Mets make K-Rod offer ….

Talkin' money with K-Rod

Talkin' money with K-Rod

K-Rod’s initial asking price was $75-million over five years, and the Mets’ responded today with three years at $40 million, a considerable gap.

The Mets also plan on meeting with free-agent closers Brian Fuentes and Trevor Hoffman today. There is also a chance they’ll meet with Kerry Wood, too.

Reports also have the Mets talking trade with Seattle for J.J. Putz, Houston for Jose Valverde, the White Sox for Bobby Jenks and Toronto for B.J. Ryan.

“In the next four days, we will probably be more aggressive with dialogue with agents,” GM Omar Minaya said. “And at the same time, we have some potential trades that are out there that we might be able to get done.”

Meanwhile, the Mark Healey from Gotham Sports is reporting the Yankees are talking trade with Robinson Cano to the Dodgers for Matt Kemp.

12 thoughts on “Mets make K-Rod offer ….

  1. 3 years at 13? I am sure that is a shock to KRod. Seems like it might take time to real this fish in.

    I hope we have solid #2 and #3 options here.

    I would hope the rumored Street deal is signed too.

  2. Based on what they are saying on SNY, the Mets offer is for 2 years, $24M with an attainable 3rd year option …. there is no firm third year in the offer … it’s 2 years plus an 3rd year option.

    If you think 3 years/$39M was a shock, imagine what he and his agent thought about 2 years/$24M plus an option.

  3. Mets have to be THRILLED to get get K-Rod for that pricetag. Not that they expected to shell out $75mm for him as was his wont after the season, but this leaves quite a bit of cash for other needs.

  4. The deal for K-Rod will probably done today or tomorrow from the reports I read. 3 years 37 mil. I’m not sold on him, but at that price you have to take a leap of faith. I just hope they don’t stop here.

  5. Steve (6) You’re not sold on him? Can you explain? What has he done wrong with the Angels? He’s led his league in saves several times (altho that may be an indictment of the Angels offense for needing saves so much), unlike Wagner he has pitched extremely well in the post season, he’s young… I just don’t get the not sold reasoning.

  6. He has a violent delivery.
    He’s lost about 3-4 mph off his fastball on average.

    It’s still a risk you take considering how good he’s been and his age.

  7. 8. Mrmet: thank Plus his k to bb ratio. Plus that I read in John Harper’s column that he is a loner in the clubhouse and sensitive to criticism after he blows a save. Plus the fact that he did blow 7 saves last year, so it’s not like he was automatic.

  8. He’s not automatic, but I’m not so sure about the ‘sensitive’ part. I’m sure he gets pissed off about it, but the guy seems to be a take-charge type and would welcome the pressure of playing here.

    He has some negatives you need to think about, but if they can get him for what’s being reported, it is still pretty much a no-brainer.

    Compared with Wood (who I like) and Fuentes, who are 4 and 7 years old, plus injury history and such…you have to do this.

  9. Steve (9): He blew 7 in twice the number of chances than poison did. That’s quite an improvement. If his personality is not suitable can it be worse than posion’s? Does he publicly rat out his teammates to the press, does he publicly complain about their efforts like poison does? He’d have to be quite a piece of crap to be worse in clubhouse than poison was/is.
    As for his velocity, check the blogs last Winter, same line about Santana….