Bullpen notes ….

Bullpen bits:

-Free-agent reliever Chad Cordero will meet with the Mets about a set-up/situational role. Cordero is coming off shoulder surgery so there is trepidation.

-Houston GM Ed Wade to ESPN.com: “I don’t like to talk publicly about potential trades, but I can assure that (Jose) Valverde is not being traded.’’

-The Mets do not have a meeting scheduled with Kerry Wood.

-The Mets have talked to Brian Fuentes and have mentioned money. However, there has not been an offer.

4 thoughts on “Bullpen notes ….

  1. Go after Huston Street and plug him into the 8th.

    Interesting too is that the K-Rod signing may also force Fuentes back to Colorado if no other teams open up their wallets to his liking…increasing the likelihood Street is dealt.

  2. Mr. Met: Don’t understand why Omar went back on his Heilman/Feliciano for Street proposal. I’d have done that in a heartbeat. I’d make that trade then take a look at either signing Beimel or Ohman as the lefty specialist or just keeping Blowenweis if they can’t trade him as the lefty specialist only.

  3. I can understand why he might think the price is a tad steep, but it still doesn’t make sense when you’re trying to rebuild the bullpen so completely.

    I hate Schoeneweis and I think Feliciano is a much better pitcher, but if Schoeneweis is used as a LOOGY then it’s not that big of a deal.

    And like you said…sign another LH. Feliciano shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.