pitcher who struggles to go 5 ( Pedro ).

    That is a Hall of Fame, World Series Staff if I ever saw one.

  19. Benny (25): They have to look at him clearly as a back end guy. If he’s healthy, and he wasn’t last year, they can pencil him in for five, and possibly into the sixth, tops.-JD

  20. I have been saying they’ll bring back Pedro not because they have this belief he’ll go back into time, but because they like him and the alternative is Jon Niese as the fifth starter. … This is an incredibly fragile staff. You know what you can get from Santana. Pelfrey closed strong but started horribly. Maine is coming off surgery. Perez is a Coin Flip, first whether he’ll be back and second is how he’ll pitch. Fifth is Niese with Pedro looking over his shoulder.-JD

  21. John(28)

    I would like a better player than Pedro at #5 and think one can be had this season. I wouldn’t flip if he came back in that role tho.

  22. Thanks John ….good to talk baseball for a while, now I’ve got to check out the political situation in Illinois – not good.

  23. Now that we have signed our closer, will we cry that Omar is decimating the farm by not having any #1 picks this year and what a crappy minor league system we have?

    Just sayin is all..

  24. I wonder if the smart guy in baseball was Johann Santana who signed a contract extension back in the spring. Sabathia will get similar money if he decides to play for the Highlanders. But I’m sure K Rod and his people thought he would be getting $75 million and now has settled for half of it. Not that I am holding a bake sale for him or any other person in sports except Negro League players or someone like that.
    The Mets ended up as smart guys since they got the $itibank money and like Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #1 “Once you have their money, never give it back”.
    Minaya will bring Pedro Martinez back and I’m not opposed to that. Probably should be but he was a fun guy to watch pitch. Heart triumphs over the mind.

  25. Hi Dan (32) good to ‘see’ you again. Great post although I am not sure about the $itibank money.
    However, I do know that the heart triumps over the mind often and it should – especially in baseball…

  26. Teams nowadays need to plan on at least seven potential starters as they build their staff …. right now, I see the Mets looking like this:

    #1: Santana
    #2: Maine
    #2: Pelfrey
    #4: – Mystery Man —
    #5: Martinez — as a reasonable price!
    #6: Niese (who I really think needs another year in AAA)
    #7: J. Vargas

    Once the SP market settles down, someone is going to offer Oliver Perez a 4 or 5 year deal and the Mets will not go that far for him …. I could also see the Mets trading for a #4 starter …

    This mix beyond #3 will change as the winter progresses, but I think it would be very dangerous to plan on the same five guys getting us thru the season.

  27. Pedro is at best a 5th starter.
    Pedro would still be better than Niese next year,but I believe Neise still needs to spend at least half a season in Buffalo.

    dave (31)
    Those who cry are not worth listening to.
    K-Rod will be better for the next 3-4 years than any lower 1st round pick would most likely be.

  28. Annie
    Governor Blagojevich should resign today.
    Spitzer was an idiot this guy is an outright crook.

  29. Scott (36) you are correct although they never do resign – they have to be shamed from office and this guy apparently is already out on bail. Even here in CT – it took several months to remove Governor John Rowland who took kickbacks and under the counter money from anyone who offered it. Eventually Rowland served time in a Federal prison in PA. Now we have a nice lady who doesn’t do much, but she doesn’t steal either.
    Yes, Spitzer was an idiot.

  30. I personally think Pedro will be much better than he was last year and how we are percieving him to be.
    He is too smart of a pitcher, and has been adjusting for the past couple of years and had been successful.
    To be fair to him he had alot going on in his life and was possibly very distracted.
    Not saying either way what I’d prefer but I’m just lets be fair here.

    I know alot of us wouldn’t be able to work under some of the conditions he went through and most of us don’t do physically demanding things like that.

  31. Benny (38)

    In fact last year Pedro was recovering from serious surgery and then his Dad took a turn for the worse and died. Nobody is thinking normally at a time like that. I think it will be good for everyone to have Pedro for one more year.

  32. Pedro pitched well after the first inning last year. His record also suffered from the bullpen blowing several saves on him. It has been said he has a lot of pride. If thats so, I want to see him prove it by signing a one year contract with a low base and incentives. I see Ollie pitching in the Bronx next year. Nobody else seems to want to pitch in the Bronx zoo next year. Cashman will overpay as he has no choice.

  33. (34) roksolid The only way I want Pedro is if your “mystery man” is CC Sabathia. Given the limited careers of Pelfrey and Maine (not to mention the latter’s health woes) the “mystery man” will have to be a stud to offset the uncertainty of Pelf & Maine plus that of Pedro.

    Ultimately that means to me no Pedro.

  34. JD, you keep bringing up Maine’s surgery. It wasn’t even a surgery…it was a procedure. I mean, all they did was scope him and shave down a bone spur.

    Now, if the spur is an ongoing issue, that is one thing, but there really isn’t anything to worry about coming off something like this.

    Nothing was structurally wrong.

  35. Somebody brought up Claudio Vargas before. Is he still Mets property? He could be a very good option in the no. 5 spot. He’s nothing special but he can certainly be a no. 5 starter.

    But the Mets need to add one more SP…and that “one” cannot be Pedro alone.

  36. I really really hope that the Mets get another hitter. I know the bullpen needs to be focused upon as well as getting another starter, but they can really use some offensive help. Ibanez would help and even though its not going to happen, Manny would fit right in for me. After Reyes/Wright/Beltran, the offense is really a crapshoot. There are offensive holes in left, right, second, catcher, and possibly first base. Those are way too many question marks coming into this season if they don’t get a good bat to help.

  37. Well, I know this was from yesterday, but Jason Vargas is now gone.

    I was curious about CLAUDIO Vargas. Had a few decent starts for NY in May before they shipped him back to AAA when Pedro returned.

    He’s good for insurance.