Closing in on K-Rod ….

K-ROD: Will he celebrate soon?

K-ROD: Will he celebrate soon?

The Mets are getting closer to getting a deal done with soon-to-be former Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez. The numbers are being reported at $37 million over three years, which is a far cry from the original asking price of $75 million over five years.

I’m guessing the agent’s thinking could be to take the three years in this rotten economy because Rodriguez will be young enough at the end of the contract (27 now) for another huge pay day.

You know things are heating up when the player talks. Here’s what Rodriguez told the LA Times: “I don’t want to say much about it. But it’s going well with them. Everything is going OK, so we’ll see what’s going to happen.”

6 thoughts on “Closing in on K-Rod ….

  1. I hope he’s coming to the Mets, becuase all this hype about the others is, bottom line, settlig for second best when there’s no reason for it. That being said he should fire his agent for not accepting arbitration. He would have made more for the first year and been able to return to the market in better times.

  2. Harry (1): You’re right in what you’re saying, but I throw this out at you: Suppose all the gloom-and-doom (written by me, too) is true.

    Suppose the K-Rod camp is concerned about the loss in velocity, and suppose maybe he’s felt something at times last season. What if he’s afraid of an injury and thinks he’d better cash in on something now?-JD

  3. John, I am sure the Mets are going to examine him. I am happy with this news. Omar knew he had the aces and played his hand well. The first piece is in place. The most important piece.

  4. Hopefully, the biggest problem we have now is determining what number KROD will wear as a Met since his 57 is currently assigned aleady — to Johan.