Mets Chat Room: Winter Meetings on deck.



There have been years the Mets did most of their heavy lifting before the Winter Meetings. This isn’t one of them. We’ve been hearing since the end of the season that they’re going back-and-forth on Francisco Rodriguez and Brian Fuentes.

One closer won’t do it.

The starter we’ve been hearing the most about is Derek Lowe, but he will cost more than what they expected.

They will keep Carlos Delgado, so let’s forget about that. Left-field, for now, is a platoon of Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis. I suppose you don’t want to hear this, but second base is going to be Luis Castillo. I know, I know ….

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  1. The more I think of it, of the two, a strong bridge to the closer is more important than the closer. Afterall, we’re talking about at least two innings instead of one.-JD

  2. So, even though there wasn’t a game, how did this park compare to the others in the NL. I haven’t seen them allobviously, but of those I’ve been in, Nationals and PNC I more than Coors, Turner, Great american, Citizens.

  3. I guess you picked a bad night. Everyone in NY must be getting geared up for the Knicks game…. HaHa…

  4. Harry (2/3): I guess it looks that way. Pretty slow. … It has a Philly flair to it with a touch of SF and Coors. … There’s a bit of Fenway (high walls in left), Arlington (sloped area in center) and overhang in right. It will be interesting to see how it plays.-JD

  5. Overhang… Is that supposed to be the memory of the Polo Grounds?
    I was in Arlington. Not vry impressed. Maybe it was the July heat! That and Camden Yards I think are the only 2 AL new parks I’ve been too. I like Camden Yards.

    Well it looks like the recession is worrying teams. A lot of guys not offered arbitration. I think teams were afraid of getting stuck with some bad contracts. Even the Yankees look gun shy. There might be some surprising acceptances, hoping for better economy next year.

  6. Harry (5): When I think overhang, I also think old Tiger Stadium. … You’re right about the recession. It has been slow so far and I don’t see it picking up quickly.-JD

  7. What about the potential of picking up Huston Street from the Rockies, along with signing a closer and perhaps another setup man. I don’t know that the choice is between closer and bridge, so much as it is between bridge and expensive #5 starter (I’m assuming they’ll pick up at least one starter).

  8. j_k (7): That is an option for them. If, what Harry says comes to fruition, that teams might be reluctant to get in with a long contract, they might explore the trade market.-JD

  9. If Kunz was pitching half way decent it would have solved alot of problems. Even if he wasn’t closer material yet, he would have made a good bridge if he had lived up to the hype. So far, he’s looking one of Omar’s worst #1 picks ever.

  10. As long as we wasted a #1 draft pick on him, I’d love for him to make it also, but from what I’m seeing so far……he’s a bust.

  11. Nope… they have to trade or spend big money on a FA while they get nothing back for their #1 pick…….in my opinion…..not good business

  12. I’d like to think he’ll be a late bloomer, but remember all the other #1 busts who never made it either? You have to be a realist

  13. chucky (15): I remember. I’m not ready yet. I don’t think he got a chance this summer. … But, and I know you’re going to say this, but he didn’t exactly cut it in the minors, either.-JD

  14. Any chance the Mets go after Wood, assuming they could swing a deal for Street or someone like him for the 8th in the not-too-distant future?

    All things being equal, I’d prefer Wood for a multitude of reasons. Cheaper, less years, has the nastiest stuff of any out there.

    Of course, I would understand the Mets trepidation because of what has happened with the pen, and another “question mark” is not something they want.

  15. He has 1 or 2 years in the minors? Some guys take a while to develop. He probably only needed one pitch in college. They should think about a guy like that in 2010. Not around long enought to give up on.

  16. nope……like you I’m hoping….but it’s not looking good……hopefully he’ll surprise us

  17. where is pedro going? nats?

    if its less than $5 mil and 1 year i’ll take him back as the #5. Anything more than that and they have to move on. Still, i think someone other than niese should get the 5th starter role, if only for depth reasons

  18. The problem with Wood is will he stay healthy. He’s an old man in a young man’s body. If you sign him and no deal goes thru for a guy like Street you could be marching down the wrong street fast if Wood gets hurt again. If you had a kid almost ready Wood would be a great risk,

  19. It would be really a kick if Pedro wound up with the Red Sox as a number 5 or long man. I’d be a great PR move…….they love him up there

  20. Jay (22): For one year, I’d also take Pedro back. Mostly because the options seem limited. … I can’t see the Nats, although he does like Manny Acta. He wants some chance at winning.-JD

  21. chucky (21) I understand your point….
    jay (22) Can’t see Pedro playing for a loser in his last year(s).

  22. 23……after El Duque……and Pavano across town…..I’d be leary of anyone who’s an injury risk…….and oh yeah……the immortal Matt Wise……

  23. chucky – i think his relationship with the red sox is pretty sour still. manny being gone cant help.

    how bout LA for pedro?

  24. he’d work well in Hollywood……they’d need someone to fill the Manny void……..just as long as Joe didn’t hire Zimmer as a coach :)

  25. 30…….I’ll never forget Matt Wise going on the D/L after hitting his head on the dugout roof after leaving the field after being taken out……..that should have been an omen right there.:)

  26. I would really stink if it was Pedro on the mound for the last game of ’09 for the Marlins for yet another collapse by the Mets……..just sayin’

  27. 35…….the hot stove has been all talked out…….now it’s time for action….let’s see what Omar does……or doesn’t do this week

  28. John, do you have any idea if the Mets and/or Sitibank are looking to end their sponsorship of the stadium with Sitibank’s financial problems? Or does $20 million a year whitewash embarassments?

  29. Dan (40). The Mets ain’t breakin that deal. In this environment they can’t get close to 20 mil from another sucker, I mean corporation.

  30. Hi Everybody – Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.

    I heard today that Fred Wilpon wants to keep the Citibank name no matter what.

    OT – Mayor Bloomberg is looking into the Latin Quarter’s liquor license……….

  31. hopefully we don’t have any Mets carrying around those guns. I think I read somewhere that Wright and Delgado have gun permits…..but only for their homes

  32. I can understand it in a way…….there are alot of nuts out there as well as criminals who know they are rich and subject to hold up/kidnapping and they have a legimate concern for their safety

  33. Chucky – I think David has been schooled in gun permits/procedures – his Dad is a Police Detective…. don’t know about Delgado.

  34. what’s legal in va, will get you a prison sentence in NYC. Va is one of Bloomy’s favorite targets as far as gun control.

  35. Chucky (50): If you’re worried about being robbed, don’t carry a lot of jewelry and cash. Burress is an idiot. He’s lucky he didn’t kill somebody when that gun went off. So sympathy.-JD

  36. The problem with some of these athletes is they set themselves up for trouble. Others are do damn arrogant that they think they can do whatever they want.-JD

  37. WCBS radio reporting that the Giants have now suspended Burress for the rest of the season………….

  38. (52) Delcos: The Giants suspended Plax rest of year. Meanwhile, have the Mets completed their “exhaustive” investigation into the actions of one Ambiorex Burgos? He’s still on the 40 man roster. If Plax were a Met would we be hearing that we must let justice take its full course?

  39. Agreed not the smartest thing in the world and he could have probably afforded to hire a retired cop as security who could legally carrying a gun if he was worried.

  40. Dan (58): Yes. He’s the lead domino. I think he’s waiting for a West Coast team to come close to what the Yankees have on the table.-JD

  41. John (57) It’s interesting – these athletes earn enormous amounts of money playing games by the rules, and yet ignore the rules of their cities, states, towns etc.

    Harry(60) I remember Burgos – he thinks it’s OK to hit women – wasn’t he supposed to appear in a Queen’s court to discuss that?

  42. I like Hixon. I think he will make Plax a soon to be forgotten guy in the Meadowlands.

  43. it looks as if the price for K-Rod could be dropping. The recession again. Then again, there are still the questions. Something off the fastball … violent motion that could lead to injury … accumulation of innings. Question: How much lower than $75 million and five years should it go before the Mets bite?-JD

  44. Annie(66); He can’t go to court in Queens while he’s in jail in the Dominican. Some minor thing like runnng over people with his Hummer or something.

  45. Let’s not forget the Giants, the NFL and the hospital have been accused of trying to cover up the Burress incident

  46. Harry(69) Oh I didn’t know about his behaviour in the Dominican – wreaks havoc where ever he goes. Hard to keep up with these guys, isn’t it?

  47. Delcos (68) If K-Rod’s value is down to 12 mil per… His agent should take the arbitration offer. He’d get much more from arbitration.
    Otherwise, as for Mets, if they are really worried about injury they should pass at any price. If they aren’t worried about his arm they should get him.

  48. Harry (74): I think they should pass based on the injury fear. You raised an interesting point, however. If the agent takes arbitration, that buys them another year. K-Rod can prove his health and wait for a better market.-JD

  49. JD- it’s true k-Rod’s price might drop but if they play it too cheap another team might swoop in and steal him …say texas

  50. I just did an in-depth post on Fuentes..orginally wasn’t high on the guy but after looking at everything i could find i’ve changed my mind

  51. What will effect the bottom line more at citifield – the economy or if fans they went on the cheap after the last two years…It really seems like freddy coupon is back, which might be more costly

  52. I more worried about being too cheap to get quality pitching then i am Texas…. fuentes said he wanted 3 yrs 10-11M and they were shocked

  53. NP – like I said i was down on him for losing his job in 2007, but after researching him I think I prefer him…

  54. Just a reminder that we’ll have a Chat Room throughout the Winter Meetings. Thinking at 8 because of the time difference, perhaps 8-10. Thanks for showing up tonight. Late comers, feel free to post your thoughts.-JD

  55. ed (87): I wrote Fuentes because I’m concerned about the money and risk for K-Rod. Even if the price goes down, the injury risks remain.-JD

  56. I’ll tell you what after seeing the pictures they need to keep church= above average fielder for right in citi

  57. And Yes Omar isn’t being aggressive enough for me – he should have at least one trade under his belt by now….

  58. I had a dream (or nightmare) where the Mets signed Carl Pavano. I have no idea what the details were but I just know it happened.

    Interesting with the Braves trading for Javier Vasquez, alot of people don’t like him. I like him, I think he’s under appreciated, although talk to a White Sox fan and they feel like ripping their hair out. If the deal goes through I think it’s a solid move for los Bravos.

  59. ed (93): Not faulting Omar on not trading just yet. I’d rather they go FA first and use their chips later. It’s a slow market, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the meetings go really slooooooow.-JD

  60. Heilman/feliciano for Street is an absolute no brainer and If another team gets him because omar put it on the back burner to see what else he could get for heilman it will be yet another bullpen mistake

  61. Benny(94): Well, he’ll porobably sign for a minor league deal. Nothing wrong woth that. He was a Minaya boy in Montreal wasn’t he?

  62. I just want to know where the GM who traded Jae Seo and Chris Benson in one week for multiple relivers went…..

  63. I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t mind Pavano on a minor league deal. Hell if Mike Hampton “only” gets a 1 year $2 million deal, then Pavano should get much less.
    Thinking about it, I don’t think I “hated” Pavano as much as I thought he was increidbly over rated in that 2004 off season. My goodness, people actually thought he was top of the rotation guy. Forgetting the fact he’s average and never healthy.

  64. ed (99): He fixed the bullpen. Unfortunately, e thought the fix was good forever.
    Delcos (100): New York Expos.

  65. Hi, guys—sorry I’m late. Looks like a pretty slow night here so far, but things’ll heat up by next week.

    Ironically, I’ll be close to the action then because I’m going to Vegas for the week, but yet I’ll be farther from the action since I won’t be at a computer much. You guys will hear a lot before I will.

  66. i hope this talked about just bringing in a closer and hoping the others were having an off-year is a ploy otherwise this is ridiculous….

  67. Delcos(102) Wasn’t Vlad’s FA year on the Duquette watch? Minaya will get him when his legs are totally shot and he needs to be a DH full time.

  68. harry you said he’ll get him … I dont think thats in Omar’s vocabulary any more .. All he knows is Ill wait and that would cost too much…

  69. ed (107) I thought I said they Should get him. If I said he’ll get him, I apologize. I agree with you about the new Omar. He started off as an aggressive GM, and has become a very conservative one. Remember how fast he got rid of Julio? Doesn’t happen anymore….

  70. JD- last year you rem. when they said the club had to get off to a fast start or willie was in trouble… Well omar the same this year with the pen…He passed on Affedlt, Hennessey, Ramirez, Nunuez and Street so far ….

  71. None the point is its his job to find these no name quality relievers and If i can do it with my laptop then they should be able to…He just keeps saying no he isnt worth it well find somebody else for two years now

  72. Duquette fit the typical Mets GM archetype. Sticking with signing mediocre guys that don’t improve the team for $11 million when all he had to do was spend $15 million for a difference maker.

    This was the offseason they signed Kaz Matsui INSTEAD of signing Luis Castillo. And the 2004 edition of Castillo was awesome. The Mets got him one cycle too late.
    They also got Mike Cameron on a 3 year $20 million deal with an average of $7 million per year. Vladi got that 5 year $70 million deal with an average of $14 million.
    Would it have been worth double for the big improvement in Vladi?
    Big deal you don’t sign Kaz or Branden Looper, or even John Franco’s suckyness.

    Yes I just wasted all this time discussing the 2003 offseason.

  73. I hope i found out the street rumor was false becuause Street for Heilman/Feliciano is driving me nuts i would have drove heilman to colorado and their fine scholls myself

  74. Ed (#118) …. I am with you … if Pedro Feliciano is really a deal breaker, then Omar needs to have his head examined.

  75. Well as much as they’ve considered hoffman i’m afraid we went in a time machine back to 2003 – Hoffman would be a classic 2003 move sign the cheapest with a little name value left to save face…Alomar, Vaugn…

  76. Harry (109): It’s not that he’s become conservative; it’s that the needs have changed. When he took over, the team was badly stumbling and had many holes to fill, which is why he went after guys like Pedro, Beltran and Delgado.

    Now that the team has moved up to “perennial contender” status, there are fewer holes and an already-high budget.

    While people keep saying he “did nothing” last Winter, he brought in a new 2Bman (late in ’07); a new Catcher; a new RFer; and a true Ace SP.

    We can joke about Wise now, but he had a career high 56 appearances in ’07 after surgery in ’05, so there was no reason to expect him to miss all of ’08.

    If he re-signs Ollie (or gets a quality replacement); gets one of the Top 3 or 4 Closers out there; adds a few pen arms, including a set-up guy; and replaces Easley as a MIF back-up (personally, I’d go for Punto or eckstein); we’ll be fine in ’09.

    And IMO he’ll do ALL of the above. Anyone willing to bet otherwise?

  77. Ed (#111) & John (#112) …. if you sign Affeldt, for example, then trade Heilman/Feliciano for Street, aren’t you ahead of the game?

  78. Even better sign Rhodes to league min. one year deal with numerous incentives and let him compete with vargas for the LOOGY spot

  79. By the way, I realize Affeldt is signed (by SF) but that would have been a decent move to make …. and with Affeldt off the table, bring in another qualuty kefty for the pen and get call for the limo to take heilman and feliciano to the airport

  80. ed (111) Hennessy sucks. Huston Street was part of that Matt Holiday deal so you can’t compare that, it’s not very fair unless we’re trading Beltran or something. Ramirez and Nunez are interesting but Dayton Moore was looking for specific things when he traded those two. We don’t have anyone even close to Crisp to trade for a middle reliever. The closest thing is Endy and I think the Royals would pick Crisp over Endy.
    Jacobs well, again, the Mets have no one comparable.

    You can get on him and knock him for Affedlt. I really like him and I think he’s very good. He also didn’t sign for anything exaggerated.

  81. John (#119) so John, were the heilman + feliciano reports for street inaccurate? any idea what the real deal was and if it can get back in play?

  82. Bill you give him too much credit, the Mets have needed Bullpen help since 2006 when they brought in Mota, (the same guy who gave up pivotal game two HR) on waivers to replace Snachez because heilman, (the smae guy who gave up the series winning HR ) was struggling as the set-up man. In three years even Matt Wise at his best decieving hitters with arms moving everywhere and a nasty change-up can’t be only answer… the way he has treated this pen borders on insanity…..repeating the same thing over again but expecting diffeent results… its true he made them a contender but he’s getting like Buck unable to get them over the hump

  83. bill (121);
    Julio was dumped quickly in ’06 when the team was in first place. It wasn’t the tema of holes like we have now.
    The Mets were lucky Wise got hurt in April. We would have been chanting bring back Mota if Wise pitched all year.
    People blast Omar for ignoring the biggest failing of ’07 which was the pen. I am in the minortiy for blasting him for the RF/C trade.
    As for your ending ifs…. boy do we have a lot of holes don’t we. Can’t blame all these holes on Phillips or Duquette now can we?

  84. Benny I was using them as examples how many trades or free agent signings of relievers have transpired since mid-season 2006 when dirty was in the accident and how many have we been involved with….

    Hennessey on a minor league deal is worth a look based on his pedigree

  85. Brad Henny throws in the mid 80’s.

    Well I see your point but, it might not be fair to bring up trades that the Mets had no chance in participating in.

  86. Nunez went for a power hitting young 1B under control and cheap = Mike Carp throw in a reliever to make up for Jacobs exp.

  87. Folks … have to take a call. Will be on for awhile. That’s it for me … I’ll leave the lights on and you guys stay as long as you’d like. Talk with you later.-JD

  88. Ramirez I agree I’m not giving up Fmart for him so thats a moot point — but I was talking about the Street flip not the orginal deal

  89. You can’t compare Mike Jacobs to Mike Carp, not at this point in time.
    The Mets as an organization don’t even have faith in Carp, you think another team is?
    Jacobs may not be as good as he’s percieved to be but you can guarantee he hits 30 dingers with potential for more.
    All Mike Carp can guarantee is well… it guarantees having a rookie at 1st base who isn’t even very good at 1st base.

    Besides, if there’s one thing the Royals have its first baseman. They have Billy Butlet, Mark Teahen, Ross Gload, and everyone was going crazy on Kila Ka’aihue, the young guy who had a great year in AA, and AAA.

    The moral of the story is, its ridiculous to compare Mike Carp to Jacobs. Carp isn’t even highly touted to be over-valueing like a Fernando Martinez, etc.

  90. Carp is one of three Mets in the top 50 prospects in all of baseball, the Mets are more down on him then the scouts. Anyway I was attempting to quickly think of a comparatble match… i never meant to attempt to make it a specific trade example. My point was and still is you cant tell me since july 2006 this is the best he can do with the pen….

  91. For the few trades you can say the Mets never had a chance of making there are numerous relievers who they could have traded for, picked up off waivers or Signed via free agency…..

  92. ed (139) yeah your right about the last point. I mean, I like Omar alot. I think sometimes he gets unreasonably criticized BUT, the strategy he had in 2008 of relying on a Duaner Sanchez was just BRUTAL and unacceptable.
    He will never admit it but he was certainly counting on a rehabbing Sanchez who hadn’t pitched in a year and a half to lead the pen to the promised land.

  93. Benny – i’m an Omar supporter actually but he’s losing me with the way he’s handle the pen and his lack of agrressiveness, he made this team competitive and then slowed down which was a mistake but he hasn’t learned that lessen and keeps making it. I mean holding pat 2007 ok, but then 2008 and then slow out of the gate 2009 im waining….

  94. Looking back at random free agents over the past couple of years.
    David Riske (twice!), Dotel, J.C. Romero, Justin Spier, and personally I thought Brendan Donnelly was worth giving a shot to (although I would have missed on that one, he was pretty bad for the Indians).
    Those are just free agents, I can’t think of relivers that went through trades over the past couple of years besides the ones that went this season.

  95. Carp has had problems with lefties. He kinda made some progress recently but he is not a power guy and is not a defensive wiz.

    He is rated rather hi in the Mets minors, but he is not the second coming.

    He is a piece, who might develop into something useful. Right now he is a AA guy trying to make it to AAA.

  96. I cannot blame Omar too much for the past few years.

    As people have said here many times. We do not have a flush minor league system. That means no trades.

    The offseason has not been filled with great arms waiting to be scooped up by the Shea crowd.

    I am not saying Omar has not made mistakes. One of which is gambling on broken players hoping they will come through. Some work and some do not. Tatis is a recent good example.

    But really, after the Santana deal who could we have traded to get a quality reliever to come in and help us? I agree the free agent relief help was not overwhelming, but if I remember what we got was about on par with what was available.

  97. I could accept that answer about trades if there hadn’t been so many that were waiver wire pickup J.C. Romero in 2007. And then there have been plenty of arms during free agency between the two years…

  98. ed
    did the Mets really need a fourth lefty in the pen in 2007 ?
    Please list me all the pitchers that Omar passed on the last 2 years ?
    Not going after Lilly in 2007 may have been the biggest mistake.

  99. ed(145)

    The thing is if you look at our pen we had Wagner, Heilman, Feliciano, and then a list of others.

    Last year Wags blew out and the other two were forgetable. They are arguably the top 3 pen names on the team.

    Plus the fact that the starting rotation had problems getting out of the 6th puts pressure on the pen.

    The reason we did not make the postseason was Wags. He blew up and we bled to death. That is it. All the other issues may have kept us from getting to the promised land, but Wags is why we did not make the postseason by one game… again.

    I have said many times that I believe the weakness we have are starters who are not really starters – read cant finish the 7th – and a relief corp made up of guys who are only effective pitching to one hitter.

    That is a recipe for disaster.

    But last year was the closer blew out and we never recovered.

  100. Linebrink, Dotel, Riske, Bradford, Oliver, Vizcaino, Affeldt, Folke, Mahay, Fossum

    just to name a few who were free agents who might not have been that good but better ERAs then Most of our relivers

  101. dave
    Carp is a power guy 17 hrs at age 22 in AA is very good.
    The problem is that he is the perfect AL DH.
    His numbers at AAA may regress a bit or not be that impressive because the International League is more of a pitchers league then the PCL where the Mets had their AAA team last year.
    Carp should be given a shot to replace Delgado in 2010 or may be traded during the 2009 season. If the Mets did not think highly of him the would not have put him on the 40 man roster. The definitely would have lost him in the upcoming rule v draft.

  102. Ed(146)

    Point taken about our evaluation of pen guys vs. who we have.

    My belief about pen guys is that it is a crapshoot.

    There are some quality arms and most are garbage. Good one year crappy the next. I have seen many quality pen guys who suck and then have a good year or the reverse. There are not that many quality relievers who can be counted on.

    I think the best thing to do is get a bunch of draft picks who throw hard or have wierd deliveries and hope they fool the hitters for a while.

    I think that is what Omar has been doing. He has been drafting a lot of pitchers the past few years probably in the hopes that a few make some contribution to the team.

  103. i disagree that wagner was the sole reason we didn’t amke the playoffs….

    I screamed all off season last year for a innings eating fifth starter and a set-up man had we obtained Kyle Lohse and Scott linebrink it would have cost around 10M for both and the Mets would have made that in back in the playoffs

    The rotation failing to go deep into games wore out the pen, we had three relievers in the top 10 of appearances every other team with a player on that list only had one…

    But relying on heilman as the set-up man was more devasting then any other move, lack of move or injury he failed us in that position three years straight….

    had the Mets had a deeper rotation the pen would have been better rested but with a true set-up man they would have had someone to such down the 8th and then fill in for wagner when he went down…

  104. Scott,

    Carp got himself in the Mets doghouse when he hurt his wrist he got fat, they got mad and he shrugged at them during his chewing out. It was an immature response, the true answer was he couldn’t work out and ate too much sitting at home depressed. He’s some back to tare up AA in a repeat year the Mets still think he’s a shockey type but scouts outside the org. think he’s a major leaguer

  105. Scott

    I have been monitoring the mets prospect hub all season and Carp seemed to take a backseat to the two guys who made it to Shea this year and also played 1B.

    My understanding is Carp has been injured a lot recently and so lost some stature. He is still rated top 10 in our minors. Perhaps you are right about the hr’s, but I get the impression that for right now he is not the masher that would make you notice.

    Doesn’t matter. I think he is a quality player who can help us down the road. Just not a key guy for this team in the future.

  106. Linebrink was a type A FA would you really give up your 1st round pick for a middle reliver. Also 4 yrs 19 mil is crazy.
    Dotel got 2 yrs 11 mil
    White Sox overpaid on both of them.
    Vizcaino’s ERA was 5.28 in 2008
    Riske’s ERA was 5.31 in 2008 his Whip was 1.701
    Oliver and Bradford were mistakes but that was 2006 mistakes in 2007 you overpaid like the White Sox or got garbage.

  107. Ed(151)

    I agree. We need a starter who gives us 200 innings and can just go out there, take the ball and use up a slot.

    However, if you take a look at last year, if Wags did not go down I believe we would have won our division.

    All the guys would have been there an inning earlier and I believe it would swing a couple of games our way. Wags is way better than anyone else on the staff and IMHO was the difference.

  108. Linebrink was my first choice and yes after two years of failure in the 8th i would have over paid and given up a pick ( when we had three) for linebink ….As I said this team has Linebrink and Lohse two guys I pushed hard for and were in the playoffs easily

  109. Dave
    If you have time read John Sickels site
    His perspective on the minor league players is better than Baseball America.
    Of course that is my opinion.

  110. ed
    Lohse would have helped I have to agree but giving up a 1st round pick for a middle reliever is just not smart baseball.
    I know Linebrink had a great year in 2008 but 4 years is risky if he has another great year in 2009 than I was wrong.
    By 2010 Brad Holt will be a better pitcher than Linebrink.

  111. Ayala 5.71
    Heilman 5.21
    Muniz 5.40
    Knight 5.25
    Sanchez 4.42
    Stokes 3.21
    Feliciano 4.05
    Schoeneweis 3.34
    Smith 3.55
    Are best reliever ERA was Show and theres an arguement taht omar couldnt have done better…Like I said guys Im an omar supporter but he’s ailing in the pen..

  112. ed
    Sometimes you have to make tough decisions.
    Yes Linebrink would have helped in 2008 but
    Havens, Davis and Holt hopefully will be key pieces in builing this team for the long term.

  113. Linkebrink is a set-up man not a middle reliever until Omar realizes that the 8th inning is just as specialized as the closer role I fear we will fail cont. to fail he continues to be unwilling to pay for a set-up man and keeps throwing middle relievers in a role they cant handle we havent had a set-up since Duaner in 06 and the pen hasnt been successful since then

    Linebrink since 2000 has had an era of 3.26 32-18 record

  114. I will leave you with this.
    Steve Register had a decent spring training in 2008. The Mets chose Matt Wise over keeping him.
    I have no idea if he would have helped but after looking at the Mets list of relievers he could not have hurt them that much.
    My biggest criticism of 2008 was how the put together the bench leaving spring traing.
    They gambled on Wise and Brady Clark.
    Reed Johnson would have helped.
    also any team in base ball could have had Grant Balfour during the 2008 when the Rays sent him down early in the season. He had to go through waivers and every team passed on him.
    Balfour’s 2008 was better than almost every
    FA or Mets reliever.
    Sometimes you need to have a little luck.

  115. sorry i missed the chat…will have to make sure i get to the next one

    JD- u know my thoughts by now..i still think RH ouutfielder is needed for the offense..i know they scored runs but left so many out there and not many scored late…a righty to balance the lineup would be huge, murphy= super sub…dye is a good fit but they probably want too much. too bad ibanez is lefty, but omar seems to like him

    if they were to get someone who do you think it would in regards to OF?